#4694 Add /play central dialog
#4693 /play -a is not working/validated correctly
#4692 /play doesn't work per server
#4691 Some buffered items can be missing from Rawlog -> Debug
#4690 Visual c++ is not detected properly on 32 bit windows
#4689 Add new identifier $pcre
#4688 $regex(), $regsub() should return -14 for invalid patterns
#4687 $sha1(), $sha256(), $md5(), $hmac() should allow empty binvars
#4686 Add option to use server "Username" as ident nick reply
#4685 Add support for username:password for login methods when no login username is present
#4684 Add separate "Username" field for server and login method in the Serverlist
#4682 $line() parameters are not validated correctly
#4681 Treebar "Show network name/Show nick name" options doesn't work unless "Show Unread Count" is enabled
#4680 Connecting to a znc server with no password should not disconnect

3.6 Beta Build (2019/08/12 UTC)

Fixed favorite channels are sometimes joined when autojoin is disabled

3.6 Beta Build (2019/08/11 UTC)

Fixed a priority issue with $input() switches
#4679 Add passive GET/SEND/CHAT DCC support
#4678 on OPEN/CLOSE are not triggering when hosting a DCC CHAT
#4677 $chat() doesn't work with nick as parameter
#4676 $chat() add new/missing properties .ssl, .ip, .logfile, .wid, .cid, .hwnd, .status, .idle, .stamp
#4675 Add DCC Secure CHAT support (SCHAT)
#4674 Add DCC CHAT proxy support
#4673 Tabcomplete channels should prioritize current channel
#4672 $decode() should chop at null bytes
#4671 Tabcomplete channels should included favorites
#4670 /run add missing parameter -a
#4669 Invalid utf8 characters should still be encoded/decoded in some cases
#4668 Brackets in aliases files are sometimes parsed incorrectly
#4667 /window side list-box width should be added to the total window width
#4666 $height() returns no value for some characters
#4665 /drawtext drawing the double quote character doesn't work
#4664 $1 in menus for list-box should have the entire selected text
#4663 /var /set /inc /dec /unset -s should not print if called using /.
#4662 Halting a identifier in a menu text should not halt trailing menu item
#4661 Dlls using mUnicode is not sending/receiving correct data
#4660 $dll(), $dllcall() returns wrong data in some cases
#4659 $input() should not trim leading spaces
#4658 $input() with $cr $lf doesn't work
#4657 $menu, $menutype returns wrong value in dcc chat windows
#4656 $bvar().text returns wrong value in some cases
#4655 /dcc add new/missing parameters "schat" "reject" "get" "passive"
#4654 Halting a CTCP event should halt the DCC event as well
#4653 /nicklist -f should not hide the Nicklist
#4652 Add missing identifiers/commands $sreq, $creq, /sreq, /creq
#4651 Add separate DCC SEND/CHAT auto accept/ignore options
#4650 $base() returns wrong value in some cases when using base64
#4649 $longip() returns wrong value with large numbers
#4648 $hmac() parameters are not validated correctly
#4647 Remove save/restore Editbox history from server windows since it doesn't work properly
#4646 Add option to ignore all dcc send requests
#4645 /socklisten can cause a crash in some cases
#4644 $remote remove bitflag 8 whether /scripts is enabled or not
#4643 $input() should not have input box by default
#4642 Default invite menu doesn't work in private windows
#4641 Dcc resume position should be validated
#4640 Incoming transfers with filesize bigger than an existing file should be ignored/not resumeable
#4639 $get() $send() .status and .secs properties returns wrong values in some cases
#4638 $get(-1) $send(-1) returns wrong item in some cases
#4637 $filename is not set during CTCP events
#4636 Add missing scripting event on PLAYEND
#4184 Issues/observations related to DCC

3.6 Beta Build (2019/07/10 UTC)

#4635 Add missing identifier $urlget
#4634 Server login doesn't work unless login method is set to none
#4633 /else /elseif without a preceding /if should shown an error
#4632 $zip() add missing parameters
#4631 Statusbar/Toolbar transfer progress bar should be 0% while not transfering
#4630 /server add missing parameter -key
#4629 Add a separate server password field in the serverlist Servers tab when adding/editing servers for one network

3.6 Beta Build (2019/06/30 UTC)

Fixed /topic with no parameters should show the current topic