Added more safe guards against corrupted config files during updates
#4778 /break should only break inside /while loops
#4777 /window +switches have wrong priority in some cases
#4776 irc:// links doesn't work when the main window is hidden
#4775 Add dialog to ask to connect in a new window for irc:// links
#4774 /splay is not properly closing the player when a song ends
#4773 Allow using +port and *port for ssl/starttls in irc:// links
#4771 /sockopen /sockudp with invalid bind ip address/port should show an error
#4769 /socklist output are not shown correctly
#4768 Local ipaddress is sometimes not detected properly
#4767 /socklisten port selection is not working properly
#4766 /google search is broken
#4764 ":" character is not stripped from some RAW messages
#4763 $sock().bindip returns wrong value for udp sockets

3.8 Beta Build (2019/11/22 UTC)

Dummy release