AdiIRC 2.8 - 05-28-2017

	Added remove ban timer support for except/invite/quiet lists in Channel Editor
	Added sha256 fingerprint to ssl certificate dialog
	Added option to show/hide Treebar arrow icons
	Added extended random nick colors option to themes
	Added right-click menu to set animate trayicon per window
	Added option to enable/disable animate show/hiding tips
	Added option to allow Statusbar to expand to multiple lines
	Added option to match a highlight only on a specific channel
	Added right-click menu to toggle channel auto join/minimize on join in Serverlist
	Added command line parameter to the custom browser options
	Added all monitor panel to current layout by default
	Added support for ircv3 account-tag,invite-notify tags
	Added option to set dcc send/get buffer size
	Added a copy link menu item in Url Catcher monitor panel	

	Fixed some invalid numeric up/down values in options can cause a crash
	Fixed Monitor panel data should be saved using the timstamp instead of the timestamp text
	Fixed raw 329 is not parsed correctly on some networks
	Fixed Rawlog should be docked as a MDI window by default
	Fixed set extended random nick colors should be enabled by default
	Fixed pressing space key in the Nicklist causes the nicklist to scroll to the wrong place
	Fixed main window is sometimes saved/restored with 0 width/height size
	Fixed large Notify lists is not properly split into 512 byte messages
	Fixed some invalid fonts can cause a crash
	Fixed relative paths without a trailing slash is not replaced properly
	Fixed Update.exe/Update45.exe should upgrade API file when necessary and display errors when updates fails
	Fixed loading away options with some invalid options can cause a crash
	Fixed a error dialog should be shown with instructions if updating the API file fails
	Fixed copy/paste right-click menu for highlight/nick color should always be visible, and change to custom color item on paste
	Fixed the "highlight" color should be selected when creating a new highlight item
	Fixed disabling icons in Switchbar doesn't work
	Fixed ACTION/emote messages and other features/options doesn't work properly on turkish locale
	Fixed some "?" help links is pointing to the wrong location
	Fixed tab complete channels should include channels from all servers
	Fixed auto away/back should work per server instead of globally
	Fixed autohide Nicklist should not be shown if the scroll to bottom icon is visiable and mouse height aligns with the icon
	Fixed highlight flashing is sometimes not reset when restoring main window
	Fixed undocking/detaching a monitor panel doesn't always give the new window focus
	Fixed Monitor panel header should be hidden when the panel is undocked as a window
	Fixed Topicbox menus doesn't work properly
	Fixed Treebar tooltip doesn't work everywhere
	Fixed Nicklist 'Sort by prefix' doesn't sort in correct order when there's +y mode
	Fixed all select color dialogs should share custom colors
	Fixed CTRL + W/ALT + Z should not close main window
	Fixed some theme icons are not applied/deleted properly
	Fixed Notify list panel is not cleared properly when removing a nick
	Fixed Menu Editor should remember last menu section
	Fixed opening channel editor can cause a crash
	Fixed KICK/PART message are in some cases not shown correctly
	Fixed Channel list grid should save/restore column width
	Fixed nick~ is not clickable in text buffer
	Fixed fake transparency wallpapers should be resized according to the wallpaper fit option
	Fixed Winamp now playing plugin doesn't work for portable/custom winamp
	Fixed closing itunes when media player is set to itunes can cause a crash
	Fixed urls captures from server lines should show the server hostname as the nick in the url catcher
	Fixed sometimes crashes when running through Wine
	Fixed Treebar should remember collapsed folder status when toggling folders and showing/hiding windows
	Fixed logging into a server with no response should time out after a while

	Added new plugin API event that triggers when options are changed
	Added new plugin API to listen for keydown events and modify Editbox text/selection
	Added new plugin API to target any window with NotifyUser
	Added new plugin API to target custom windows with ICustomWindow
	Added new plugin API to evaluate $identifiers
	Added new plugin API to get the active window object
	Added new plugin API to add context menu items
	Fixed IUser.GetChannels API should be a IChannel list not a dictionary
	Fixed IChannel.GetUsers API is not properly locked and can cause a crash when enumerated and should be IUser not string
	Fixed IServer.GetChannels API is not properly locked and can cause a crash when enumerated
	Fixed sometimes plugin parameters is null
	Fixed the higgest value of EatData from plugins should be returned to AdiIRC instead of the last
	Fixed Plugin manager should only show AdiIRC plugin dll's
	Added new parameters -luixo filename for /plugins
	Allow using nick!ident@host format to resolve host for /dns /resolve
	Added new property .channel for $highlight()
	Added new property .collapsed for $window()
	Added Show on Desktop/On Top menu for /dialog
	Added new events mclick/dmclick/drclick for form and tabs for /dialog
	Added new parameter -x for /findtext /search
	Added $menuicon support for $submenu
	Added new parameter -g for /linemarker
	Added missing parameter -n for /sockopen
	Added missing parameters -nrw [name] for /ialmark 
	Added missing property .secs for $iel() $iil() $iql()
	Added missing parameters -beIq for /ban
	Added missing parameter -a for /bset /bread
	Added missing wildcards support for /timer -pr
	Added missing parameter &var|&binvar for $regsubex()
	Added missing parameter &binvar for $regsub()
	Added missing properties .gecos .id for $ial()
	Added missing propery .method for $server()
	Added missing parameters pass,sasl,external,msg,nickserv for /server -l
	Added missing event on SERVEROP
	Added missing parameters "small" "large" "actual" for icons for /dialog 
	Added missing properties .name .away for $ial()
	Added missing alias /firewall
	Added missing switches -p -f -o -c -jn [-j -n] for /server and allow combining switches at the beginning
	Added new/missing identifiers $boldify,$sslcertsha1,$sslcertsha256,$mode,$ialmark
	Fixed ":" is stripped from RAW 338 and 352
	Fixed /bset /bread -t sometimes adds wrong value
	Fixed $instok returns wrong value with some invalid parameters
	Fixed $chan().iql doesn't work properly
	Fixed /beep can cause a crash with some parameters
	Fixed /statusbar icons is not padded/aligned properly
	Fixed on KEYDOWN doesn't work with multiple targets for non picture windows
	Fixed [ ] square brackets doesn't work inside /var
	Fixed [ ] square brackets sometimes adds extra spaces and not evaluating $+ correctly
	Fixed /showmenu without x y parameters is sometimes now shown relative to editbox
	Fixed /topicbox [text] is not replaced correctly
	Fixed /parseline should not print to status window during on PARSELINE
	Fixed /showmenu Y parameter doesn't work properly
	Fixed /dialog "flat" button should only work on dialogs with no theme
	Fixed some command parameters are not validated correctly
	Fixed {} brackets in menus is not always parsed correctly
	Fixed merging menus doesn't work properly
	Fixed $gettok() $deltok() $puttok() $bvar() /dline N-N2 range doesn't work properly
	Fixed spaces in identifiers is not always properly removed/preserved
	Fixed /if /while ">" "<" ">=" "<=" operators doesn't return correct value with some parameters
	Fixed /dialog some sclick/dclick/uclick events are not triggered correctly
	Fixed /toolbar -zN doesn't always use the correct icon
	Fixed $input title is empty in some cases
	Fixed $status sometimes returns wrong value
	Fixed $ctime is sometimes not parsed correctly
	Fixed $utfencode/$utfdecode doesn't work properly
	Fixed $input() using the 'm' and 'e' parameter does not include tbe first text in the dropdown
	Fixed on MODE/on SERVERMODE should only trigger when channel modes is changed
	Fixed $wildtok $wildtokcs parameters is not always validated correctly
	Fixed on HOTLINK does not trigger in some cases when changing word on different lines
	Fixed $hotlink should include control codes
AdiIRC 2.7 - 02-15-2017

	Added help button to Rawlog
	Added ability tp resize datagrid columns to preferred width by double clicking the resize separator
	Added "check for brackets" menu aligned to the right in Script Editor
	Added ability to ignoring Monitor Panels by network:channel
	Added option to ignore channel/query messages for current active window in Monitor Panels
	Added option to exclude duplicate messages in Monitor Panels
	Added new channel list which supports control codes/colors and is a lot faster
	Added option to highlight lines matching the hovering nick
	Added "type to find" to new Treebar
	Added option to use extended list of colors for random nick colors
	Added show current filename when searching logs in log manager
	Added padding around controls in Options, Serverlist, Theme manager
	Added search icon to the search box in Options and Serverlist
	Added option to show close icons in Script Editor
	Added CTRL + C hotkey and menu item to copy the selected scripts path to clipboard in Script Editor
	Added new Treebar to Options, Themes, Script Editor, Serverlist, Rawlog
	Added menu item to clear recent files in Script Editor
	Added menu to disable/ignore individual scripts in Script Editor
	Added Editbox tab in Options
	Added CTRL + SHIFT + K hotkey to insert alternative colorchar in Editbox
	Added option to highlight Treebar network tab when collapsed
	Added preview of default icons in icon options
	Added option to disable smooth scroll in Script Editor
	Added option to change colors for monitor panels
	Added new datagrid to /logs and monitor panels
	Added option to set custom quit message per server in serverlist
	Added SHIFT + mousewheel hotkey to scroll through windows
	Added SHIFT + TAB to and from Searchbox if visible
	Added SHIFT + TAB to focus the Nicklist monitor panel if visible and window Nicklist is off
	Added CTRL + SPACE on a selected nick in the Editbox to open the Nicklist context menu
	Added option to use a flat Treebar
	Added option to show close icon in Treebar
	Added the Treebar monitor panel special rules for Nicklist monitor panel
	Added option to ignore highlights when a message has multiple nicks
	Added add/edit address/unset ban timer dialog in channel editor
	Added support for quiet list on some networks in channel editor
	Added useful right-click menus to Connect/Disconnect/Serverlist/Channelist icons in Toolbar
	Added option to limit a highlight match to a specific network only
	Added option to set scroll to bottom arrow icon
	Added new Serverlist tab "Misc" to set Regain nick/User mode/Ban type per server
	Added checkbox to toggle show password in Serverlist and make nick/alt/fullname/password textboxes wider
	Added /setoption Misc UseXButtons True/False option to enable or disable changing channel windows when using the back/forward mouse buttons/touchpad
	Fixed Rawlog Treebar split width should be saved/restored
	Fixed Dcc Transfer monitor panel should show both formatted and full bytes when finished
	Fixed Hidden monitor panels are sometimes restored when a new monitor is added
	Fixed expand nicklist tooltip option size
	Fixed Spellcheck should be rechecked when dictionaries are deleted
	Fixed Windows -> Reset all window sizes does not reset tool windows properly
	Fixed Winamp media player window is not always detect
	Fixed Winamp m3u path should not be reset when new winamp path is discovered
	Fixed allow changing tabs in tabcontrol by typing part of the text
	Fixed Monitor panels should not auto scroll unless already scrolled to bottom and shouldn't change selection
	Fixed SHIFT + HOME doesn't work properly in Script Editor
	Fixed speed up icon flashing speed in Treebar/Switchbar
	Fixed Treebar/Switchbar custom windows should be sorted excluding the @
	Fixed some highlight regex patterns can cause a crash	
	Fixed Nicklist monitor panel should be pinned by default
	Fixed closing undocked Treebar or Nicklist monitor panel using the header close button doesn't work
	Fixed some font weight options are not restored properly
	Fixed global Nicklist is not always synced after restoring main window from system tray
	Fixed Switchbar separator is sometimes missing
	Fixed clicking Add/Edit/Remove channel/server in Serverlist can cause a crash
	Fixed Main icon lacks 128x128 256x256 sizes
	Fixed Theme manager should save and restore the current theme/scheme
	Fixed sending long messages should try split at word boundaries
	Fixed MDI Windows are sometimes "stuck"
	Fixed Nicklist monitor panel should not show custom window listbox items
	Fixed Nicklist selections is sometimes wrong after nick are added/removed/changed
	Fixed new Treebar sometimes draws non visible nodes which could make drawing slow
	Fixed clarify "Confirm closing while connected to server" is for closing AdiIRC
	Fixed Highlight alerts should not be logged
	Fixed Tabcomplete crashes when trying to tabcomplete some Unicode characters
	Fixed pressing Enter key in Nicklist should execute the Options -> Mouse command
	Fixed Dcc resume doesn't work if the port was changed
	Fixed Dcc transfer monitor panel should show the renamed filename
	Fixed "Save As" and "Rename" menu items should be disabled when multiple files are selected in Script Editor
	Fixed "Open in external editor" and "Open folder" should open all selected files in Script Editor
	Fixed Custom windows should not use global Nicklist background image
	Fixed Monitor panel Nicklist has wrong default background color
	Fixed Treebar sometimes does not properly scroll a node into view
	Fixed DCC resume does not always work properly
	Fixed Dcc chat connections are not always closed correctly when the chat window is closed
	Fixed clicking channel window in Treebar for a unjoined channel causes a crash
	Fixed previous selected text are in some cases accidently copied to clipboard
	Fixed remove all ALT+A, CTRL+ALT+A keybinds since they interfere with some keyboard layouts
	Fixed Emoticons without triggers should be ignored
	Fixed dragging Toolbar itoms to the Toolbar doesn't always work properly
	Fixed CTRL + C doesn't work in filter box in Channel list
	Fixed Treebar unread count doesn't always show correctly on server nodes
	Fixed "Select color" dialog should be shown below when opened from Topicbox
	Fixed Treebar network collapsed status is not saved/restored properly
	Fixed whois "signed on" and channels is not always displayed correctly
	Fixed allow default quit message to be evaluated per server
	Fixed userhost error should be hidden on networks which doesn't support it
	Fixed Serverlist should not allow duplicate channel names
	Fixed Nicklist is not properly reset after a bouncer disconnect/reconnect
	Fixed Script Editor "Alias" menu sometimes crashes
	Fixed Log manager should save sort order
	Fixed the Serverlist listbox should scroll when dragging networks to the edges
	Fixed external programs writing to the Editbox when spell cheking is enabled doesn't work
	Fixed removed limit for auto away time
	Fixed dropdowns in Options dialog should require focus before allow mouse scrolling
	Fixed spellchecking is to slow on some systems
	Fixed clicking Add/Edit dcc folder causes a crash
	Fixed Ctrl + H to cycle highlights sometimes stops working
	Fixed RAW 346.348,367,728 is not formatted correctly
	Fixed unread line marker is not drawn correctly when using pixel spacing
	Fixed leading/Trailing hyphens should be excluded from spellchecking
	Fixed restoring channel logs can sometimes cause a crash
	Consolidated all font options into a "Fonts" tab

