Fixed Add/Edit Tabcolors dialog causes a crash
Clarify Tabcomplete first word/any word options to avoid confusion
#5801 $ini(file,topic) should return the topic position
#5800 Add option to automatically reload monitored scripts on changes
#5798 Very large restore log lines can overflow in some cases
#5797 Volume mixer doesn't work for highlight sounds
#5795 Switchbar active tab should have a darker background in dark mode
#5794 Spaces are not always ignored properly in INI files
#5793 $urlget() username/pass auth are not decoded properly
#5787 $urlget() fails when sending some custom headers

4.5 Beta Build (2023/10/29-1 UTC)

Added TLS 1.3 support for the .NET 4.5 build on Windows 11+
Fixed app manifest missing in the .NET 4.8 build

4.5 Beta Build (2023/10/29 UTC)

Possibly fixed a crash related to toggling a Monitor Panel
Added experimental .NET 4.8 build with tls1.3 support
Possibly fixed a off-by-one issue in Monitor Panel datagrids
#5782 Add searchbox to all Monitor Panels
#5781 Toggling Channel/Server Monitor Panel searchbox changes active window
#5777 Add option to show/hide server windows in the Switchbar
#5776 Add ootion to set Treebar/Switchbar text/nackground color per tab/window
#5775 Add event option for Usermodes
#5774 $encode(), $decode() add new parameters B, R, O
#5773 Popup dialog buttons are not aligned correctly in dark mode

4.5 Beta Build (2023/08/28 UTC)

Dummy release