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IChannel Properties

The IChannel type exposes the following members.

Public propertyBanList
Returns the IChannel ban list
Public propertyChannelLimit
Gets the IChannel channellimit
Public propertyChannelModeArgs
Returns the IChannel channel modes with arguments
Public propertyChannelModes
Gets the IChannel mode
Public propertyChannelPassword
Gets the IChannel password
Public propertyEditbox
Returns the IEditbox for the IChannel window (can be null)
Public propertyExceptList
Returns the IChannel except list
Public propertyGetUsers
Gets a collection of users in the IChannel
Public propertyInviteList
Returns the IChannel invite list
Public propertyIsInviteOnly
Gets whether the IChannel is invite only
Public propertyIsModerated
Gets whether the IChannel is moderated
Public propertyIsPrivate
Gets whether the IChannel is private
Public propertyIsSecret
Gets whether the IChannel is secret
Public propertyName
Get the IChannel name
Public propertyNoExternalMsgs
Gets whether the IChannel can recive external messages
Public propertyOnlyOpsSetTopic
Gets whether only operators can set topic in IChannel
Public propertyQuietList
Returns the IChannel quiet list
Public propertyServer
Get the IServer associated with this IChannel
Public propertyTopic
Get the IChannel topic
Public propertyTopicSetAt
Get date of when the current topic was set
Public propertyTopicSetBy
Get nick of whom set the current topic
Public propertyWindow
returns the IWindow associated with this IChannel
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