	Added new menu types ChannelLink/Link
	Added support for VT_ARRAYs of VT_UI1 and VT_I1 items in $com
	Added middle/x mouse button 1/x mouse button 2 support to $mouse.key
	Added missing popup file feature for /toolbar
	Added missing parameter "3state" for /dialog check
	Added missing parameters -f -c -t for $input	
	Added missing parameter -s for /scon /scid	
	Added missng parameter -k for /did
	Added missing option "flat" for /dialog buttons
	Added "mclick", "dmclick", "drclick" mouse menu for custom windows
	Added new event on MSCROLL
	Added missng/new events rclick,dclick,uclick,mclick for $hotlink
	Added missing command /hotlink
	Added new arguments -ConfigFolder <path> and  -cmd <command> to AdiIRC.exe
	Added new commands /showmenu,/linemarker
	Added new/missing identifiers $songfile,$iql,$ocolor,$topicbox,$updating,$emoticons,$calias(N),$menuicon,$dccignore
	Added new parameters -o -b for /icon 
	Added new parameters -ihcn for /options
	Added new parameters -c -C -i for /editbox
	Added new parameters -x -r -w -o -m -c -n -f -g -p for /font
	Added new parameters -IN -S -RN -B for /echo /echox 
	Added new parameters -a -bN -eN -fN -p -v -c -k for /topicbox	
	Added new parameter -N for /filter /savebuf
	Added new parameter -i for /dockpanels
	Added new parameter -w for /url
	Added new parameter -a for /dns
	Added new parameter -T[N] for /window
	Added new parameter -gN for /toolbar
	Added new parameter -b for /aline /rline /iline
	Added new property .network for $highlight()
	Added new property .iql for $chan/$channel
	Added new property .state for $dialog()
	Added new properties .mscrollpos .mscrollmax .topicbox for $window
	Added new properties .color/.backcolor/.rgbcolor/.rgbbackcolor for $editbox
	Added new operator isquiet

	Fixed show filename and line number for script errors in the default popup file
	Fixed $line().rgbcolor should return rgb line color for text buffers
	Fixed $hotline should include control codes
	Fixed /draw* color parameter is not always validated correctly
	Fixed /did -e -b -d -c -u and $did().state doesn't work properly with menu items
	Fixed $longfn doesn't work with quotes	
	Fixed /dialog stacking "box" items doesn't always work properly
	Fixed $did errors shows wrong script line
	Fixed $cpuload/toolbar cpu monitor can cause a UI freeze
	Fixed on DIALOG "sclick" event doesn't trigger corretly for listbox
	Fixed /statusbar text should exclude leading/trailing quotes
	Fixed /toolbar alias/popup is not validated correctly
	Fixed isin operator doesn't work properly with some locals
	Fixed /echo /echox -sa should not print to status window twice
	Fixed $tip sometimes execute the alias on the wrong server
	Fixed /dialog is sometimes showed in the wrong position
	Fixed /cline /rline doesn't work properly with line color
	Fixed $line $fline should not return the line color with control code
	Fixed $gfxram returns wrong value on cards with more than 4gb vram
	Fixed /scon /scid -tN doesn't work properly
	Fixed /did -e -b doesn't work properly when the "disable" option is set for the /dialog
	Fixed /run is not always parsed correctly
	Fixed /dialog aleft aright atop abottom parameters doesn't work properly
	Fixed $mouse.key sometimes returns wrong value
	Fixed /writeini /remini /hsave should be written without BOM
	Fixed $findfile $finddir is not sorted correcly on filepaths with special characters
	Fixed /window parameters are not always validated correctly
	Fixed some event variables are not properly handed down to aliases
	Fixed $matchkey, $eventid does not always return correct value
	Fixed /timer -p -r -e should not show "timer not found" errors
	Fixed error messages should be shown after the script ends
	Fixed error messages targeted to listbox/picture/panel/tool windows should be shown in associated or first status window
	Fixed $adiircexe should return the real path to the adiirc.exe file
	Fixed /font -z <font> should set the default font as well
	Fixed some issues with local variables inside on DIALOG events
	Fixed /dialog -c should close the dialog if there are no cancel button defined
	Fixed /goto inside while/if/else/elseif blocks doesn't work properly
	Fixed $0 sometimes returns wrong value
	Fixed /set /hadd /hdec /hinc -u0 is sometimes reset too early
	Fixed $v1 lost in /if OR statements
	Fixed $com bool values is not handled correcly
	Fixed $input when -b parameter is enabled and timer is up, the textbox should have focus
	Fixed $com is missing "integer" "single" value types
	Fixed $com(N) returns wrong value
	Fixed /list parameters should update the filter settings in Channel List
	Fixed /window -wN does not restore the Switchbar color
	Fixed $window().sbstate returns wrong value in some cases
	Fixed $regsubex parameter is not always evaluated correctly
	Fixed $iif should show an error if expression is empty
	Fixed commented menu items are not always stripped
	Fixed rename /cycle to /cycleall to allow the server /cycle command to work
	Fixed submenu items at the start of a menu block should have leading dots trimmed
	Fixed /hsave should show a error if the write failed
	Fixed /copy -o doesn't work properly
	Fixed "rclick", "dclick", "lbclick" mouse menu for custom windows doesn't always work
	Fixed on HOTLINK is not triggered properly
	Fixed #$input doesn't work
	Fixed on DNS halt default output does not work
	Fixed $dns(0) returns wrong value with some properties
	Fixed /load /reload insert doesn't work properly
	Fixed allow =$nick to be evaluated for use in dcc chat windows
	Fixed on OPEN/CLOSE doesn't work properly with dcc chats
	Fixed /did -s doesn't work
	Fixed $chan # is sometimes $null when not connected to a server
	Fixed $pos $poscs crashes with some values
	Fixed /msg /say /query /me /describe doesn't work with =nicks
	Fixed matching chat windows with =nick doesn't work in all events
	Fixed on CHAT event doesn't always trigger correctly
	Fixed $asctime(z) returns wrong value on some timezones
	Fixed /hsave -i does not properly clear the section before writing
	Fixed /toolbar -i should have priority over -a
	Fixed $toolbar(N) doesn't work for the last item
	Fixed /alias should not trigger file is modified warning
	Fixed /showmirc /showadiirc -n should maximize if previous state was maximized
	Fixed $osedition returns wrong value on Windows RT systems
	Fixed /drawtext is not validated correctly with some parameters
	Fixed /icon are sometimes not saved to config file
	Fixed invalid lines are not always excluded correctly when parsing a script
	Fixed /hinc /hdec should not reset the unset time
	Fixed /quickconnect should not be shown as a locked dialog	
	Fixed on ACTIVE allow matching monitor panels/rawlog with ~ prefix
	Fixed "Whois on private message" should not trigger when the message is halted
	Fixed /timers off doesn't work
	Fixed /hmake is not always parsed correctly
	Fixed /toolbar -zN is not selecting the correct sized icon
AdiIRC 2.6 - 08-11-2016
	Added option to set Treebar down/right arrow icons
	Added option to set a highlight icon for channel/query windows in Treebar
	Added option to log session start/close
	Fixed adding a emoticon with a invalid icon can cause a crash
	Fixed "Save open servers on exit" should not remove channels without autojoin
	Fixed Window -> Reset All Window Sizes should not reset other window options
	Fixed some window settings are not restored properly when "Save and restore window size/positions" is disabled
	Fixed window location are sometimes not restored correctly when using multiple monitors
	Fixed "No such nick" errors should be shown in the query window
	Fixed some users are not removed properly from the Nicklist
	Fixed joining channels sometimes doesn't work if nick is changed during connect or when reconnecting
	Fixed changing Switchbar font should resize the buttons
	Fixed Monitor panels sort order is not restored properly
	Fixed column width for undocked monitor panels are not saved/restored
	Fixed channel prefix for nicks in messages doesn't work unless nick colors are enabled
	Fixed log writes should be buffered and written in batches
	Fixed Autohide Nicklist should only be shown for the active window
	Removed nick column width per window since it just causes confusion
	Changed "Options -> Highlights -> Flash on" text to better reflect it's for main window/taskbar flashing
	Added new parameters -h -i -e for /icon
	Added missing identifier $samepath
	Added missing parameter -n for /list 
	Added missing parameters -o -f for /rename
	Added missing parameter -f for /copy 
	Fixed /hmake should show a error if the initial capacity is too large
	Fixed /notify sometimes causes a crash
	Fixed /saveini steals window focus
	Fixed /signal is not validated correctly
	Fixed only one match of an scripting event in each file should trigger
	Reverted changes to how duplicate menu items are merged	

AdiIRC 2.5 - 04-10-2016
	Added dock menu for undocked monitor panels
	Added icon preview in Icon options
	Added copy/paste menu to the custom Highlight/Nicklist color
	Added option to open server history/favorites in a new window by default
	Added Topicbox right-click menu to set custom Show options
	Added option to enable/disable ignore dcc filetypes
	Added option to set command to run when double-clicking in windows and on nicks
	Added right-click menus in Treebar/Switchbar to add servers and add/edit channels
	Added server favorites menu
	Added option to set border style for undocked windows
	Added "Show on desktop" and "On top" window menus for tool windows
	Added separate confirmatiion on closing windows for server/channel/private windows
	Added option to set Treebar spacing
	Added option to show/hide vertical scrollbar in Treebar
	Added new Treebar written from scratch which fixes a lot of common issues
	Added default Nicklist menus for Notify
	Added space keybind to toggle channel autojoin in serverlist
	Added option to set default monitor panel icon
	Added quick connect submenu in Server menu
	Added option to set action if a dcc transfer file exists
	Added popup preview menu in Edit Menus
	Added support for ircv3 CHGHOST extension
	Added option to flash tray icon on channel message
	Added option to show Notify list in Treebar
	Added option to set Treebar background image
	Added option to strip colors in the Topicbox

	(Possibly) Fixed a crash when adding a tv as a second screen
	Fixed z-order is sometimes wrong when activating a window when AdiIRC is not focused
	Fixed icons should not be resized if size equals target size
	Fixed mouse scrolling and resize Nicklist is not possible when Authode Nicklist is enabled
	Fixed allow more mouse movement before showing the Nicklist when autohide is enabled
	Fixed empty fullname in Serverlist doesn't work
	Fixed Theme compression detection is not always working properly
	Fixed Random nick colors doesn't work for emotes
	Fixed Nick colors doesn't work for messages from nicks not in the channel and in private windows
	Fixed Rawlog/Script debugger listbox should use messages background/normal colors
	Fixed rename Options -> Monitor to Monitor Panels to avoid confusion
	Fixed invisible characters should be trimmed from the server hostname
	Fixed disconnecting a server while identd is running sometimes causes a crash
	Fixed message time is wrong when timezone changes
	Fixed Dcc resume sometimes doesn't work
	Fixed improve detection for when drawing menubar/toolbar/switchbar border is needed
	Fixed change all help buttons to icons for better visibility
	Fixed changing Serverlist channels should not add/remove the channels to/from the rejoin channels list
	Fixed rejoining channels sometimes doesn't work when delay join is enabled
	Fixed allow tabcomplete channels in the serverlist without autojoin enabled
	Fixed apply Nicklist icons in Theme manager doesn't work
	Fixed changing nick column options from the right-click menu should repaint the nick column
	Fixed Emoticon triggers should be trimmed
	Fixed Alt + left/right should exclude windows hidden from Switchbar
	Fixed allow shift click help buttons to force open the wiki instead of the help file
	Fixed Treebar/Switchbar sometimes shows the wrong nick when "Show nick name" is enabled
	Fixed allow multiple font weights in Treebar and Nicklist
	Fixed Home/End keys should go to first and last row in Monitor panels
	Fixed Monitor panels are sometimes not visible after restart
	Fixed allow multiple aliases files
	Fixed allow different cased words to be added to spellcheck
	Fixed sending dcc transfer files to yourself doesn't show properly in the dcc transfer monitor panel
	Fixed Notify list/Dcc transfer Titlebar and Treebar count is not always updated correctly
	Fixed highlight sounds should have priority
	Fixed make options searchbox more visible
	Fixed double-clicking a nick in the Treebar Nicklist should open a query
	Fixed applying themes should not delete original backgrounds and icon files unless they are in the cache folder
	Fixed adding scripts to theme bundles doesn't work unless they are selected
	Fixed border style set to none and show Titlebar disabled at the same time causes various issues
	Fixed restoring mainwindow maximized/minimized is not working properly
	Fixed Monitor panel tabs/header should use the custom monitor panel font
	Fixed font dialog buttons are missing text in Options
	Fixed Serverlist should show scrollbars when needed
	Fixed restore message logs does not work for some nicks/channels

	Replaced donate menu with getting involved


	Added new parameter -n for /icon
	Added new command /channels
	Added missing parameter -a for /load /reload /unload 
	Added missing parameter ignore [on | off | accept | ignore] for /dcc
	Added mts support for the "Unload" event

	Fixed /window -r doesn't work for the active window
	Fixed %::chan is not set for raw 329 in the mts generator
	Fixed /toolbar -r should not remove media player icons
	Fixed $network is $null on some networks
	Fixed $osversion $osedition returns wrong value on home versions
	Fixed submenu items at the start of a menu block should not be added
	Fixed duplicate menu items doesn't work
	Fixed $& is not always working correctly
	Fixed $network is not properly reset when connecting a new network
	Changed /ctcp ping from seconds to milliseconds
AdiIRC 2.4 - 20-08-2016

