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IServer Methods

The IServer type exposes the following members.

Public methodConnect
Connect this IServer if it's not connected
Public methodDisconnect
Disconnect this IServer if it's connected
Public methodFindChannel
Finds the matching IChannel.
Public methodFindUser
Finds the matching User.
Public methodSendFakeRaw
Sends raw data to the client IServer, use this to fake messages E.g when you want to replace something in a PRIVMSG
Public methodSendRaw
Sends raw data to the IServer
Public methodSendRawData
Sends raw bytes to the IServer, bypasssing any encodings, AdiIRC is not aware when these messages are sent.
Public methodUptime
Returns Server Uptime in milliseconds if type = 1 returns a duration, if type = 2 returns a duration but without seconds, and if type = 3 returns seconds instead of milliseconds.
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