Removed the "nick!" output from RAW 211
Possibly fixed a rare crash in the Script Editor
Fixed some editors have the wrong background/text colors
Fixed on THEMECHANGED it not triggering at the correct timeFix
Fixed Theme Manger links preview is not working properly
#5736 New Scripts Editor "select all" does not select the last line fully
#5735 /loadbuf is performing too slow (big difference)
#5734 $urlget() alias parameter should be evaluated as a script
#5732 Add 'W' flag for case-sensitive search in $read()
#5731 Add new window title variables $serveruptime, $sslclientcertfile
#5729 Queded /parseline doesn't work during on PARSELINE events
#5728 Channel Editor is not auto closed properly in some cases
#5727 Menubar -> Tools -> "Ignore List" should not open "Add Ignore" dialog
#5726 /icon allow using "Status Window" as [window] parameter
#5724 /showmenu -u causes a crash
#5723 Add IRCv3 "standard-replies" CAP support
#5722 $commands().aliases return wrong values

4.4 Beta Build (2023/04/19 UTC)

Fixed clearing filter/search in Options, resets the active options page
Fixed icon dimming in Monitor Panel headers is not cleared when mouse leaves
Fixed RAW 335 does not correctly set $ial().bot flag
Extended dBytes for the LOADINFO DLL struct to 20480
Changed mVersion for the LOADINFO DLL struct to 7.64
Fixed some characters should be removed from Username/identd nick
#5719 /cnick should allow all 99 colors
#5718 /ban add new parameter -K
#5717 Kick/Part messages are not shown correctly on some networks
#5716 First row in Monitor Panels Datagrid is somtimes not visible
#5715 Select 0-99 color window size is wrong
#5714 $powmod() doesn't work with negative values
#5713 $isnum() doesn't work at all
#5712 Add darkmode support
#5711 /run add support for -u flag
#5710 $urlget() fails when sending custom User-Agent header
#5709 $urlget().size is zero in some cases
#5708 $urlget() add missing 'i' switch
#5706 $sorttok(), $sorttokcs() returns wrong value without valid "ncra" parameter
#5705 Spotify now playing shows wrong title when stopped
#5704 Restoring scrollbar position in Script Editor can cause a crash in some cases
#5703 Add color options for Monitor Panel tabs
#5702 Drag/Drop Monitor Panels doesn't work properly
#5701 Selecting a color in the Topicbox color popup dialog should not remove focus
#5700 Use native folder browser dialog when available
#5699 CTRL + F should focus searchbox in the Options and Serverlist dialogs
#5698 Toolbar Media Player icons are not visible on dark backgrounds
#5697 Toppanel colors should be updated in real time
#5696 Rawlog should use text area selection colors instead of Treebar
#5695 Theme Manager preview uses the wrong Nicklist background/text colors
#5694 Pasting multiple lined text on empty single line Editbox doesn't work
#5693 Channel List does not show topics on some networks
#5692 Add option to set log file editor in Options -> Logging
#5691 $url use UI automation to get the current url from chrome,brave,edge,vivaldi,opera and firefox
#5690 Options dialog and Serverlist dialog should show an error on both read and write errors
#5689 AdiIRC should refuse to start if config file or serverlist file is locked/in use
#5688 ZNC notify status changes for users not in the notify list should be ignored
#5687 Highlight sound files are not saved with relative paths

4.4 Beta Build (2023/02/13 UTC)

Possibly fixed a crash related to running in remote desktop
#5685 /dockpanels add new parameter -C
#5684 Event sound files are not saved with relative paths
#5683 Add new scripting event on CLOSING
#5682 Add option to set regain nick retry interval
#5681 Add new scripting event on CHGIAL
#5680 Changing regain nick option should stop/start trying to regain nick in real time
#5679 Add new command/identifier /mtable, $mtable
#5677 Add option to enable/disable IRCv3 server-time globally
#5676 @time tags should be ignored when use IRCv3 server-time is disabled
#5675 $ial(), $ialchan() add missing property .bot
#5674 Add support for IRCv3 BotMode and extended-monitor
#5673 /ialmark add new parameter -W
#5672 Add option to enable/disable Paste & Submit item in the Editbox menu
#5671 "Allow only one copy of AdiIRC running" should be enabled by default
#5670 /pause add new parameter -m
#5669 /pause should use UTC time
#5668 $hfind(,N) should return "0" for non existing tables
#5667 /timers add reps count output
#5666 Remove $bfind().regex since it doesn't work properly
#5665 IRCv3 echo-messages echoed through batches are not shown correctly
#5664 Add new identifier $ctimems
#5663 % and $ in network name should be removed
#5662 Regain nick should be disabled by default

4.4 Beta Build (2023/01/29 UTC)

Dummy release