	Added option to ignore channels from auto join on invite
	Added option to show a line between messages
	Added option to use alternative (slower but more accurate) text rendering
	Added right click menu to change nickcolumn visibility
	Added option to show a scroll down icon when scrolled up in message buffer
	Added dropdown item to select any rgb color for highlights and nickcolors
	Added menuitem to undo add to dictionary
	Added horizontal scrollbar to Channel list
	Added menuitem and shortcut to save monitor panel data to a tabbed file
	Added support for shortcuts with minimize/maximize option set
	Added options to enable/disable fast dcc get/send
	Added new keybind ctrl + shift + f and menu item in script editor to search all files
	Added option to word wrap script editor
	Added "search all" checkbox in script editor and add regex search
	Added ctrl + tab/ctrl + shift + tab shortcuts for cycle recent scripts in script editor
	Added Editbox rightclick menu to ignore spelling for nicks in channel
	Added option to enable/disable mute status in Options -> Sounds
	Added option to enable/disable rejoin channels on reconnect
	Added option to blink Switchbar/Treebar text
	Added option to only show unread message count/hide system message count in Treebar
	Added option to show/hide network and nick name in Treebar
	Added option to hide channel key from Titlebar and Statusbar
	Added support for xdcc links
	Added option to show a tip message when selecting text from the message buffer
	Added ctrl+shift+g keybind and menuitem in script manager to go to character position
	Added ctrl+shift+t keybind and menuitem in script manager to restore the last unloaded script(s)
	Added shift + click Titlebar minimize icon keybind
	Added global highlight sound/tips/flash options and allow reference regex result from highlight run command
	Added alias menu in script editor
	Added new/missing Ignore/Notify/Address book option for Nick colors and Nick icons
	Added custom window font weight option to Treebar
	Added bomi and mpv nowplaying support
	Added ctrl + e keybind to show a choose emoticons popup
	Added option to autohide scrollbar in textview and Nicklist
	Added all missings font settings to themes
	Added option to show dcc transfer progress in taskbar icon
	Added apply theme dialog to allow only apply some settings
	Added help button in options and other dialogs
	Added shift + up/down keybind in Serverlist to move network up/down
	Added option to log nickcolumn char
	Added option to use dcc through proxy
	Added search text hint in Options and Serverlist searchbox
	Added missing keybinds alt + n/alt + u/alt + d/alt + p
	Added option to allow embed background images/icons/emoticons/nick colors/scripts with themes
	Allow pressing shift when pressing "Connect/Connect in a new window" in the Serverlist to just open the server window
	Allow CTRL + S to save theme in theme manager
	Allow loading by network name from irc:// links	
	Allow right click titlebar of undocked window to roll it down/up
	Allow tabcomplete nicks based on channel prefix
	Allow filtering combobox with multiple characters
	Allow more keys to be used for global schortcut show/hide
	Fixed all tool forms should be shown on the mainform and ctrl + d shortcut for toggle "show on desktop"
	Fixed get favicon doesn't work on some network with a valid icon
	Fixed server favicons should be reset when connecting a new network
	Fixed Nicklist panel should not use global border size
	Fixed webdings/wingdings fonts doesn't work properly
	Fixed Quick connect dialog and server history menus should open in current server window, unless shift is pressed
	Fixed dhange Rawlog/Script debugger dropdown to a listbox and sync open servers/scripts
	Fixed editing a server in the Serverlist causes the network to move position
	Fixed renaming a script in Script Editor with invalid characters causes a crash
	Fixed undocked channel/server monitor should show unread message count in Treebar
	Fixed alt + backspace is not undoing correctly when spellchecking is enabled	
	Fixed Script editor saving scripts should only trim newlines at the end
	Fixed clicking the active window in the Switchbar when mainwindow is not active should not hide the window
	Fixed Script editor recent files menu is not working properly
	Fixed custom window icon is not properly removed when closed
	Fixed translations detection is not working properly for some languages
	Fixed Toolbar right separator should always be visible
	Fixed Script editor "check brackets" should only trim whitespaces
	Fixed Script editor menus does not restore focus to the text buffer
	Fixed change Alt + A keybind for toggle "Always On Top" to Ctrl + Alt + A since it's too easy to accidentally hit
	Fixed color/font tags in Tips message is stripped from some events
	Fixed autojoin channels should try to fit into 512 bytes per join line
	Fixed save/restore editbox history in server windows doesn't work
	Fixed Home/End keys doesn't work in rawlog search box
	Fixed track away status should only sync once on servers with away-notify enabled
	Fixed track away status should be disabled on network without proper /who support
	Fixed track away status requests too many channel updates
	Fixed Monitor highlight buffer option doesn't work
	Fixed Highlight alert should show network name, not host name
	Fixed Switchbar font is not aligned properly in height
	Fixed username and Fullname should be optional for connecting to a network
	Fixed multiple highlight nicks in the same line is not always matched
	Fixed show split long messages as one message instead of individual messages
	Fixed AdiIRC with .NET 4.5 should use a .NET 4.5 version of Update.exe
	Fixed confirmation dialogs is shown on top of the wrong window
	Fixed Tabcomplete identifiers with comma doesn't work
	Fixed Editbox history should be saved/restored without BOM
	Fixed unloading multiple scripts from script editor should show a warning
	Fixed selecting text in the script editor linenumbers doesn't work
	Fixed Dcc folder "Open with" and "run command" should not run when the file is incomplete
	Fixed Dcc transfer warning on quit shows wrong tranfer count
	Fixed Quick connect servers should be populated from Serverlist and default Serverlist
	Fixed leading/trailing t-_\"' characters matches from links should be excluded
	Fixed iTunes now playing sometimes doesn't work after iTunes restarts
	Fixed Dcc get complete text should show time and bytes per seconds
	Fixed all open/save file dialogs should have a common filter list
	Fixed Server Monitor is missing a space if dispaly network name is enabled
	Fixed text is not line wrapped correctly when using a big left border and Nickcolumn enabled
	Fixed Server Monitor uses wrong background color
	Fixed /who results are not displayed correctly

	Added ssend ssl support for /dcc	
	Added support for using $chr(4) as a trigger for rgb colors	
	Added new identifier $isadmin
	Added new command /autoconnect, /oline, /icon, /inick, /fget
	Added new parameter s for $strip
	Added new parameter [network] for /tab
	Added new parameter -b for /load /reload
	Added new parameter -u for /dialog
	Added new parameter -dN for /debug
	Added new parameter -t for /rawlog
	Added new parameter -r for /menubar /statusbar
	Added new parameter -t [rgb] for /window
	Added new parameter -t for /cline 
	Added new parameter -l for /tip
	Added new parameters "right" "center"  for /dialog "link"	
	Added new parameters -tscpnhoud for /dockpanels
	Added new parameters on|off for /nickcolumn 
	Added new parameters -a -g for /debug	
	Added new property .isaway for $ial $ialchan 
	Added new property .cnick for $ialchan
	Added new property .line for $group() 
	Added new property .icon for $dialog()
	Added new properties .historyfile .iconfile .backgroundfile for $window	
	Added new property .rgbcolor for $cline $highlight
	Added new identifiers $inick, $scripts, $calias, $nickcolumn
	Added new/missing properties .ignore/.notify/.abook for $cnick	
	Added missing properties .ansync .fontcs for $window	
	Added missing properties .inwho .banlist .ibl .iel .iil for $chan 	
	Added missing parameters .sport .saddr for $sock
	Added missing parameter -1 for $get $send 
	Added missing parameters -e -c for /drawrect
	Added missing parameter sN for /load /reload 
	Added missing parameters -aoynrvgbiqwhdsukNm and missing identifiers $ok, $yes, $no, $cancel, $timeout for $input 
	Added missing parameters -r -c -m -i -e -b -w -h -kN for /toolbar 
	Added missing parameters -h -m -i for /draw*
	Added missing parameter -t for /did
	Added missing parameter -n for /quote /raw /rawx
	Added missing parameters -c -d for /drawtext
	Added missing parameter -s for /drawfill
	Added missing properties .ftype .alias and parameter [N] for $isalias
	Added missing property .version for $file
	Added missing property .mute for $vol
	Added missing properties .fname, .pos, .length, .pause for $inmp3 $inmidi $inwave
	Added missing commands /saveini, /updatenl, /proxy, /cnick, /groups, /fsend
	Added missing identifiers $regmlex, $unsafe
	Added missing operator "isnotify"		
	Added missing parameter &bvar for $com
	Added missing &binvar parameter for $hget 
	Added missing parameters "autovs" "autohs" for "edit" control /dialog
	Added missing option "disable" for /dialog
	Added missing events on MIDIEND/on WAVEEND/on SONGEND
	Fixed /debug allow -i parameter with -s for filtering
	Fixed /ignore when the server is disconnected should add the ignore as a global ignore
	Fixed on CLOSE should trigger after the window is closed
	Fixed /options /config allow both section and search text to be specified
	Fixed $sysdir should return trailing path separator
	Fixed $windowtitle is not working properly
	Fixed $mouse.x $mouse.y sometimes returns wrong values for desktop windows
	Fixed Editbox should evaluate "//text" to "/text" not "text"
	Fixed $file().longfn should return full path
	Fixed line number is sometimes wrong in script errors
	Fixed /drawdot is not drawing correctly with some sizes
	Fixed /drawfill is not always filling correctly
	Fixed /viewlog should focus the log window if the log window is already open 
	Fixed /write /bwrite /fwrite etc should not trigger file monitor if /reload is used during the script
	Fixed new colorchar hex values should be validated before stripped
	Fixed $n-$n2 is not validated correctly
	Fixed /hadd is not trimming text properly
	Fixed $gettok with invalid parameters returns wrong value
	Fixed /draw* allow rrr,ggg,bbb format for colors and should be drawn using GDI
	Fixed /dialog scroll item is not working properly
	Fixed /drawtext should use transparent background when no background is specified
	Fixed /drawcopy w2 h2 parameters can be negative for mirror effect
	Fixed $finddir $findfile some event variables are not available for the command parameter
	Fixed $onpoly sometimes crashes and returns wrong value
	Fixed $sock(,N) is not working properly
	Fixed /sockudp -k sometimes closes too early and doesn't work without remote ip
	Fixed /drawcopy -t doesn't work properly
	Fixed /did -l -s sometimes causes a crash
	Fixed $compress/$decompress with &bvar doesn't work
	Fixed /bcopy -z is not working properly
	Fixed /join with no parameters should rejoin current channel
	Fixed allow /aline /dline /iline /rline to be used with any window
	Fixed /dialog "ok" "cancel" buttons should not close dialogs when the "sclick" event is halted
	Fixed /ctcp should split on long messages
	Fixed /server sometimes fails to connect to the new server
	Fixed #groups inside /* */ comments are not ignored properly
	Fixed /toolbar expand connect button to separate Connect/Connecting/Disconnect buttons
	Fixed [color] parameter is not validated correctly in all commands
	Fixed /dcc send allow multiple filenames and add /dcc send/chat ask for nick
	Fixed [prefix]#chan messages should be displayed differently
	Fixed /toolbar -d is not validated properly
	Fixed /alias allow delete and replace multiline aliases
	Fixed $alias(file) returns wrong value
	Fixed $read(,s) does not always match the pattern correctly
	Fixed /did -a on "box" control should replace the text instad of append
	Fixed $dialog() sometimes causes a crash
	Fixed $* does not work properly when used multiple times
	Fixed $rawbytes should be in pre decoded bytes
	Fixed /showadiirc /showmirc -n should not follow tray options
	Fixed /showadiirc /showmirc -r -x should not restore main window when lock is enabled
	Fixed allow /debug -t parameter to work for the script debugger
	Fixed $sfile $msfile should preselect the filetype
	Fixed /dialog "link" control is sometimes not drawn correctly
	Fixed /dialog "list" control height is wrong
	Fixed /dialog some controls does not draw unicode characters correctly
	Fixed /if /elseif /while $iif sometimes strips of whitespaces
	Fixed /goto doesn't work properly when used as the last line
	Fixed /enable /disable should update the script
	Fixed /echo -sa doesn't work at the same time
	Fixed /echo -e should log the separator(s) to the log file
	Fixed /dialog add missing parameter "push" for the "check" control
	Fixed /aline [c] parameter is not validated correctly
	Fixed /did "id" is not validated correctly
	Fixed $did() should return filename for "icon" items
	Fixed $regml result should be globally available
	Fixed /font -z doesn't work without window parameter
	Fixed /dialog "mouse" event is not triggered for the form itself
	Fixed /help with no parameters should open support page and F1 key should trigger /help
	Fixed $N is not always evaluated correctly
	Fixed /sockrename does not properly rename the socket
	Fixed /sockread -n &binvar should remove the $crlf
	Fixed /did triggers on dialog:edit: event 
	Fixed /remove should show an error if it fails to remove a file
	Fixed overloaded aliases with groups do not work properly
	Fixed $& | is not parsed correctly
	Fixed $?N should try to use the Nth token as the result text
	Fixed $did().sel doesn't work for "edit" items
	Fixed /dialog edit event does not always trigger
	Fixed /set -u0 should unset the variable after the script is finished
	Fixed /loadbuf -n doesn't work for some log options
	Fixed /did -o doesn't work for menu items
	Fixed $portfree is not working properly and missing ipaddress parameter
	Fixed /did -r and -a doesn't work for tab pages
	Fixed /did -u doesn't work with listbox
	Fixed $chan should follow switchbar order
	Fixed /load -u -v should use the new file specified
	Fixed /drawsave should save only the original window size area
	Fixed /loadbuf doesn't work with some types of windows
	Fixed /write first $crlf should be stripped
	Fixed $binvar allow one parameter to test for &binvar exists
	Fixed /writeini is not validated correctly
	Fixed /timer -i doesn't work
	Fixed /timer timers should be removed when the associated server is disconnected/removed
	Fixed /lock doesn't focus the main window on unlock
	Fixed lowercased NOTICE/PRIVMSG etc doesn't work
	Fixed /download remove "close" parameter and add -c instead
	Fixed /describe is not validated properly
	Fixed /sockopen invalid port parameter should show a error message
	Fixed /google doesn't work after google removed search api
	Fixed /cline is not working properly with nick as parameter
	Fixed $1- should return current selected nicks in nicklist when using F keys aliases
	Fixed $crlf should be stripped from menus
	Fixed /dockpanels on|off is not working properly
	Fixed $ignore(mask) returns wrong value and network is ignored
	Fixed /hinc /hdec doesn't work with large numbers
	Fixed isignore operator doesn't work properly
	Fixed on EVENT with a missing colon doesn't work
	Fixed /writeini section parameter can have spaces when surrounded by quotes
	Fixed $get().secs $send().secs should be rounded
	Fixed $findfile $finddir should return full path instead of relative paths
	Fixed $window().title returns wrong value
	Fixed /copy is not working correctly with wildcards
	Fixed $abook returns wrong value
	Fixed /window sometimes creates duplicate windows
	Fixed $+ ignores spaces
	Fixed /dialog readonly "edit" items should select/deselect text when getting/losing focus
	Fixed /dialog -r should center main window not screen
AdiIRC 2.3 - 15-04-2016

	Added option to lock Nicklist
	Added option to exclude channels/nicks from Monitor panels
	Added options to edit Notify nicks and enable/disable Notify
	Added Notify online/offline sound options
	Added right click menu to view Ssl/Tls certificate for server windows
	Added mouse wheel support for menus
	Added option to monitor scripts for external changes
	Added option to show/hide events in Server/Channel Monitors
	Added option to use different dcc transfer folders based on file extensions
	Added now playing support for AIMP Music Player
	Added option to log hidden events
	Added option and right click menu to set Server/Channel/Other panel font
	Added right click menu to copy text in server/channel monitor and /viewlog
	Added right click menu to start/stop monitoring panels
	Added right click menu to remove nicks from the notify list in notify panel
	Added ctrl + mouse wheel up/down for scrolling just one line
	Added options to show/hide Nickolumn/Timestamp/Network for Server/Channel monitors
	Added window right click menu to copy buffer
	Added option to ignore timestamp for consecutive messages from the same nick
	Added option to run a command when highlighted
	Added option to color entire line with the matched nickcolor
	Added missing sound events "Dcc Success" and "Dcc Fail"
	Added window menu to select log file for custom windows
	Added options to enable/disable monitor panels and change buffer size
	Added option to save input history across sessions and set max history
	Added home/end/pageup/pagedown/ctrl + up/down keybinds for Rawlog
	Added DCC Transfers menuitem to remove and delete a incomplete file
	Added theme preview of nicklist icon rules

