Fixed on exit still shows Tips/Notifications in some cases
#4620 Some invalid parameters in raw irc events can cause a internal crash

3.5 Beta Build (2019/06/16 UTC)

Possibly fixed some issues related to Winamp Now Playing freezing main window
Fixed detached window warning is shown when attaching a saved detached window
#4619 Add CTRL + right-click shortcut to always show the Treebar menu
#4618 Add option to allow full width right-click menu for Treebar windows
#4616 Connections should retry on ERROR unless it's caused by a quit or a kill
#4615 Non scripted Tips/Notifications should be ignored during exit
#4612 Quiet list is not displayed properly in the Channel Editor
#4611 /close -t should not show warning dialog
#4610 Add option to script user count text in Nicklist
#4609 Scrolling Options -> Colors is slow
#4608 Please include units for Max Buffer in right click popup menu for channels in AdiIRC
#4606 ChannelCtcpReplyMessage Plugin API is not working properly
#4605 Add Wallops messages Plugin API
#4603 Extend $isbit $biton $bitoff to work on bigger numbers
#4602 RAW 005 is not correctly parsed in some cases
#4601 Consecutive $+ inside evaluation brackets are sometimes not ignored
#4600 Constructing $$identifier inside evaluation brackets doesn't work
#4599 $$null should not halt events
#4596 Add separate "Add Channel" and "Add Channel to Autojoin" menus in the right click menu in Treebar/Switchbar for channels

3.5 Beta Build (2019/05/27 UTC)

Fixed some issues with spacing and drawing selected text
Possibly reduced lag when changing window and either windows has a large amount of text
#4595 Own nick should be clickable in private windows
#4594 Restoring main window from trayicon is slow
#4593 Windows created while main window is hidden/minimized have wrong size
#4592 /showadiirc /showmirc -x -r should restore from tray
#4591 Installing a plugin with invalid/missing/private IPlugin class should show an error
#4590 $ircv3caps() is empty or incomplete on some networks

3.5 Beta Build (2019/05/14 UTC)

#4585 $ialmark() should not work in case-sensitive version
#4583 $nick should return the servername during on SNOTICE event
#4582 /toolbar /statusbar /menubar should have consistent error handling
#4581 /statusbar /menubar N parameter doesn't work
#4580 AdiIRC crashing on right click into a custom statusbar item
#4577 Channel key is not updated/removed correctly in the Channel Editor
#4576 Channel limit is not updated/removed correctly in the Channel Editor
#4575 AdiIRC should strip ":" extra character uppon mode changes on InspIRCD 3
#4574 $notify() .ison .addr properties should return values based on current network
#4573 Disable "Create new Certificate" button on Windows 7 since it doesn't have the necessary COM objects
#4571 VLC Media Player/PotPlayer suffixes are not removed from $song on some locales
#4570 $nick() with a nick as parameter is not returning the correct value when using a filter
#4569 $chr() doesn't work with decimals and trailing text
#4568 Changing Media Player from the Statusbar right-click menu should toggle and save/restore "Show Media Player" option
#4567 $scon() /scon should follow Switchbar order
#4566 Default highlight color is not working when extended colors is disabled
#4565 Select color dialog does not show the proper 0-99 colors when extended colors is disabled
#4564 Picture windows does not use the proper background color
#4563 Add ident/hostname support for Set By field in Channel Editor

3.5 Beta Build (2019/05/03 UTC)

Dummy version