Possibly fixed a crash related to Toast Notifications
Fixed some error display issues with $sha384/$sha512
#4559 Add right-click menu to manually sort/move up/move down servers in the Serverlist
#4558 $encode(,u) should not have newlines and should be padded
#4557 /breplace is not replacing correctly in some cases
#4556 $bvar() some properties are not working with a offset
#4555 Alt + numpad keys doesn't work in the Script Editor
#4554 $+() should not remove leading spaces
#4553 $read(), $readini(), $noqt(), $strip() should remove leading and/or trailing spaces
#4552 Tips can cause a crash in some cases
#4551 $sha1() &binvar parameter is not validated correctly

3.4 Beta Build (2019/03/24 UTC)

Possibly speed up opening/joining many windows/channels
Added grayed out "Add Channel" right-click menu when on a non saved network
Fixed $gmt() doesn't work with decimals
Fixed %fff %ff time variables should be left not right padded
#4550 Some fonts are not displayed properly
#4549 Add new command prefix /!& which delays evaluation of the last parameter if it's a %variable
#4548 Copying text in CTRL + C mode should not include control codes
#4547 BOM character should be ignored in log/monitor panels data/editbox history files
#4546 /play should retain multiple spaces for echo/msg/notice
#4545 /play command is not trimmed properly
#4544 /var /set calc result is not formatted correctly
#4543 $gmt(0) should return the default unix timestamp
#4542 $atan2().deg returns wrong value
#4541 $hash returns wrong value in some cases
#4540 /me /describe is sending a trailing space
#4539 /who output is ignored in some cases
#4538 Consolidate Normal/Flat/Lines Treebar options into a "Show" dropdown
#4537 Add option to show connecting lines and fixed plus/minus icons in Treebar
#4536 /editbox does not properly resize the Editbox with large text
#4535 Add $cpuload(N) identifier to print the load for the Nth core
#4534 /dll -u should be ignored when a $dllcall() is still running
#4533 $dllcall() should evaluate the alias
#4532 /sline should scroll the line into view
#4531 Add transparent color 99 support to listbox
#4530 $color(99) should return "listbox text" color
#4529 Transparent color 99 is not working properly in some cases
#4528 $dllcall() doesn't show the missing procname in the error message
#4527 /timer -h with a large interval can cause a crash

3.4 Beta Build (2019/03/06 UTC)

Added unofficial /setoption Server UseServerTime True/False
Fixed an issue with enter and spaces in the Script Editor
Fixed "Now talking" messages should be logged based on "join" log option
Updated DLL mVersion to 7.53
#4526 %fff %ff time variables are sometimes not zero padded properly
#4525 .NET 2.0 build crashes when evaluating identifiers while running in Wine
#4524 /.signal is not working properly
#4523 $asctime() $gmt() doesn't work with decimals
#4522 $asctime() can cause a crash with some dates
#4521 Nick icons in Themes are not applied properly
#4520 Add option to enable/disable toggle Searchbox with CTRL + F
#4519 Copying rgb colors from the text buffer should use $chr(4) instead of $chr(61442)
#4518 /echo should not have consecutive spaces
#4517 Add notice that Options -> Tips -> "Enable tips" does not include highlight tips
#4516 Add notice that Options -> Sounds -> "Enable sounds" does not include highlight sounds
#4515 $ctime() should use "uk" culture
#4514 Messages to non joined channels should be ignored
#4513 /hsave -i should remove all non ini items and write a trailing newline
#4512 /hload should not load items with empty name
#4511 Add support for IRCv3 "message-tags" extension
#4510 $level($null) should return default level
#4509 /dll -u with just a filename doesn't work
#4508 $dll(filename) doesn't work
#4507 DLL data/parms buffers are too small
#4506 DLL mbeta should return build date/0
#4505 $beta should return build date/$null

3.4 Beta Build (2019/02/20 UTC)

Fixed default inlineimages path is not expanded internally
Fixed Serverlist crashes on .NET 2.0 when opened
#4504 Add option to set minimum size for Switchbar tabs
#4503 $date() uses the wrong default format
#4502 /filter add new parameters -E -D
#4501 Script Editor Aliases menu should exclude commented aliases
#4500 Some aliases doesn't work with invalid comments
#4499 $bvar(,N-) returns incorrect value when N is larger than 1

3.4 Beta Build (2019/02/12-1 UTC)

Fixed colors are inverted properly according to the background color

3.4 Beta Build (2019/02/12 UTC)

Improved readability in the select color dialog
Added experimental option to disable RGB/extended colors for events to allow all 0-99 colors to work properly
Commands / Identifiers in the beta changelog now links to the appropriate wiki page (not colored/styled)
Fixed about dialog copyright date is wrong
#4498 Multi line outgoing messages are sometimes not split correctly on newlines
#4497 SASL AUTHENTICATE messages should be visible in Rawlog and should trigger RAW events
#4496 $base with 00 input should return 0
#4495 Add support for SASL SCRAM-SHA-256 login method
#4494 $bvar() should show an error when a binvar doesn't exist only with some parameters
#4493 $read() should ignore BOM headers
#4492 $read() causes a crash in some cases when the first line is a number
#4491 Add option to set blacklisted patterns for inline images
#4490 Add option to set inline images cache folder
#4489 /dcc SGET remote ssl certificates should be validated
#4488 /bwrite should not zeropad N bytes
#4487 $server() add missing property .methodpass
#4486 /server add new parameter "auth" for the -l switch
#4485 /server add missing "password" parameter for the -l switch
#4484 Add separate password and login method password in the Serverlist
#4483 Allow using delay = 0 to make Tips sticky
#4482 Monitor Panels should delete the oldest row regardless of sorting when limit is reached
#4481 /sockopen -e remote ssl certificates should be validated
#4480 /socklisten add new parameter -E [certificate]
#4479 Add button to create new ssl client certificate in Options -> Server
#4478 Add support for IRCv3 "sts" extension
#4477 Add Editbox right-click menu to disable spellchecking per window
#4476 /aline /iline /rline add new parameter -TN
#4475 $chan() add new properties .topicsetat .topicsetby
#4474 Add LEFT/RIGHT shortcuts to cycle between log manager matches in the log viewer
#4473 Add option to set spellcheck underline color
#4472 Add option to autocomplete code tags on selected text in the Editbox
#4471 OnChannelServerModeUserDeopped API can cause a crash

3.4 Beta Build (2019/02/01 UTC)

Fixed /drawpic -t doesn't work with some colors
Improved /drawcopy speed
#4470 Add missing identifier $rands
#4469 $asctime(z zz zzz) returns wrong value for some timezones
#4468 $hfind() command parameter errors should halt the script
#4467 $notify() add missing property .sound2
#4466 Monitor Panel header tooltips is not working
#4465 $ctime doesn't return any value if we provide the time part
#4464 Interacting with iTunes (Play/Pause etc) can cause a crash in some cases
#4463 $file().mtime returns wrong value
#4462 $keyrpt returns wrong value in some cases
#4461 $rgb should ignore decimals
#4460 on DISCONNECT $nick shouldn't be $null
#4459 Tray icon right-click menu should be disabled when AdiIRC is locked