	Fixed Windows/Dialogs saved on a missing screen should be relocated to primary screen
	Fixed Monitor panels/Treebar should not be resizable when "Lock Bars" is enabled
	Fixed Options search box should search any part of the text, not just the beginning
	Fixed /nick does not change the Switchbar text if the server is disconnected
	Fixed Messages -> "Use small unread line marker" is not restored properly
	Fixed DCC popup should only "beep" if Dcc Get "beep" sound is enabled
	Fixed multiple DCC transfers with the same filename doesn't work
	Fixed Nicklist buttons are not restored for Nicklist panel
	Fixed DCC popup should close when ignore button is pressed
	Fixed Notify nicks should be clickable in channels
	Fixed /names outside of join should add missing nicks to nicklist
	Fixed external /mode and /topic messages are hidden when not in the channel
	Fixed allow tips colors to be updated in real time
	Fixed allow Nicklist panel to sync when toggled from F2
	Fixed font is not restored properly for server windows
	Fixed DCC Transfer panel should flash in Treebar/Switchbar on start/stop transfer
	Fixed always show number of transfers for the transfer panel in the Treebar
	Fixed /dialog buttons moved outside the screen area causes a graphic glitch
	Fixed Logging -> "Use line colors" checkbox is hidden with default dpi		
	Fixed Menubar icon should only show docked window icons
	Fixed raw 433 "nickname in use" is hidden when trying to change nick manually and regain nick is enabled
	Fixed /!/command from Editbox should not send command to the server
	Fixed theme preview should be reloaded when options changes
	Fixed sysinfo preview should show all values of each identifier
	Fixed Tips should parse and draw colors/font control codes
	Fixed moving items around in the new Serverlist can sometimes cause a crash
	Fixed "Always on top" is not detected correctly when changed from a external program
	Fixed autohide Nicklist should be disabled if a Nicklist is set to Off
	Fixed changing timezone/daylight savings can cause a ping timeout
	Fixed client messages output to custom windows doesn't work 
	Fixed logging ignore doesn't work
	Fixed running on a windows without visual styles can cause a crash
	Fixed retrieving local ip on some machines can cause a crash
	Fixed accepting DCC transfers with some invalid characters can cause a crash
	Fixed Nicklist icons is drawn incorrectly in theme manager
	Fixed some options is not applied to custom windows in real time
	Fixed CAP END should not be sent during raw 900
	Fixed using copy menu in script editor is using wrong newlines
	Fixed autojoin delay option is reset on disconnect
	Fixed temporary global variables should not be saved
	Fixed closing Editform while initializing scripts can cause a crash
	Fixed Quick connect options does not ask to save on exit
	Fixed Mdi icons are sometimes missing
	Fixed fails to display PRIVMSG messages that are received without a preceding colon on the message
	Fixed Addressbook "Add" button should be disabled when a user is selected
	Fixed loading a already loaded script in Script Editor, should select it
	Fixed Nicklist off is not restored correctly per channel
	Fixed unknown CTCP requests should show the entire text
	Fixed Statusbar position is not saved properly
	Fixed script editor is sometimes not restored to previous window state
	Fixed proxy per server is not working properly
	Fixed main dock should have a higher default height
	Fixed pressing delete in transfer dialog sometimes removes the wrong transfer item
	Fixed irc:// links with a nullbyte at the end causes a empty channel join
	Fixed theme preview doesn't work
	Fixed all default servers in serverlist should use round robin hostnames
	Fixed auto accept dcc transfers doesn't show the resume/overwrite dialog
	Fixed closing mainform when close warning is enabled sometimes fails
	Fixed aborting a dcc transfer should not show a socket error
	Fixed <>[](){}|., characters should in some cases be excluded from links

	Changed default dcc buffer from 8192 to 4096 for better compatibility
	Reduced default maxbuffer to 500
	Removed the transfer retry button since it only causes confusion
	Removed unmaintained translations


	Added new parameter -x 4|5|h|n hostname post username password for /server 
	Added new parameters -fbpn for /tab
	Added new command/event/identifiers /download, on DOWNLOAD, $download $downloaderr
	Added new command /echomonitor
	Added new modifier /u for $regex/$regsub/$regsubex	
	Added new identifiers $eventtarget $screenhz(N) $battery $batteryp $editboxhistory $username
	Addded new property .lastnick for $chan()
	Added missing property .stamp for $chan() 
	Added missing property .group for $regml()
	Added missing properties .note .sound .whois .addr .network for $notify()
	Added missing parameters -b -p for /dialog
	Added missing parameter -tN for /echo
	Added missing parameters -4 -6 for /sockopen
	Added missing parameters [on|off] [network] [note] -h -s -n for /notify
	Added missing parameter "a" for $encode $decode
	Added missing folder "downloads" for $sysdir
	Added missing alias /leave
	Added missing commands /url /log
	Added missing command /sockudp and event on UDPREAD
	Added missing operator ishelp
	Added missing identifiers $get $send $notify $hmac
	Added $url support for some browsers

	Fixed $+() does not trim whitespaces properly
	Fixed using {} in event regex doesn't work
	Fixed $fread reads incorrect data into &binvar
	Fixed $read() does not evaluate $1- properly
	Fixed /debug should ignore empty lines
	Fixed $sdir $shortfn should support quotes
	Fixed /notify adding nick should also add it to the notify panel
	Fixed $hget().size returns wrong value
	Fixed $bwname should return $null when no network adapter is selected
	Fixed /lag should not display to status windows
	Fixed /did -i <name> <id > 0 doesn't work
	Fixed $regsub $regsubex with no pattern should capture each individual character
	Fixed /dialog "edit" should not wordwrap when "hsbar" option is defined
	Fixed /did -i can cause a crash
	Fixed /dialog minimum tab size is too big
	Fixed /window -gN should stop Switchbar/Treebar flashing
	Fixed allow override CTRL + TAB/CTRL + SHIFT + TAB keybinds
	Fixed /dialog button/check/combo "&" is not displayed
	Fixed /if /elseif /while $iif should show an error when using a invalid format or a unknown operator
	Fixed /if /elseif /while $iif sometimes fails when using if (%variable) syntax or if (text & text)
	Fixed on PART/QUIT/KICK nick should not be removed from nicklist until after the event is done
	Fixed $regml only returns a value if used in the same alias as the $regex
	Fixed $decompress should delete the temporary file if decompression failed
	Fixed /dialog "icon" should be resized to fit
	Fixed /goto "invalid label" should show an error
	Fixed on HOTLINK should not trigger while selecting text
	Fixed /inc /dec /var %x N + N, chamge from double to decimal to allow greater accuracy
	Fixed $$identifier inside another identifier sometimes doesn't halt the script properly
	Fixed /dialog "edit" item is missing the "return" property
	Fixed $ial().realname returns wrong value on some networks
	Fixed /cline -r only works when specifying a nick
	Fixed /editbox -f with no parameters doesn't work
	Fixed $nopath is not validated correctly
	Fixed on OPTIONS is sometimes triggered unnecessary
	Fixed $event sometimes returns incorrect value
	Fixed /hsave doesn't work properly with quoted filename
	Fixed /list "filter channels" does not always filter correctly
	Fixed /write trims some characters incorrectly
	Fixed $sdir title parameter is not working and is missing end slash on return
	Fixed /dialog with corrupt icons can cause a crash
	Fixed on SOCKCLOSE is not always triggered when using ssl connections
	Fixed /sockread does not always read the full buffer when using ssl connections
	Fixed /window -C is not working properly with mdi windows
	Fixed $chr(160) is sometimes trimmed in parameters where it shouldn't be
	Fixed $sfile is not working properly
	Fixed $findfile depth parameter is not validated correctly
	Fixed /inc -s doesn't display output for global variables
	Fixed $round() should return punctuations instead of comma
	Fixed ":" prefix should be stripped from RAW CAP and RAW 364
	Fixed /loadbuf is not adding newlines correctly
	Fixed /dialog edit multi property is not working properly
	Fixed /dialog Escape key should close the color popup dialog if open
	Fixed /loadbuf -rt[SECTION] is not validated correctly
	Fixed /dialog link sclick should not trigger when right-clicking
	Fixed /msg /me /describe /notice is not resetting own idle time
	Fixed $event returns wrong value for RAW events
	Fixed $window should follow Switchbar order
	Fixed /dialog -s doesn't work correctly with borderless dialogs
	Fixed allow quotes in /font
	Fixed on CLOSE is not triggered properly when closing hidden windows
	Fixed $window().lb returns wrong value
	Fixed on active sometimes triggers incorrectly
	Fixed $calc should return 0 with too big numbers
	Fixed /break is not breaking /while loops properly
	Fixed #groups are sometimes parsed incorrectly

AdiIRC 2.2 - 18-12-2015

	Added Address book
	Added a warning the first time the Menubar is being disabled from the View menu
	Added import/export of "Override Windows theme color" option in themes
	Added separate "accept all" and "accept specific hosts" in Options -> Dcc to avoid confusion
	Added a "(active/total)" text in Treebar for dcc transfer window
	Added Switchbar/Menubar/Treebar border for the last item facing the MDI area

	Fixed filtering by some characters in channel list causes a crash
	Fixed Nicklist colors/icons doesn't work on some network using custom channel prefix
	Fixed SASL auth doesn't work if the reply is sent with server prefix
	Fixed focus is sometimes not restored to a window when adiirc gets focus
	Fixed numeric up down item doesn't scale with DPI properly, causing some options to be hidden when using non default DPI
	Fixed Nickcolumn is sometimes not the correct size
	Fixed scrolling a custom window without textview causes crash
	Fixed fonts in custom windows should not change when changing global font options
	Fixed links warning dialog checkbox saves to the wrong config file item
	Fixed DCC send file crashes if the typed path does not exist
	Fixed toggle main window border when main windows is fullscreen, resizes the window wrong
	Fixed suggest font dropdown resets text while typing
	Fixed typing a font size in choose font dialog, should update the preview
	Fixed alt nicks is cleared on disconnect
	Fixed using the update dialog on startup can cause the main window to be saved with the wrong size and possibly other issues
	Fixed channel editor bans is not sorted correctly when sorting by date
	Fixed own Idle time in channels is not updated correctly
	Fixed select file dialog should open in previous folder
	Fixed hovering a text in the textview can in some cases cause a crash
	Fixed pressing some keys in Thememanager Editbox can cause a crash
	Fixed on closing main window/exit/restart AdiIRC, the Options/Script editor/Serverlist save dialogs should be shown
	Fixed Treebar nicklist expand settings is not restored properly
	Fixed should warn about active dcc transfers when confirm closing is enabled
	Fixed url association is still not working properly
	Fixed sound status checkbox is not visible in Options -> Statusbar
	Fixed /msg displays the wrong target nick
	Fixed local output is missing from /me messages in private windows
	Fixed /whois Ipv6 addresses are not shown correctly
	Fixed when connecting a network in the serverlist with no hostnames added, there should be an error dialog
	Fixed Treebar is missing channels after reconnect	
	Fixed start minimised doesn't work when Rawlog or show serverlist on startup is enabled
	Renamed channel key to channel password to avoid confusion in new serverlist
	Added missing commands/identifier /font /iline /abook /uwho $abook
	Added new property .rawmode for $chan() 
	Added new/missing parameters -j -a for /dialog
	Fixed /drawfill is not validated correctly
	Fixed $ignore().secs should be rounded
	Fixed $gmt(N) returns wrong value	
	Fixed $regsubex \a \A returns wrong value when using /g modifier
	Fixed on KEYDOWN/KEYUP doesn't work with some characters
	Fixed uclick mouse event should not trigger outside the window location
	Fixed /dialog should show an error if the "size" item is missing or invalid
	Fixed /window doesn't work if the window name has quotes
	Fixed $window wildcard search doesn't work if the window name has quotes
	Fixed /window -a from a desktop window doesn't give the the mainform focus
	Fixed /window -l is using wrong font
	Fixed /window -f should have no titlebar
	Fixed /dialog icon should not trigger sclick event when rightclicking
	Fixed /dialog icon item can cause a crash
	Fixed on KEYDOWN/KEYUP regex doesn't work
	Fixed on KEYDOWN does not trigger for escape key in custom windows
	Fixed /window sometimes resets window position
	Fixed sclick/dclick event doesn't work properly on dialog tab items
	Fixed /if /else /elseif /while doesn't work with !. prefix
	Fixed $mouse.x $mouse.y $mouse.key returns wrong value in dialog events
	Fixed /describe /msg sending messages to @%+#channel and #chan,#chan2 displays wrong output
	Fixed $snick sometimes returns wrong value
	Fixed hovering a text in the textview can in some cases cause a crash
	Fixed /statusbar -l/-t should remove leading/trailing quotes
	Fixed /logs [text] is not searching the correct value
	Fixed /timerS doesn't work properly
	Fixed raw 286, 287, 290 and 291 should follow whois option
	Fixed /setlayer on the main window when it's docked can cause a crash
	Fixed /dialog,$dialog should show an error when a dialog name is in use
	Fixed $fline can have only 2 parameters
	Fixed $reptok $reptokcs can have only 4 parameters
	Fixed /window -h is not hiding the window from Treebar/Switchbar
	Fixed /notify -r should clear all matching nicks from the Notify panel
AdiIRC 2.1 - 25-11-2015

	Added when connecting a network in the serverlist with no hostnames added, there should be an error dialog
	Fixed Treebar is missing channels after reconnect
	Fixed start minimised doesn't work when Rawlog or show serverlist on startup is enabled
AdiIRC 2.0 - 23-11-2015

	Allow sorting tool/panel/status windows from Options -> Windows -> Sort
	Added a basic help/chm file which can be downloaded from the download page
	Added "Edit Network" menu to status windows
	Added option to enable/disable reconnect servers on resume from sleep
	Added option to only enable identd while connecting
	Added media player controls support for Spotify
	Added last files and last text history in /logs and right click menu to reset

