#4086 Add list of discovered SNI domains to the Certificate dialog and a different icon for fully valid certificates
#4085 Server SSL/TLS certificates are not always validated correctly against the SNI list
#4084 Server SSL/TLS certificate validation and saving certificates should always use the entered hostname or ip address
#4083 "Nicklist follows selected channel" options does not properly collapse other channels
#4082 Single click links shouldn't trigger when text is selected
#4072 Nicklist scrollbar doesn't resetting in some cases

3.2 Beta Build (2018/08/18)

Fixed many issues related to Channel Editor
Fixed Monitor Panels in Menubar -> View should be sorted alphabetically
Changed Monitor Panels to Toggle All Monitor Panels in Menubar -> View
Added hidden option /setoption Messages ClassicTerminalBoldHighlight True/false to replace bold text with a intense color
Added visual feedback when saving Serverlist
Fixed show user address is not visible in Options -> Messages
Added channel join on connect debug
Reverted Icons/Emoticons resize method to the previous method
Possibly fixed a rare crash related to a invalid inline image
Possibly fixed some crashes when doing certain shortcuts in the Script Editor
Possibly fixed a crash related to drawing Tips
Fixed Reset All options causea a crash
Fixed some more empty space scrollbar issues in Nicklist/Treebar/New datagrid
Fixed some issues with Nicklist/New datagrid mouse select
#4081 The "What's Changed" page shuld open in the default browser instead of a embedded one
#4080 Channel mode "l" and "k" in combination with other modes can cause a internal crash
#4077 /google /pgoogle should replace spaces in urls with %20
#4076 $bytes(N,b) doesn't return the correct result
#4075 Right-click menus doesn't work properly in DCC Chat windows
#4074 Changing Nicklist/Text area scrollbar autohide can cause a crash
#4073 Default commands menus are not cased consistently
#4071 Incoming DCC chat requests sometimes deactivates the associated window
#4070 Some shortcut key combinations are not available from the Editbox
#4069 Change mute sounds shortcut from CTRL + R to CTRL + SHIFT + R
#4068 Add reverse control code support
#4064 on CHAT event does not rigger when AdiIRC makes the connection
#4063 Allow empty DCC Chat messages
#4062 DCC Chat messages should terminate with only \n
#4061 /write doesn't adding new data into a new line in some cases
#4060 Text view adds a empty line which interferes with some identifiers
#4059 Clicking your own nick in a channel doesn't select the correct nick in the Nicklist in some cases
#4058 Disconnection should happen before on ERROR is triggered
#4057 ERROR/PING/PONG events are sometimes not shown in Rawlog
#4056 $osversion/$osbuild add the update build revision and releaseid for Windows 10
#4055 Tips windows is leaking GDI handles which can cause a crash
#4053 Rename "Focus newly opened windows" to "Minimize server/channel windows" to avoid confusion
#4052 Notices should be shown in the associated window if it's open
#4051 Change "channel/users" options texts to "channel/private windows" to avoid confusion
#4050 Curly brackets in menu scripts are sometimes doubled
#4049 Add help button to Themes Manager/Apply Theme/Save Theme dialogs
#4047 The sort icon (used in Monitor Panels) is used upside down, apposite than expected
#4044 Add some extra echo output on /ISON command
#4043 Add channel nickname prefix support for quit messages
#4042 Large window borders overlaps Toolbar/Switchbar/Menubar on startup
#4041 SHIFT/CTRL + right-click Switchbar windows shouldn't trigger close/minimize
#4040 Allow using SHIFT + right-click Treebar/Switchbar windows to toggle between Window/System menu
#4039 The "Message" entries in 'Highlights' panel appear truncated In most cases
#4038 RAW 338 on Efnet returns incorrect reply
#4035 /mode #channel b doesn't updating $ibl() list
#4033 $file().version should return $null instead when not any version exists
#4031 Show short quit message is not displayed correctly
#4029 $inick(nick) $cnick(nick) returns wrong value in some cases
#4026 Options -> Nick Colors -> Color nicks in messages strips original color in text after nick color match

