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ITools Methods

The ITools type exposes the following members.

Public methodBoldify
Makes the text bold if Boldify is enabled
Public methodDateToUnixTime
Converts DateTime to unix timestamp
Public methodDebug
Use this to write to debug.txt in the main folder, returns true if the debug was written
Public methodIsNumeric
Checks if a string is numeric
Public methodParseSysinfo
Returns system information based on Syntax, see system variables for more information
Public methodParseTime
Converts string to DateTime, see Time variables for possible syntax
Public methodSplitString
Splits a string by a string
Public methodStripBold
Returns a string with bold stripped out
Public methodStripColors
Returns a string with colors stripped out
Public methodStripItalic
Returns a string with italic stripped out
Public methodStripUnderline
Returns a string with underline stripped out
Public methodToolWindow
Open ups a tool window
Public methodUnixTimeToDate
Converts unix timestamp to a DateTime
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