	Fixed global Nicklist is not cleared when all windows are closed
	Fixed trying to dcc send a file in use causes a crash
	Fixed recieving invalid dcc request should not popup a debug box 
	Fixed when url association is enabled, AdiIRC should be selectable as a default program
	Fixed Joining multiple channels using spaces doesn't work in old Serverlist
	Fixed /me messages should be split if they are to long
	Fixed encoding should be taken into consideration when splitting long messages into 512 bytes
	Fixed Identd should display a message during a request
	Fixed Enable/Disable identd server in options should start/stop the server
	Fixed Ident server doesn't work
	Fixed opening irc:// links when using multiple AdiIRC processes sometimes open in the wrong proccess
	Fixed rawlog should not minimize when closed and "Minimize when pressing close" is enabled
	Fixed invalid certificate option can cause a crash
	Fixed using some keybinds in Thememanager can cause a crash
	Fixed adding text to a window on connect can sometimes cause a crash
	Fixed corrupt fonts can cause adiirc to crash on startup
	Fixed hovering a nick while the Nicklist is populating can cause a crash
	Fixed docking panels are sometimes restored to wrong position
	Fixed @custom window sizes should not be saved
	Fixed restoring query window sizes does not work
	Fixed last folders are not restored correctly in /logs
	Fixed when auto accept dcc is enabled, only matched hostmaks should be accepted
	Fixed blank paths should be ignore in log viewer
	Fixed MDI windows without titlebar have no control buttons in Menubar
	Added new parameter [network] for /serverlist 
	Added missing parameters (N|address,[group]) and new/missing properties .desc .port .group .pass .ssl .tls for $server 
	Added new/missing identifiers $nonick, $nadmnick, $nopnick, $nhnick, $nvnick, $hmatch
	Added missing identifier parameters (#,N) for $vnick $hnick $opnick
	Added new properties .owner .admin for $comchan() 
	Added missing/new events on OWNER/DEOWNER/ADMIN/DEADMIN and variables $onick/$admnick
	Added new property .layer for $window() 
	Added new/missing parameters -g -l N -4 -6 for /server 
	Added new scripting events on SUSPEND/RESUME
	Added missing properties .alias .popup for $toolbar() 

	Fixed raw 302 doesn't work
	fixed /server hostname:port password is not validated correctly
	Fixed /help should search config folder for AdiIRC.chm as well
	Fixed /setlayer is not validated correctly	
	Fixed $port should return +/* if connected using ssl or starttls
	Fixed $wmiquery is not validated correctly	
	Fixed $mid is not validated correctly
	Fixed /dline N deletes 2 lines instead of 1
	Fixed /toolbar -pl is using the wrong parameter
	Fixed $duration() with empty parameters should return $null
	Fixed /window -k creates a duplicate custom window in Treebar
	Renamed /if /while $iif issop operator to isadmin

AdiIRC 1.9.9 - 11-11-2015

	Added rightclick menus to docking panel header
	Added event option to show/hide ping/pongs
	Added option to disable hide windows when activated twice from Treebar/Switchbar
	Added option to disable middle click/shift click close windows in Treebar/Switchbar
	Added a pinning icon for docking panels to exclude them from F2
	Added new keybind CTRL + SHIFT + L to toggle unread linemarker
	Added a connect/disconnect menu to status windows
	Added global Nicklist docking panel which can be docked/undocked/merged with other panels
	Added option to set default server port
	Added support for ircv3 tls/STARTTLS extension
	Added support for ircv3 SASL authentication
	Added Treebar menu item to toggle System/Window menus	
	Added new serverlist, fixes various bugs and adds a lot of new features
	Fixed Docking a undocked panel/form should close the parent form
	Fixed /logs should save and restore the last paths searched
	Fixed Nick click/menus doesn't work when a nick is surrounded by some special characters
	Fixed Windows menu is to slow
	Fixed clearing the transfer docking panel does not always clear all items
	Fixed Dcc send/receive sockets/files may not always be closed correctly
	Fixed Dcc popup dialog should restore mainform
	Fixed Thememanger does not unset some global variables after use
	Fixed Nicklist colors should be inverted according to Nicklist background color
	Fixed saving Nicklist settings per channel doesn't work
	Fixed option dialog should only "ask to save" when something is actually changed
	Fixed opening log files with UNC paths from logviewer doesn't work
	Fixed sorting Nicklist alphabetically doesn't work
	Fixed Thememanger should close when pressing the close button, even if minimize windows is enabled
	Fixed Ssl warning dialog should close itself after some time
	Fixed Searchbox should clear search selection when closed
	Fixed Url catcher should ignore windows where monitoring is disabled
	Fixed all alert popups should have a cancel button
	Fixed Foobar2000 beta titles are not removed properly
	Fixed popup dialogs should be centered to owner and use owners Always on Top settings
	Fixed Subject Alternative Names is not taken into account when displaying ssl certificate errors
	Fixed Nicklist icon browse button doesn't work
	Fixed allow tab completion after a comma character
	Fixed RAW 338 is not parsed correctly	
	Fixed MTS theme item ACTIONCHANSELF is missing <cmode> and <nick>
	Fixed Statusbar position is not saved correctly	
	Fixed User Access Level rules in nickcolors makes the Nicklist slow
	Fixed resizing columns after the "message" column in Transfer docking panels doesn't work
	Added new property .unread for $window()
	Added new property .rgbcolor for $line() $nick()
	Added new parameter -b for /cline
	Added new parameter -cert <file> for /server 
	Added new parameter -f for /dialog
	Added new parameter -a for /quicksave 
	Added new parameters -no for /serverlist
	Added new property .popup for $statusbar() $menubar()
	Added new property .cnick for $nick()
	Added new parameter -s for debugging scripts in /debug
	Added new property .line for $isalias()
	Added new property .isbottom for $window()	
	Added missing identifiers $initopic $isutf $topic $filename
	Added missing command /ialmark and $ial/$ialchan property .mark
	Added missing command /perform
	Added missing parameters <network> and -t for /server	
	Added missing property .color for nicklists in $line() 
	Fixed $window(*,) is not validated correctly
	Fixed /fullname /realname with no parameters should show current fullname
	Fixed /if /else /elseif /while $iif() should not trim newlines
	Fixed /window -w should retain Treebar/Switchbar selection
	Fixed /dde -e is missing a null byte
	Fixed opening options dialog with some invalid highlight items can cause a crash
	Fixed $nick() returns 0 during me:JOIN event
	Fixed $mid $height $width is not validated correctly
	Fixed /did -a should not add newlines to text/edit boxes
	Fixed /set -zs should print each iteration
	Fixed /did -d doesn't work with multiple id's
	Fixed /sockclose should close the socket immediately to avoid trigger on SOCKCLOSE when a socket name is reused
	Fixed /window -c should not trigger the on CLOSE event
	Fixed /drawpic -c with no parameters should not show an error
	Fixed $dll $dllcall is sending/receiving using the wrong encoding
	Fixed /filter does not work with status windows and second filename
	Fixed $com/$comcall bool parameters doesn't work
	Fixed /filter /savebuf should not write BOM (Byte Order Mark)
	Fixed /filter /savebuf $line should exclude the line color tag
	Fixed /savebuf with no [lines] parameter should save all items
	Fixed Tips/$tip all control codes should be stripped
	Fixed Dialog button using the "default" parameter doesn't work
	Fixed /ignore should show a warning when adding/editing a ignore when ignore is disabled
	Fixed /window causes Editbox cursor position to be reset
	Fixed local aliases in custom Statusbar items doesn't work
	Fixed $nick() should follow Nicklist sorting
	Fixed multiple matched events are executed in the wrong order
	Fixed $line() should include control codes
	Fixed /toolbar -a should show an error if a item with the name already exists

AdiIRC 1.9.8 - 29-09-2015

	Fixed while the main window is minimized and connecting to a SSL server with a invalid certificate, the warning dialog is not selectable

AdiIRC 1.9.7 - 29-09-2015

	Added rightclick menu to set position for Statusbar
	Added option to set selected background/text for messages and Nicklist
	Added option to set Nicklist pixel spacing
	Added option to validate/save ssl certificates
	Added automatically save/restore the column sizes/sorting for docking panels
	Added context menus to the MDI area
	Added option to auto tile windows
	Added new menuitem Tools -> Config Files to open the config folder
	Added option to set max buffer per channel
	Added option to set Nicklist icons
	Added support for ircv3 extensions tags,[-iso] and server-time
	Added rename/save as menu on new scripts in script editor
	Added option to lock nick column
	Added notification warning for changing opacity using keybinds	
	Added ctrl +/ctrl -/ctrl 0 zoom keybinds for logs, monitor panels and rawlog
	Added new colorchar for unlimited colors
	Added option to set bottom border in text area
	Added options to use emoticons
	Added new keybinds ctrl + m/ctrl + alt + m to go to next unread window
	Added new keybinds ctrl + n/ctrl + q to cycle channels/queries
	Added options to set timestamps per window
	Added new keybind ALT + X to toggle channel window maximized	
	Added option to show unread message count on Treebar
	Added menu item to clear server history
	Fixed installer shortcuts should be optional
	Fixed highlighted words does not retain previous colors/bold format
	Fixed resizing main window causes the Treebar scrollbar to disappear
	Fixed Treebar/Switchbar network name is not updated when using ZNC jump
	Fixed unread linemarker position is incorrect after a line is deleted from the buffer
	Fixed some large window icons can cause a crash when they are resized
	Fixed Treebar/Switchbar sometimes changes the selected window when it's name or text is changed
	Fixed Menubar should not toggle on/off using ALT if SHIFT or CTRL is pressed
	Fixed resizing columns in plugins manager causes a graphical glitch
	Fixed when strip control codes is enabled. your own control codes should not be stripped
	Fixed "Use Theme" button should be disabled when Current theme is selected in theme editor
	Fixed allow double clicking a theme in theme editor to Apply it
	Fixed channel background images with transparency in tiled mode doesn't work
	Fixed relative paths are sometimes not replaced correctly
	Fixed mouseover the blank area between timestamp and nickcolum should not trigger as a link
	Fixed Hide/Show event settings per channel is not saved/restored correctly
	Fixed refresh monitor system information when a monitor is added/removed or resolution changes
	Fixed rejoining a channel with password, does not always work
	Fixed allow tabbing own nick in status and query windows
	Fixed clicking a channel name in a log file should open the channel on current active server
	Fixed log files/config folders with network paths does not work
	Fixed should not disconnect when receiving a QUIT after changing host/cloaking
	Fixed Hunspell crashes should not crash AdiIRC
	Fixed allow unicode domain name characters in links
	Fixed using Alt + move mouse on a borderless window should not select text in the window
	Fixed word wrapping is slow and uses too much memory/cpu
	Fixed Switchbar -> Events fields in unsaved channels have wrong default value
	Fixed opening a new logfile should restore the logform if minimizeed
	Fixed word wrapping is not wrapping correctly in some cases
	Fixed multi line Edit Aliases are not saved correct
	Fixed pressing Home key on very long wrapped lines in script editor causes a crash
	Fixed merging log files is slow
	Fixed highlights is not matching all words in a message
	Fixed unread message count should not update when a desktop window has focus
	Fixed debug.txt logging is not working
	Fixed color tags are not always padded correctly
	Fixed disable autofocus editbox does not work
	Fixed Toolwindow does not always adjust size correctly
	Fixed typing invalid keys in global hotkey causes a crash
	Fixed global hotkey doesn't work sometimes
	Fixed channel prefix is not always taken into consideration on some networks
	Fixed /titlebar should only be saved to config file on exit
	Fixed Channel list -> join channel field should validate channel prefix
	Fixed /names output to channels doesn't work
	Fixed double-clicking window icon should close the window
	Fixed translated text doesn't fit in Options dialog
	Fixed tab completion does not work in single line Editbox
	Fixed dock options should only be saved on exit
	Fixed Opening options sometimes causes a crash on Wine
	Fixed Statusbar items should be transparent to the background image
	Fixed typing umlaut characters really fast doesn't always work
	Fixed Treebar background settings should be disabled, not Switchbar
	Fixed temp files are not properly deleted after a failed write
	Fixed Options -> Colors -> Grid should be focused after pasting a color
	Fixed installing a plugin can cause a crash if a plugin failed to install
	Changed default network to Freenode
	Changed the 32 bit versions to run as real 32 bit application on 64 bit windows
	Renamed /anick to /allnick
	Renamed Statusbar sound status -> mute status to avoid confusions
	Backup and write variables/options/server files to a temp file before copying to ensure no file corruption
	Added support for edit/add/view Statusbar items using /statusbar and $statusbar
	Added support for edit/add/view Menubar items using /menubar and $menubar
	Added html encode/decode for &bull;	
	Added missing event on PARSELINE
	Added missing feature user access list
	Added new/missing commands /anick /mnick /fullname /realname /usernick /emailaddr /identd /resetidle /timestamp /dlevel /auser /ruser /rlevel /ulist /iuser /guser /nextunread /ebeeps
	Added new/missing identifiers $ulist $clevel $ulevel $dlevel $level $windowtitle $imagechar $wmiquery $loop $msgstamp $msgtags $parseline $parsetype $parseutf $sysdir $sha256 $sha384 $sha512 $prefixuser $prefixemote $prefixsys $prefixctcp $email $banlist $onlineserver $onlinetotal $regbr $eventid $channel $hotlink $osidle $menubar $statusbar
	Added missing modifier /S for $regex $regsub $regsubex
	Added aleft aright atop abottom anchor properties for all dialog items
	Added new parameter -Z for /window to reset icon to default
	Added new parameter -m for /hload
	Added new parameters -v -u -wN for /echo
	Added new property .joined for $nick()
	Added new property .hex for $rgb
	Added missing parameters @wildcard, N for $window
	Added missing propertoes .name .value for $envvar
	Added new parameters [-adishtio] [N] <N|name> <@popup> [text] for /menubar
	Added new parameters <-adtbpoijshnNzN> [N] <N|name> <tooltip> <@popup> [/alias] [picfile] [text] for /statusbar
	Added missing dialog event "mouse"
	Added new parameter -forcessl N for /server