3.2 Beta Build (2018/07/12)

Fixed /sockopen doesn't work properly
Fixed /inick doesn't update the icon immediately
Fixed nick icon in private messages doesn't work
#4023 Add visual feedback when saving Options/Serverlist and reloading Themes/Plugins/Log files
#4019 /icon allow reloading files
#4018 Options -> Messages -> Show Scrollbar when sets it to Show then it hides the scrollbar
#4015 Log/Global search/Channel Edit dialog column sizes/sort order are not always saved/restored properly
#4014 Treebar/new datagrid horizontal scrollbar is not working correctly
#4013 /icon -heipb should not change the channel icon
#4012 /ban -uN crashing AdiIRC in high values
#4010 /sockopen -e SSL cannot connect on host in some cases
#4009 Notice alert option on highlight should strip colors/underlines/italics at the end of the message
#4008 Animated images/emoticons should have a minimum delay per frame
#4006 Channel Editor doesn't remove all items from the list when click Remove
#4002 $ignore() add new properties .note .channel .text .cs .regex
#4001 Allow using /autojoin -n during on CONNECT on serverlist servers with autojoin disabled
#4000 Add horizontal scrollbar to channel editor when necessary
#3999 /ignore add new/missing parameters -h -y -E -I -C
#3998 Extend ignore option to include Tips/Highlights/Inline Images/Emoticons/Channels/Note/Matchtext
#3997 /menubar -r doesn't work properly
#3996 /inlineimage add new parameter -r
#3995 RAW 223 should strip : character
#3994 Allow using empty lines in aliases editor
#3993 /window -z doesn't place the created window at the end of switchbar
#3992 Inline Images doesn't strip colors/underline/etc in order to parse
#3991 /mode #channel doesn't return the channel modes parameters
#3989 /ignore -FLAG doesn't update nick colors correctly
#3988 Show short quit message is lacking a space
#3987 $menubar() add new property .type
#3986 /menubar add new parameter -x
#3985 Change $OS to return only windows version
#3984 Address Book Suggestions
#3983 Nicklist spacing between nicks is not drawn correctly
#3982 Options -> Nick colors/Nicklist icons add missing options Op/Voice
#3981 $inick()/$cnick() add new/missing properties .op .voice
#3980 /inick /cnick add new/missing parameters -o -v
#3979 /inick add new parameter -mN
#3978 /cnick -g parameter doesn't work
#3977 $dns(0).ip on DNS event uppon unable to resolve
#3976 /dns <nickname> should send /userhost command
#3729 Add missing command /play and identifiers $play(), $pnick
#3724 No left to right scrollbars for panels that are split top-to-bottom

3.2 Beta Build (2018/06/30)

Added a colored emoji to emoticons plugin, check plugins forum for more information.
Added experimental support for nick icons in messages
#3975 /dline is not deleting the correct amount of lines in some cases
#3974 Change Escape shortcut to only change whether it minimises windows or not
#3972 Some invalid animated gifs can cause a crash
#3971 Add Alt+X shortcut to the shortcut options dialog
#3970 Excluded private windows from taskbar flashing should also exclude them from Switchbar/Treebar flashing
#3969 Add option to prioritize full height for vertical Monitor Panels
#3968 Emoticons/Nicklist icons should not be loaded until they are needed
#3967 $dns() returns wrong values during simultaneous dns requests
#3966 Monitor panel/Treebar vertical/horizontal scrollbars sometimes have incorrect range
#3965 Unknown command for WATCH/MONITOR is sometimes not ignored
#3964 HookCommand/OnCommand is not working properly in APIv1
#3963 IWindow.ExecuteCommand/.Evaluate/.OutputText Plugin API's are not threadsafe
#3962 Add Delete shortcut to emoticons options
#3960 Notify timer can cause a crash
#3959 Treebar -> Notify List -> All doesn't work properly
#3958 $sock() add missing properties .bindip .bindport
#3956 Search window makes AdIIRC crashing
#3955 Double clicking Notify nicks in the Treebar and themes in Theme manager doesn't work
#3954 RAW 276 should strip character ":" on output
#3953 $calc() retuns incorrect values sometimes
#3952 Options dialog opens too slow
#3950 /drawdot with unbalanced x y coordinates causes a crash
#3949 $sock().ip returns incorrect values before socket opens
#3948 $sock() causing AdiIRC to crash
#3945 /did -u on tabs doesn't work properly
#3944 /did -v doesn't work properly on items in tabs
#3943 $! is not parsed correctly inside identifiers in some cases
#3942 /.dns should not return any error messages
#3905 /download stucks in some cases
#3751 Notify only ½ working
#3551 Favorites/Bookmarks for Channels
#2902 Add animated emoticons support

3.2 Beta Build (2018/06/12)

Added Rawlog error messages for InlineImages