Fixed consecutive spaces should be allowed when sending encrypted messages in the blowfish script
Fixed "Crypt Mark" should be removed from incoming plain text messages in the blowfish script
Fixed outgoing messages should not embed the "Crypt Mark" in the blowfish script
Fixed "Crypt Mark" menu shows "Prefix" by default even though it's disabled in the blowfish script
Fixed an issue with uneven parentheses in the blowfish script
#4872 $biton(), $bitoff() N parameter is optional
#4871 Accessing $nick during a on NICK event can cause a internal crash
#4870 /close, /window -c should ignore closing window warnings
#4868 /drawrot x y w h parameters is not validated correctly

3.8 Beta Build (2020/01/13 UTC)

Fixed errors in /while are sometimes shown as /if
Fixed /fseek is still slow in some cases
Fixed $lines() should return 0 for files with overflow number of lines
Fixed $read() last line is not always included in random line
Fixed &binvar should be available during a $dll() which calls WM_MEVALUATE/WM_MCOMMAND
#4867 $asctime() parameters is not validated correctly
#4866 /hload should ignore uneven last line
#4865 /unset removes both local and global variable with the same name in some cases
#4864 $regml() add new property .full
#4863 /if /while is not validating parentheses properly
#4862 /if /while is not properly combining text/%vars in some cases
#4861 /alias should not show "replaced alias" message
#4860 /filter is not prioritizing output target switches correctly
#4859 /saveini removes some temporary variables from memory
#4858 Avoid scrolling the textarea for new messages when selecting text
#4857 /filter should scroll text area to bottom
#4855 on OPEN can cause a crash
#4854 /clear should clear /fupdate buffers as well
#4853 Add custom drawn color grid in Options -> Colors
#4852 $com(), $comcall() should allow null characters when using "array" parameters
#4851 RAW 276 is shown in the wrong window
#4850 Add missing identifier $inwho
#4849 /server allow using port range and multiple ports
#4848 show server port on hostname lookup during server connection
#4847 Windows theme can interfere with column header colors in Options -> Colors
#4846 /halt in $read(,p) piped lines should halt the script
#4844 $inpaste is not set correctly in some cases
#4843 Local %variables/$identifiers/&binvars in $read() are not evaluated correctly
#4842 /dccparam should be aliases for /dcc <param>
#4841 /dcc add missing parameter "trust"
#4840 Add missing command /drawsize
#4839 Allow enabling/disabling IRCv3 echo-message support without reconnecting
#4837 Clicking the text area in the Rawlog should move keyboard focus
#4836 Add new identifier $plugins()
#4835 $& should show identifier warning in the middle of a line
#4834 Edit Aliases does not parsing consecutive spaces correctly in some cases
#4833 /socklist can cause a crash
#4832 /fopen add missing parameter -x
#4831 /fopen should be opened in shared write mode

3.8 Beta Build (2019/12/26 UTC)

Changed /fseek -P to -p
Fixed $lines() is off by one
Fixed $color() with empty parameter should return $null
Fixed /bread should work with $cr as well
Fixed /enable /disable error output should be hidden when using /.
#4830 $input() can have a numerical option value
#4829 /alias sometimes can't find the right alias to replace
#4828 Selecting text in the text area is sometimes off by one character
#4827 /write can use both -lN and -l N
#4826 $readini(), $read() evaluation errors in items are not shown correctly
#4825 Private /me messages are not shown correctly when echo-message is enabled
#4824 Negative numbers in $calc() $calcint() is sometimes not parsed correctly
#4823 $read() is slow
#4822 $$ should not be evaluated
#4821 Add missing identifier $flinen
#4820 $fline() add missing parameter [S]
#4819 Curly brackets in commented lines is not parsed correctly
#4818 Various identifiers should accept invalid utf8 surrogates
#4817 $regsub() should not replace escape chars before evaluation
#4816 /iallfill does not set Realname/Fullname properly
#4815 $fread() should not set $feof on empty lines
#4814 /fopen names should be case insensitive
#4812 $hfind() add new switch H
#4811 $hfind() halting in the alias parameter should halt the entire script
#4810 $ferr should return 0 or 1
#4809 /fopen should still add the name and not halt the script on error
#4808 $ferr is not reset properly in some cases
#4807 Orphaned custom windows should be associated with the first server window
#4806 /txt2bin, /bin2txt should be ignored in server windows
#4805 Channel names ending with "!" are not parsed correctly
#4804 $urlget().redirect returns wrong value
#4803 Urls surrounded by quotes are not parsed correctly

3.8 Beta Build (2019/12/09 UTC)

Fixed another bug related to checking for updates
Added more safe guards against corrupted config files during updates
#4802 &binvars should be available during /signal -n
#4801 Add option to split long channel/private messages
#4800 Add option to sort dcc folders by nick
#4799 $cnick() add missing property .auto
#4798 Add option to set random nick color per nick color match
#4797 Add all 99 colors to highlights and nick colors dropdown
#4796 $bytes() doesn't work with big numbers
#4795 Slow /timers sometimes shows timer ended message multiple times
#4794 /timer -p should keep counting down
#4793 /timer add missing parameter -c
#4792 $fread() add new property .back
#4791 /fseek add missing parameter -p
#4790 $fopen() add new property .line
#4789 /fseek -l 1 doesn't work properly
#4788 /fseek, $fread(), /bread should work with $cr lines as well
#4787 /fseek -w -r doesn't work on some lines
#4786 /fseek should show a message on matches/line changes
#4785 $file(name) doesn't work properly
#4784 /fclose should show an error when there is no match
#4783 /flist, /fclose, $fopen().fname shows wrong filename
#4782 /fseek -n doesn't work without the N parameter
#4781 /dns doesn't work on users with no hostname
#4780 $bytes() fractions should be rounded
#4778 /break should only break inside /while loops
#4777 /window +switches have wrong priority in some cases
#4776 irc:// links doesn't work when the main window is hidden
#4775 Add dialog to ask to connect in a new window for irc:// links
#4774 /splay is not properly closing the player when a song ends
#4773 Allow using +port and *port for ssl/starttls in irc:// links
#4771 /sockopen /sockudp with invalid bind ip address/port should show an error
#4769 /socklist output are not shown correctly
#4768 Local ipaddress is sometimes not detected properly
#4767 /socklisten port selection is not working properly
#4766 /google search is broken
#4764 ":" character is not stripped from some RAW messages
#4763 $sock().bindip returns wrong value for udp sockets

3.8 Beta Build (2019/11/22 UTC)

Dummy release