	Fixed RAW 341 and 345 are not parsed correctly
	Fixed insert/delete a item into a dialog combo can cause a crash
	Fixed $regex with empty text is not matched correctly
	Fixed $bytes(0,b|kb|mb|gb|tb) should return 0
	Fixed $finddir is not working correctly
	Fixed $network returns wrong value in some cases
	Fixed $regsub $regsubex \N is not replaced properly with $+ \N $+
	Fixed $regsub allow escaping backward slashes
	Fixed $submenu should have a maximum of 250 submenu items
	Fixed /toolbar -z is not choosing the right size
	Fixed /query is not validated correctly
	Fixed $window() with wildcard search returns wrong value for status windows
	Fixed $ returns wrong value
	Fixed identifier parameters are sometimes incorrectly passed down
	Fixed //timer set/inc/dec/unset -parameter %var is not evaluated correctly
	Fixed $var() is not evaluating parameter properly and $var($null,0) should return $null
	Fixed allow comments in Nicklist buttons
	Fixed calling custom aliases from the serverlist perform field doesn't always work
	Fixed /timer N M is not always validated correctly
	Fixed /dns -6 prints the ipv4 address instead of ipv6
	Fixed /hsave sometimes saves to the wrong path
	Fixed /toolbar aliases are not always evaluated correctly
	Fixed /toolbar -a is not validated correctly
	Fixed /toolbar -pnN doesn't get the right icon
	Fixed /toolbar -l is not working properly
	Fixed RAW 900 is not parsed correctly
	Fixed $remote add new bitflag 8 whether /scripts is enabled or not
	Fixed /drawsave should show an error when saving fails
	Fixed /clear sometimes causes a crash when clearing picwins in use by Toolbar 
	Fixed /window -ah should not activate the window
	Fixed /diskinfo /sysinfo crashes with a space at the end
	Fixed $hotlinepos returns incorrect value
	Fixed /echo without -m should not trigger a highlight in query windows
	Fixed Dialog "icon" items is not added correctly
	Fixed PONG messages without a leading hostname doesn't work
	Fixed $nick is sometimes $null in raw events where it shouldn't be
	Fixed % should be stripped from $timestampfmt
	Fixed $color(N) returns incorrect decimal value
	Fixed $noqt should only remove the first and last quotes
	Fixed /window +ts should show titlebar
	Fixed /echo -c "color text" doesn't work
	Fixed on PART timers are not associated with the correct server
	Fixed $chantypes default value is not always correct
	Fixed allow $logdir without spaces
	Fixed $timer().cid returns wrong value
	Fixed $1- and $snicks does not work correctly with nicklist buttons
	Fixed /window -o should bring the window to front
	Fixed $read(info.txt, s, text) returns wrong value
	Fixed $bits should return app bits, readd $osbits for operating system bits
	Fixed /echo @window parameter should be ignored when -s or -a is specified
	Fixed /splay -q should play immediately if there is no sounds playing
	Fixed /splay should close the file if it cannot be played
	Fixed incoming /dde requests should be associated with the Status Window
	Fixed when there is multiple aliases with the same name, the first alias found should be used	
	Fixed $com/$comcall double values are not formatted correctly
	Fixed Dde connections are not closed properly
	Fixed allow $nick in perform/autocommands field		
	Fixed WM_MCOMMAND and WM_MEVALUATE should stop reading a first null byte
	Fixed $iptype should only check for dotted ipv4 addresses
	Fixed $longip(N) is not working
	Fixed ":" should be stripped from raw 304 and 219
	Fixed /sysinfo /diskinfo $disk can cause a crash if a network drive is not working
	Fixed $screenshot can cause a crash if no rectangle is selected
	Fixed /window -k is not validated correctly
	Fixed $replacex with pipes causes a crash
	Fixed $nofile returns double back slashes
	Fixed $ceil $floor $round should ignore non number characters
	Fixed $round with commas doesn't work properly
	Fixed /writeini /remini does not work properly with quoted filenames
	Fixed $findfile $finddir does not always work properly
	Fixed /debug -i is not working properly
	Fixed /echo @<N> is not working properly
	Fixed /hsave is not validated properly
	Fixed $nick is not properly passed down from event to alias
	Fixed $window().logfile returns wrong value on server windows
	Fixed $ial() $ialchan() should ignore users without userhost
	Fixed /userhost should update $ial information
	Fixed /ban -r [type] is not working properly
	Fixed $compress $decompress is not working correctly and should write directly to a file instead of memory
	Fixed /echo -e should not trigger buffer beep
	Fixed $regsub $regsubex \N tokens is not returning correct result when using /g modifier
	Fixed $regsub $regsubex \t \0 sometimes returns wrong values
	Fixed $regex $regsub $regsubex \xN still doesn't work properly		
	Fixed $regex $regsub $regsubex /U modifiers is not always working properly
	Fixed $regex $regsub $regsubex should match on ascii text by default
	Fixed /help does not always search keywords correctly
	Fixed /alias is not validated correctly
	Fixed /drawtext background color should be transparent
	Fixed /window -e uses wrong line count
	Fixed $mkfn() sometimes returns wrong value
	Fixed /echo can cause a crash when using -sa parameters
	Fixed $disk(N) should return $false if no disk is found	
	Fixed $hget().item returns wrong value
	Fixed /timerNAME should display information only for this timer
	Fixed /google -n crashes
	Fixed $myhost returns wrong value in some windows
	Fixed $highlight().color should return the message color 16 if no color is set
	Fixed $timer().reps still returns wrong value
	Fixed dialogs should check for duplicate items and halt on errors
	Removed unnecessary identifiers $datediff $datematch $now $floop $frand

AdiIRC 1.9.6 - 28-03-2015

	Added support for numeric rbg color value and html color value in the config file
	Added right click channel menuitem Nicklist -> Reset Default
	Added allow alt + mouse click/move to move the main window when there is no Titlebar
	Added option to override windows theme and set Menubar/Toolbar/Switchbar/Statusbar/MonitorPanels colors
	Added Lock Bars menu item in panel tabs menu
	Added ctrl + numpad0 keybind to reset font size in channel windows
	Added ctrl + i keybind for Script Editor to invert the script list selection
	Added ctrl + space keybind for opening contextmenu in Editbox/Topicbox/Script editor
	Added realtime spellcheck support using Nhunspell
	Added option to enable/disable Nicklist prefix color
	Added owner/protected font and colors for Nicklist/Treebar
	Added draw focus rectangle on selected color in Options -> Color
	Added separate font settings for Editbox/Inputbox/Messages
	Added unlimited border size/line marker size
	Added color and font settings for tray tips
	Added right click menu "Save As" in Viewlog
	Added right align nicks/resizeable nick colum with options in message area	
	Added right click menu in Options -> Colors to allow copy/paste/reset colors Support formats: rrr,ggg,bbb #rrggbb $rgb(rrrr,ggg,bbb)
	Added option to show network name and/or nick name on Switchbar status windows
	Added option to show server info/ssl info in Statusbar
	Added new MTS event ClientText
	Added option to show/hide icon in Menubar
	Added option Enable Menubar in Options -> Windows
	Added option tab for Switchbar in Options
	Added option to set single or multiline Switchbar If Lock Bars is enabled, Switchbar will split into multiple lines, else a overflow button is shown. In single line, there is no multiline or overflow.
	Added option and right click menu to set Switchbar/Treebar/Menubar/Statusbar font
	Added right click menu to set background image/layout for Menubar/Toolbar/Switchbar/Statusbar
	Added right click menu to set dock position for Menubar/Toolbar/Switchbar	
	Added Nicklist buttons editor
	Added new event Server Notices in Options -> Events
	Added new sound event Buffer
	Added new keybind shift + f5 to reload a script and send on LOAD event in Script Editor
	Added option to disable the sound when the window is focused
	Added DPI support to most items
	Added option to show Nicklist Tooltips with text parsed as scripts
	Added option to show fake transparency to windows desktop
	Added option to show fake transparency to the mdi window in Nicklist
	Added triple click support for textboxes
	Added right click menu Open Folder in plugin manager
	Added ssl support for all internal links, update checks, search engines etc
	Added separate font and join/hide/quit etc events per channel
	Added f5 keybind in Plugins Manager to reload plugins list
	Added new API calls server.FindUser, server.FindChannel, OnRawData, SendRawData
	Added option to show/hide top panel in script editor
	Added option to set pixel spacing between messages
	Added option to set left message border
	Added ctrl + i, ctrl + c keybinds in channel list
	Added support for bold/italic/underline in all fonts
	Added new keybinds ctrl + alt + left/right to cycle tabs including minimized windows
	Added option to set more lines in Editbox
	Fixed removed shift + select keybind for selecting text + colors, use ctrl + select instead
	Fixed delay track away status on connect to avoid connection lag
	Fixed show a confirmation dialog when trying to paste more than five lines into a single line Editbox
	Fixed allow pasting multiple lines into single line Editbox
	Fixed channel topic is not properly reset when rejoining a channel
	Fixed Scrollbar settings should apply to Server/Channel monitor as well
	Fixed sometimes a nick appears twice in the nicklist with different nick casing
	Fixed allow using exe file icon as custom icons
	Fixed pageup/pagedown in a custom window without a textarea causes a crash
	Fixed [] brackets is not always parsed correctly in MTS themes
	Fixed MTS Themes should not show empty part/quit messages etc
	Fixed dcc transfers/chat request window should not block incoming messages
	Fixed custom font size is not restored in font dialog
	Fixed allow selecting links when pressing shift without opening it when single click links is enabled
	Fixed changing window from the tray icon menu doesn't work sometimes
	Fixed Searching text in Searchbox can in some cases cause a crash
	Fixed Rawlog should use the toolicon
	Fixed text selection selects the wrong text when the buffer is full and a new line is added
	Fixed unescaped timestamps interferes with message linecolors
	Fixed channel editor escape should close the color dialog
	Fixed channel editor topic keybinds should be disabled in read only mode
	Fixed looking up hostname should change the Toolbar icon and Titlebar text to connecting
	Fixed with treebar "show left-to-right scrollbar" option enabled, the name of the 1st network in the treebar will disappear when you scroll too far
	Fixed window location/size should be validated when docking/undocking
	Fixed re-docking a window to a minimized mainwindow, should restore windowstate as the current windows
	Fixed Trayicon tooltip text should use the /titlebar text and should show connected servers and channels
	Fixed /list modes are not parsed correctly on all networks
	Fixed restore previous query/channel logs crashes on certain nicks and channels
	Fixed restore previous query/channel logs sometimes returns wrong log files
	Fixed NotifyUser(IUser,) api does not work properly
	Fixed a fake channeluser should be created when none is found using the api
	Fixed OnUserMessage api target is null in query windows
	Fixed Switchbar/Treebar colors and window blinking is sometimes not reset when AdiIRC is focused
	Fixed Menubar should re-hide when focus is lost, if Menubar is set to hidden
	Fixed escape should close search box in log viewer
	Fixed plugins should be listed in the plugin manager even if it throws an error on install
	Fixed escape should close the search box if visible in custom windows
	Fixed Searchbox should be disabled in picture windows
	Fixed highlight tips shows the wrong title
	Fixed disabled keybinds for font/colors tags in readonly Topicbox
	Fixed disabled drag/drop support on read only Topicbox
	Fixed reduce amount of GDI objects to not crash when joining many channels
	Fixed scrolling is slow when using big background images
	Fixed re-add image transparency to mdi image
	Fixed font dialog dropdown should only trigger on typed characters
	Fixed new script is not focused when script sidebar is hidden
	Fixed Ctrl+Tab/Ctrl+Shift+Tab/Alt+left/right should ignore minimized windows
	Fixed clicking the Editbox/Topicbox border should give the window focus
	Fixed right clicking on a color in Options -> Color should focus the color grid
	Fixed scripts in Script Editor should only be saved when there is a change
	Fixed Tool popup window should adjust size automatically based on content and screen size
	Fixed Toolbar button background should apply to custom buttons and Edit Toolbar buttons as well
	Fixed serverlist should have scrollbars when needed
	Fixed /logs should not show "Searching.." when there is no logs
	Fixed Options split width is not restored properly
	Fixed Editbox size should adjust automatically when changing number of lines options
	Fixed channel prefix should not be added if there is already a prefix in irc:// links
	Fixed Regain nick should not try to regain empty pref nicks
	Fixed $channel doesn't work in Titlebar. Also, can't set caption on query windows when undocked
	Fixed highlights regex doesn't work
	Fixed pressing escape on a desktop custom window should close it
	Fixed changing background color in Editbox/Topicbox sometimes leaves a unpainted border
	Fixed event options for /names doesn't work
	Fixed some variables are not unset on server disconnect
	Fixed reopening a closed mdi docked panel causes a crash
	Fixed ctrl + r in script editor should not toggle mute sounds
	Fixed Mark As Read/Mark Server As Read menus should be disabled if all windows are read
	Fixed consolidate font chooser into one dialog, allow resetting fonts to default value
	Fixed delete file in Edit Aliases/Nicklist buttons should restore defaults
	Fixed default background Image layout of Menubar/Toolbar/Switchbar/Statusbar should be tiled
	Fixed Channel modes incorrectly include channel prefix modes
	Fixed Options -> Events -> Notice should be "In Active" by default
	Fixed changing font in Treebar sometimes causes a graphic glitch
	Fixed new version text in Update Form should automatically adjust to fit
	Fixed if marker line is visible when pressing ctrl + l, scrollbar should scroll to bottom
	Fixed global hotkey is not working properly
	Fixed show usermodes on Statusbar nick label
	Fixed Highlight flash message and tip message times are not restored properly in edit highlights dialog
	Fixed Nick tips are showing the wrong nick name
	Fixed mdi border is wrong when Showing/Removing Titlebar
	Fixed server Notices should be shown in notice panel as well
	Fixed MTS themes channel topics is displayed in the status window
	Fixed windows settings is not saved properly when using /part
	Fixed show a warning the first time sound mute is enabled/disabled through ctrl + r
	Fixed single click links doesn't work in Topicbox
	Fixed whitespace before a link should not be clickable
	Fixed connect button should open a empty server window if no there is no open servers windows
	Fixed server Disconnect/Connect menus should be enabled/disabled depending on current server connected status
	Fixed whois "has been idle" displays incorrect idletime if idletime is less than 1 second
	Fixed Topicbox colors should invert the same way messages does
	Fixed pressing enter on a selected item in Options -> Colors should open the choose color dialog
	Fixed Day changed message can cause a crash with certain windows open
	Fixed Nicklist voice color doesn't work
	Fixed Nicklist prefix colors/fonts should be visible on custom/random nick colors as well
	Fixed underline doesn't work properly with links in Topicbox
	Fixed changing Nicklist size in options should override all manually resized Nicklist's
	Fixed italic fixedsys font is displayed incorrectly
	Fixed hide now playing menu's unless a song is playing
	Fixed default Treebar font is not applied on startup
	Fixed clicking links doesn't work if Nicklist is hidden
	Fixed toggling Nicklist autohide, should hide the Nicklist at once
	Fixed hidden Nicklist can sometimes cause a crash
	Fixed alt + f4 should close current active form, not mainform
	Fixed Statusbar items are not restored correctly if options is saved with Statusbar off
	Fixed scrolling position is reset in Colors option window when clicking, if scrolled down (on first click and when leaving color pick dialog)
	Fixed panel form windows should save/restore docked status/size/position
	Fixed message colors are not updated immediately
	Fixed /names target window and color is wrong
	Fixed typing text in multiple languages in Editbox doesn't work properly
	Fixed quick connect servers are filled incorrectly from the serverlist
	Fixed background images -> Stretch should keep aspect ratio
	Fixed time variables %ff, %T, %TT is displayed incorrectly
	Fixed typing nick search in Nicklist with no scrollbar causes some nicks to be hidden
	Fixed toggle Treebar folders on/off removes custom/fav icons
	Fixed [] brackets from whois and channel info messages should be removed
	Fixed toggle nicklist in Treebar can sometimes cause a crash
	Fixed "Allow only one copy" option can cause a ghost window to appear
	Fixed replacing text in Script Editor selects the wrong text
	Fixed color popup dialog should be disabled in read only textboxes
	Fixed channel background image should be updated immediately
	Fixed docking of undocked monitor panel should be disabled if "Lock Bars" is enabled
	Fixed toolbar cpu/mem monitor should be transparent to the background image
	Fixed previous Treebar Folders expands when changing folder
	Fixed numpad numbers should not close color form in Channel Editor
	Fixed toggling Treebar folders on/off resets the new message color
	Fixed undocked windows are not restoring window state correctly
	Fixed right click channel -> Background -> Select uses wrong image layout
	Fixed right click channel -> Background -> Set as Default causes a crash
	Fixed channel password is not restored properly when using bnc's
	Fixed default query invite to channel menu doesn't work
	Fixed installing a update on startup sometimes causes a crash
	Fixed overflowing buttons when moving/resizing Switchbar doesn't always work correctly
	Fixed always on top status should be saved across sessions
	Fixed color dialog is not returning focus to Editbox when mainform is "on top"
	Removed boldify from topic to avoid font glitches
	Removed /kill from default nicklist menu
	Rename Inputbox to Editbox everywhere
	Added ONKEYDOWN and ONKEYUP event for channels and queries and allow using halt to override built in keybinds, use with caution
	Added new identifiers $keylocked, $font, $screenshot, $muted, $lineheight, $starting, $exiting, $envvar, $tips
	Added new commands /nickcolumn, /mute
	Added new parameter -a for closing windows on all connections on /close
	Added new parameter -f -b for /nicklist
	Added new parameter -i for /paths
	Added new parameter -u for /echo /echox
	Added new parameter -t for /options
	Added new parameter -r for /lock
	Added new parameter -i for /edit
	Added new parameter -qN for /window
	Added new parameter -p for /close 
	Added new parameter -p for /clearall 
	Added new parameter -o for /clear
	Added new parameter %var for /fakeraw		
	Added new operators isurl !isurl
	Added new property .realname for $ial()	
	Added new property .wid for $dockpanels
	Added new property .fontunderline for $window 
	Added missing parameters @menu -o for /toolbar 
	Added missing commands /copy, /flushini, /mdi
	Added missing properties .bw .bh .idle for $window()
	Added missing properties .selstart .selend .visible .enabled .isid .next .prev for $did 
	Added missing properties .sq .rq for $sock 
	Added missing properties .wid .cid .hwnd .idle for $chan
	Added missing identifier $keychar, $bname, $debug, $comchar
	Added missing parameter -1 -2 -3 for $window
	Added missing parameter -z for /server
	Added missing parameters -n -p for $readini
	Added missing parameter -e for /background
	Added missing parameters M &binvar for $fread
	Adde dmissing parameters -f -v for /editbox 
	Added all missing parameters for /debug	
	Added missing dialog event "active"	
	Added missing event on MP3END
	Fixed /echo N+ should be ignored
	Fixed $var(*) does not work, $var().local/$var().secs returns wrong value 
	Fixed don't allow //<space> //$ //% evaluations in Editbox	
	Fixed /server -j #channel password does not wor
	Fixed $regex $regsub $regsubex \xN doesn't work
	Fixed $rgb with negative decimals returns wrong values
	Fixed $uptime should return uptime in seconds since server was connected
	Fixed /alias should use default aliases when alias file is missing
	Fixed $style doesn't work in $submenu
	Fixed /did -g N does not work
	Fixed allow multiline comments in menus
	Fixed /drawpic filename is not validated correctly
	Fixed /clearall should clear dock panels as well
	Fixed /drawtext with negative x y values doesn't work
	Fixed Uclick event should only trigger on left mouse button
	Fixed /echo -l should use the first word as highlight nic
	Fixed $com().result $comcall().result sometimes returns wrong value
	Fixed $com $comcall method DISPATCH_PROPERTYPUT does not work
	Fixed /alias deleting alias doesn't work
	Fixed /encoding is not validated properly
	Fixed MTS theme cache should use spaces for indentation
	Fixed /window should focus editbox on desktop windows
	Fixed /did -o replacing the first line does not work
	Fixed halting some identifiers using $$ doesn't work
	Fixed /dialog dclick event is not working for links
	Fixed $hget() items can be a number
	Fixed $bvar should not trim newlines
	Fixed empty $exist() should return $false
	Fixed $rgb(name) returns wrong value
	Fixed /filter with only one target switch is not working correctly
	Fixed $dde(,channels) should return channels from all networks, active channel should be marked with a *
	Fixed $regex/$regsub/$regsubex is sometimes slow
	Fixed $calc add floor divide operator //
	Fixed when restoring from minimzed state, windows are sometimes moved down and/or resized. Happens mostly whith Aero Shake.
	Fixed /sline should scroll the selected item into view
	Fixed dclick $1- in listbox should return the line number
	Fixed allow wildcards in @mouse events
	Fixed WM_MCOMMAND and WM_MEVALUATE is not working properly
	Fixed $disk(unknown drive) should return $false
	Fixed /dline allow N- lines
	Fixed /savebuf is not saving the correct items	
	Fixed /splay add missing queue system
	Fixed /splay play pos doesn't work
	Fixed /say should be validated
	Fixed /window -c should not show a warning if window doesn't exist
	Fixed $chan(invalidchannel) should return same value as $chan(0)
	Fixed /server port should be validated for valid range
	Fixed $mp3() sometimes returns wrong values
	Fixed $chr(160) should not be trimmed from scripts
	Fixed on CLOSE event should trigger when channel windows are closed as well
	Fixed $mouse.key sometimes returns wrong value
	Fixed /echo -l can cause a crash on custom windows
	Fixed some identifiers querying Nicklist can cause a crash if Nicklist is modified while querying
	Fixed /echo -n should not flash the Switchbar/Treebar icon
	Fixed $regex $regsub $regsubex \cc \cb \co custom markers
	Fixed /close -@ wildcard is not working
	Fixed $window() add @wildcard support
	Fixed $highlight().color $highlight().sound returns wrong value
	Fixed $highlight() should strip colors/font tags before comparing
	Fixed $cid and $wid and related identifiers/properties should be a incremental number
	Fixed /viewlog scroll position are sometimes reset when minimizing the log window
	Fixed $highlight(N) should ignore decimal numbers
	Fixed allow @<$wid> in window related commands/identifiers
	Fixed $window().dx $window().dy sometimes returns wrong values
	Fixed /sockwrite should be executed after the script ends, and only one on SOCKWRITE event should be triggered
	Fixed $newnick returns wrong value
	Fixed /showmirc /showadiirc -s should restore window from tray
	Fixed /tip -c 0 does not work
	Fixed $tip(0) returns wrong value
	Fixed $fopen $fread $fgetc if name is a number, index in name list should be used
	Fixed dialog text items are sometimes created as multiline when they shouldn't
	Fixed alias keybindings is not working in undocked channel windows
	Fixed on APPACTIVE is not always triggered correctly
	Fixed $submenu items are not always validated correctly
	Fixed /window -a should show the window if it's hidden and focus the main window
	Fixed menus are not working in picture windows
	Fixed $feof returns wrong value
	Fixed /notify -r should remove the nick from the Notify monitor panel
	Fixed /dde $dde should be unicode
	Fixed /window -h /window -w should not hide a Status Window from Treebar
	Fixed $findfile $finddir " should be removed from path
	Fixed /lock doesn't work when restored from tray icon
	Fixed cancel /lock dialog, should not minimize main window
	Fixed allow identifiers in default part message to be evaluated
	Fixed /window +borders should prioritize the first chosen border
	Fixed disabled dialog text items are painted with wrong color	
	Fixed $timer().reps returns wrong value
	Fixed on OPTIONS event should be called every time the config file is changed
	Fixed $nick is $null on ACTIVE and on CLOSE event
	Fixed $bindip().ip returns wrong value
	Fixed $replace/$replacex should show a error when using uneven amount of parameters
	Fixed /nick on disconnected servers does not update the nick in the statusbar
	Fixed preload $cpuload to avoid it hanging on first run
	Fixed /background should save background images for Menubar/Statusbar etc
	Fixed on TEXT identifiers using $1- in the message parameter doesn't work
	Fixed on ACTIVE should trigger when main window gets focus as well
	Fixed /timer is not always associated with the correct server
	Fixed $servertarget $lactivecid $status returns wrong value in some cases
	Fixed $strip is not stripping reverse character
	Fixed $server and $nick is empty in on DISCONNECT event
	Fixed /titlebar @window should include the window name
	Fixed /titlebar shouldn't allow empty titles
	Fixed identifier warning is sometimes shown incorrectly
	Fixed invalid spaced brackets sometimes evaluates regardless
	Fixed dialog id range does not work with dialog events
	Fixed /did -o does not work for text labels
	Fixed $replacex returns wrong value with multiple inputs
	Fixed $color $colour /color /echo -c does not always find the correct color
	Fixed $snick sometimes returns wrong value if no nicks is selected in the Nicklist
	Fixed $myident/$myhost doesn't work in window titles
	Fixed /titlebar should save/restore the title to the config file
	Fixed /editbox [window] is not working properly
	Fixed $ial().user should return ident
	Fixed /background does not update custom background image menus
	Fixed /.setconfig /.setoption should quiet the output
	Fixed /query should not open a new window when multiple nicks is defined
	Fixed /close should only close windows on current connection
	Fixed /slap allow multiple nicks
	Fixed $read(,n) should return a random line
	Fixed /window -o -u is not working properly
	Fixed /window -k0 does not remove the @ from the titlebar on new windows
	Fixed /window -kXX is not validated correctly
	Fixed $keyval returns wrong value
	Fixed allow merging menu item if previous and current menu name is the same	
	Fixed sub menu items in empty menu items are displayed incorrectly
	Fixed $submenu sometimes causes a endless loop
	Fixed some identifiers returns incorrect values in menus
	Fixed menu's does not work when /remote is off
	Fixed clearing a picture window linked to a toolbar button causes a crash
AdiIRC 1.9.5 - 05-09-2014

	Fixed remove /kill from default nicklist menu
	Fixed installing a update on startup sometimes causes a crash
	Fixed version is incorrectly labelled as 1.9.5 beta
	Fixed 64 bit stable version is checking for 32 bit update	
	Fixed /list does not work on some networks
	Fixed /window -o -u is not working properly
	Fixed /.remove should not print errors
	Fixed $color(N) $colour(N) returns wrong value 
	Fixed /dialog allow - in front of options
	Fixed /search /findtext should search in active window
	Fixed picture window mouse events doesn't work
	Fixed /drawtext is not always validated correctly
	Fixed Treebar should be visible by default

AdiIRC 1.9.4 - 01-09-2014

	Added set background menu item for custom windows, if picture window, allow saving the background as a file
	Added option to autohide nicklist
	Added option to set window order
	Added option to show folders and folder count in Treebar
	Added option to set inputbox/editbox single/double or automatic lines
	Added menuitems to connect and connect in a new window in Serverlist
	Added extended menu for rightclick Titlebar menu on undocked windows
	Added option to keep channels open when parting
	Added filtering of html files in Help menu
	Added theme manager right click menu Reload
	Added md5/sha1 and pgp hashes for all exe files	
	Added f3 keybind for searchbox
	Added open folder menu item in /logs
	Added option in Script Editor to hide the script list and add keybind ctrl + r to toggle on/off
	Added External Editor option in Script Editor and rightclick menu for opening scripts/logs
	Added regex support for filenames in /logs
	Added searchbox and Ctrl + F keybind and rightclick menu for channel/server monitor
	Added shift + pagedown/pageup/home/end keybind in Nicklist
	Added a minimum size for Switchbar and enabled overflow for Menubar/Toolbar/Switchbar
	Added ctrl + i keybind in Logs manager and nicklist to invert selection
	Added support for channel nick mode 'y'
	Added DDE server support and options
	Added shift + tab hotkey in Treebar to give focus to inputbox
	Added option to animate trayicon on private messages
	Added color names to numbered colors in Options -> Colors
	Added $me variable for Options -> Nick Colors
	Added right click Switchbar/Treebar menu to enable/disable monitoring of a window
	Added 1 pixel left border if Menubar/Toolbar/Switchbar is docked vertically or Lock Bars is enabled
	Added option to use small line marker
	Added option to show/hide messages and Nicklist scrollbar
	Added option to show/hide Titlebar
	Added separate default icon for custom windows

	Fixed MDI windows are some times "stuck"
	Fixed default highlight options is missing if no config file is present
	Fixed windows menu is slow with 80+ windows
	Fixed context menus crashes with windows blinds
	Fixed clicking menu separators should not close the menu
	Fixed brackets is not parsed correctly in mts themes
	Fixed tab character is not visible in menues
	Fixed links are sometimes not clickable
	Fixed ChannelMonitor/ServerMonitor colors is not updated immediately when changing colors
	Fixed double clicking on channel names in dockpanels doesn't work
	Fixed Reset button in Edit Menus/Aliases should be before Close button
	Fixed connecting to a new server in a current server window, should close all query and channels windows
	Fixed Switchbar button tooltip text should be the associated window text
	Fixed Edit Aliases line numbers are 1 line off
	Fixed alt tabbing to AdiIRC, focus should restore to script editor if it previously had focus
	Fixed custom nickcolor should work for your nick as well
	Fixed allow drag/drop multiple scripts in Script Editor
	Fixed allow duplicate menu items
	Fixed menus with no sub menus and no script should be disabled
	Fixed show fullscreen warning only once per session
	Fixed there should be a menu separator between script menus and remote menus	
	Fixed Theme manager -> open theme should filter by mts not mrc
	Fixed last line of Rawlog -> Save/Buffer -> Save is missing
	Fixed last character cannot be searched in Script Editor
	Fixed disabled menu items should have an arrow
	Fixed menu check arrow is not centered correctly
	Fixed Statusbar nick is missing prefix when joining a empty channel
	Fixed default main window size should be a percentage of the screen and centered
	Fixed Treebar should be visible by default
	Fixed Theme manager should open in the center of the mainform by default
	Fixed confirm closing server and channel windows should not ask on other window types
	Fixed timestamp in logs should be enabled by default
	Fixed options -> Treebar, nicklist options should always be available
	Fixed recent Files menu in Script Editor should be disabled if there is no history
	Fixed strip colors should not be enabled by default in Options -> Logging
	Fixed Korean characters are not displayed correctly/Possibly other Asian characters as well
	Fixed Theme manager should check if new theme is valid before deleting any old theme
	Fixed channels excluded from logging is not saved correctly in Options
	Fixed reset ignore options doesn't work
	Fixed Nicklist prefix is wrong on some networks
	Fixed left click and moving the mouse in nicklist, should select nicks
	Fixed sift + click in Nicklist doesn't work
	Fixed ctrl + a doesn't work in all textboxes
	Fixed closing a undocked window should close it instead of redocking it
	Fixed undocking a panel should give it focus
	Fixed allow resizing Logs, save and restore size/location and allow it to be docked/undocked
	Fixed ctrl + k color dialog should be closed when changing window
	Fixed clicking populate, then closing Channel List can cause the list to be outputted to the status window
	Fixed clicking Save All in Script Editor should ask for filename for new scripts
	Fixed if inputbox is multiline, ctrl + home/end should go to the start/end of inputbox
	Fixed allow moving text by drag drop in Script Editor, Inputbox and Topicbox
	Fixed tabbing between controls in Script Editor is not working properly
	Fixed don't allow filename with only whitespaces in Script Editor
	Fixed enter key in /logs should open viewlog
	Fixed saving large scripts in Script Editor is slow
	Fixed /logs -> Viewlog search match should be selected
	Fixed double clicking channel name in a inactive channel window doesn't rejoin the channel
	Fixed ctrl + L is not always scrolling unread line marker into view correctly
	Fixed main window windowstate is not always restored correctly
	Fixed inputbox and topicbox should have a maxheight
	Fixed list channels dialog menu uses the wrong style
	Fixed spamming escape key in topicbox causes a crash
	Fixed search should be reset in highlight panel before doing a new search
	Fixed when resuming after hibernate, only previously connected servers should be reconnected
	Fixed a potential crash on exit
	Fixed tray icon is not always disposed correctly on exit
	Fixed tray icon flash and tips don`t work with send to tray on minimize
	Fixed inputbox text is not selectable unless the window has focus
	Fixed cycling between inputbox/nicklist/topicbox with shift + tab is not working correctly
	Fixed border size changes is not updated immediately
	Fixed page up/down in textview is one line off
	Fixed treebar server font weight should not be bold by default	
	Fixed remove bold from switchbar items
	Fixed reset Treebar options is resetting to the wrong font
	Fixed line marker size changes is not updated immediately
	Fixed flash option in highlight items is ignored
	Moved Identd options into Server tab
	Removed Options -> Window default sizes and use a percentage of the mdi clientarea instead
	Added missing parameters -gN -jN -kN -r -u -zN -v -r -i -l -S -s -H -x for /window
	Added missing parameters -a -h -l -n -s for	/aline
	Added missing parameters -h -l for /dline
	Added missing parameters -a -h -s -l for /rline
	Added missing parameters -a -s -r -l -e -c -m -n -t<topic> for /loadbuff
	Added missing parameter -l -c for /clear
	Added missing parameter -b for /drawtext
	Added missing parameter 1 for $crc
	Add missing commands /filter,/savebuf,/autojoin,/color,/colour,/comclose,/comlist,/comopen,/comreg,/showmirc,/showadiirc,/rline,/ddeserver,/dde
	Add missing identifier $filtered,$ebeeps,$alias,$bnick,$click,$cnick,$ctimer,$compact,$dbuw,$dbuh,$leftwin,$leftwinwid,$leftwincid,$compress,$decompress,$emailaddr,$findfilen,$finddirn,$fullname,$hash,$inroundrect,$lactivecid,$modefirst,$modelast,$onpoly,$stripped,$com,$comcall,$comval,$comerr,$dde,$isdde,$ddename
	Added new command /highlight [on|off] and rightclick switchbar/treebar menu -> Highlight to enable/disable highlights for that window
	Added new command /fullscreen [on | off}
	Added new command /lock <password> and ctrl + minimize keybind for locking down the mainwindow
	Added new command /quickconnect toopen quick connect dialog
	Added new identifiers $dockpanels,$sha2
	Fixed /run is not always validated correctly
	Fixed $gfx should be trimmed
	Fixed on events matchtext/target is not always evaluated correctly
	Fixed /run incorrectly reports an error on success
	Fixed /gcmem should output to current window
	Fixed $1 returns wrong value in some menus
	Fixed /sysinfo default syntax $screen, should be $screen $+ ,
	Fixed /google /pgoogle $decode(,h) decoding sometimes returns wrong value
	Fixed /query /queryfn <nick> should not send a query message
	Fixed /window -wN is not hiding/showing window in Treebar/Switchbar properly
	Fixed $submenu punctuation marks should be ignored
	Fixed /dialog -md with no location set, should open center screen
	Fixed $encode $decode should use utf8 instead of ascii
	Fixed /options /config [search] should select first matched node
	Fixed /window default location should be center parent and size should be a percentage of the parent client area
	Fixed /dialog multiline text is not drawn and aligned correctly
	Fixed /dock changing from one side to another doesn't work
	Fixed /dock is not properly unregistered on exit
	Fixed /dialog icon causes a crash if icon file is not found
	Fixed single line /* comment */ is not parsed correctly in scripts
	Fixed $lactive $lactivecid $lactivewid sometimes report wrong value
	Fixed /dialog tables with invalid characters in numeric values is not parsed correctly
	Fixed using /.command recursively can sometimes cause a crash inside scripts
	Fixed /background is not always validated correctly
	Fixed /if /while < > <= >= operators are returning wrong value when comparing strings to numbers	
	Fixed /if /while > < >= <= !> !< !>= !<= operators returns wrong value if one parameter is $null
	Fixed $addtok is not always adding the token correctly
	Fixed $qt should not add double quotes
	Fixed on OP on DEOP on HOP on DEHOP on VOICE on DEVOICE on BAN on UNBAN is missing $1-
	Fixed /window -e should not add the first separator, if previous line is a separator
	Fixed wildcards in on event targets doesn't work
	Fixed allow isignore/!isignore to be matched against switches
	Fixed menuitems with brackets and no semicolon separator are not parsed correctly
	Fixed /loadbuf is not working correctly with some invalid parameters
	Fixed $sline doesn't work with listbox in custom windows
	Fixed menu event dclick and lbclick doesn't work with listbox in custom windows
	Fixed $finddir and $findfile is not working correctly with some parameters
	Fixed /dialog -c before dialog is shown, causes a crash
	Fixed /drawtext is not validated correctly
	Fixed Empty menuitems should be removed instead of being invisible in custom menus
	Fixed $chan(#).mode is not sorted
	Fixed /write should show an error if write failed
	Fixed up/Down history is not working correctly in inputbox on custom windows
	Fixed key events from inputbox in custom windows are executed twice
	Fixed $window().tbtext $window().tbstate returns wrong values
	Fixed /window +l/+L is missing close button
	Fixed /window -e0/-e1 is not working properly
	Fixed /window -e should be allowed with any combination of -p -l
	Fixed $submenu is not evaluating identifiers correctly
	Renamed $docked to $dock and return Left/Right/Top/Bottom/None

AdiIRC 1.9.3 - 13-07-2014

	Added "Close" menu item in log viewer
	Added ability to drag text into script editor/inputbox/topicbox
	Added ability to filter by topic and min/max users in channel list
	Added ability to filter/search options
	Added background image options for statusbar
	Added button to save channel list in Channel List dialog
	Added channel list menu item in Tools menu
	Added ctrl + tab nick completion in Options -> Nick colors and dialog "edit"
	Added Delete keybind in Logs manager
	Added Events -> Motd to show/hide server motd on connect
	Added keybinds for inserting color/font tags into tabcomplete options
	Added keybind ctrl + a for Ignore List/Nick Colors
	Added MusicBee now playing support
	Added new highlight system with more options
	Added new stacking balloon/tips system
	Added option to enable/disable ctcp/event/raw in script editor	
	Added option to enable/disable flash icon in treebar/swittchbar
	Added option to set/hide borderstyle on main window
	Added option to show left to right scrollbar in treebar
	Added option to show/hide day changed message
	Added recent files menu in Script Editor
	Added right click menus in channel list
	Added save channel list windows size/position
	Added save cursor position in script editor
	Added SMPlayer now playing support
	Added sort button in ignorelist
	Added support for %<tab> in input box
	Added View -> Dock left/right/bottom/top menus
	Added network/nick/channel information to Window -> Windows
	Fixed #<tab> is not working properly
	Fixed /betaup should enable check for new beta option		
	Fixed /google sometimes returns the wrong link	
	Fixed /list dialog should be cleared before a new list is retrieved
	Fixed <colorchar><color><comma> is not parsed correctly	
	Fixed All windows should follow "Always on Top" from parent form
	Fixed Allow column resize in /list		
	Fixed Allow smaller fonts than 8 in textview	
	Fixed Alt + left/right/up/down sometimes triggers a unicode character in inputbox	
	Fixed Alt + Tab to AdiIRC causes main window to be moved last of the tab order	
	Fixed Alt+Enter is moving one character off in input box
	Fixed Alt+F4 does not exit
	Fixed Away color is not updated in statusbar on /away /back
	Fixed Changing channel password after making one in channel editor doesn't work	
	Fixed Changing switchbar from horizontal to vertical makes the text align wrong	
	Fixed Channel created/Topic set at should display as local time
	Fixed Channel list should separate modes from topic and allow sorting by modes
	Fixed Channel list sort order saved in translated format causes a crash	
	Fixed Channel names can have : in them
	Fixed Channel password/limit should be read only in channel editor for normal users
	Fixed Check for update doesn't work on mono if libgluezilla is not installed
	Fixed Clicking a icon in toolbar should revert focus to inputbox		
	Fixed Clicking Join in channel list shouldn't close it
	Fixed Closing channel list search, should mute the output until finished
	Fixed Color selector should close when pressing escape in script editor, even if searchform is visible
	Fixed Color should not flash in treebar/switchbar
	Fixed Commands menu should give focus to inputbox after click	
	Fixed Copy text from inputbox should be in plain text	
	Fixed Copy text in topic box should give focus to input box if "focus input box" option is enabled		
	Fixed Corrupt positions.ini can silently close adiirc on startup
	Fixed Ctrl + g doesn't work properly on undocked scripts editor
	Fixed Ctrl + k in channel editor topic should show color dialog
	Fixed Date/Time variable %fff sometimes is missing trailing zero
	Fixed Dcc Get filestream is not always closed correctly	
	Fixed DCC Send/Recive/Resume/Accept file names can be quoted and include spaces		
	Fixed Default slaps.txt should have \r\n newlines not \r		
	Fixed Double clicking channel names with special characters doesn't work
	Fixed Double clicking columns shouldn't join channels in Channel List
	Fixed Double rightclick in nicklist should not open a query
	Fixed Edit Menus should show a star when edited
	Fixed Empty buffers should be ignored when trying to save a buffer to file	
	Fixed Entering up or down key in theme manager with no selected theme causes a crash
	Fixed File paths is not working properly on mono
	Fixed Flashing Treebar icons is not displayed correctly with large fonts
	Fixed Focus should be restored to inputbox when clicking statusbar items
	Fixed Force logging option doesn't work and may cause a crash in Options Dialog
	Fixed Help files should open on desktop	
	Fixed Home/End in nicklist should select first and last nick
	Fixed Home/End/PageUp/PageDown not working correctly in Treebar
	Fixed If a treebar network was saved collapsed, channels should be rejoined minimized	
	Fixed Images on Switchbar/Treebar should fade in/out when highlighting		
	Fixed Incoming DCC should show full hostmask of the user in dcc dialog
	Fixed Initial dcc host is missing in Transfer monitor
	Fixed Lag count should be reset on server disconnect
	Fixed Line number height is wrong when using font size 10 in script editor/textview
	Fixed Log manager should not do a new search after deleting files	
	Fixed Logform should trigger a new search log folder or log file pattern is changed
	Fixed Maximizing main window with multi line topicbox causes a graphic glitch
	Fixed Menubar/Switchbar/Toolbar/Statusbar clicks are not received if main window is not focused		
	Fixed Modes should be combined when mass removing bans/invites/excepts in channel editor
	Fixed Mouse cursor is flickering when hovering topic box
	Fixed Mouseover top of the screen should show menu bar in full screen
	Fixed Nick casing should be updated whenever changed
	Fixed Nick in Statusbar is empty when opening a new server window
	Fixed Nick's,channels,links should be double clickable in topicbox, but not in edit mode
	Fixed Notices from users should be shown in active or status window	
	Fixed Now playing only retrives 100 characters from some media players
	Fixed Only rejoin one channel upon reconnect
	Fixed Open Folder in file transfer window should open the default folder if there is no transfers
	Fixed Opening options sometimes causes a crash
	Fixed Painting input box/topic box border sometimes flickers
	Fixed Prefix and messages should be separated by newline if mainform is docked left or right
	Fixed Pressing Alt in full screen should toggle menubar	
	Fixed Pressing Enter to make a new line in bug report textbox doesn't work
	Fixed Pressing escape asks to save in script editor even if color popup is visible
	Fixed Pressing Win+D minimizes AdiIRC if it's docked
	Fixed Previous saved windows should not load broken nicklist visibility	
	Fixed Quit program warning should show connected server count
	Fixed Random user list color is using the wrong color
	Fixed Rawlog should load some lines from debug.txt when shown
	Fixed RealName should not be saved if empty in quick connect
	Fixed Remove CONF_ prefix from all items in config.ini	
	Fixed Removed toolbar items are sometimes restored
	Fixed Rename casing in script manager should be allowed
	Fixed Replace button "Connect All" with "Connect in new window" in serverlist
	Fixed Reset all window sizes menu should reset open windows as well
	Fixed Resize while docked doesn't work properly
	Fixed Restart AdiIRC doesn't work on mono
	Fixed Restore logs can cause a crash if log folders have invalid permissions
	Fixed Restore logs options should always be available
	Fixed Right click crashes on some windows versions without visual styles
	Fixed Script Editor "*" should be in front of file name in case the filename is too long
	Fixed Script editor "*" should be shown in the titlebar
	Fixed Script editor menu click should register even if script editor doesn't have focus	
	Fixed Script editor should ask to save modified script(s) when unloading script(s)
	Fixed Script editor should not be visible in taskbar unless "show on desktop" is enabled
	Fixed Script Editor should use selected script's path when clicking Load/Save As
	Fixed Script paths is not saved relative from Options
	Fixed Scripts should be saved with \r\n newlines instead of \r
	Fixed Selected text in topicbox should auto deselect on click
	Fixed Selecting nicks in Treebar nicklist doesn't work
	Fixed Server history is not saved correctly
	Fixed Setting the max message buffer to 0 shouldn't clear current buffer
	Fixed Shift + end on empty input box causes a crash
	Fixed Shift + end without selecting newline at the end removed since it doesn't work properly
	Fixed Shift + home should scroll to left in script editor
	Fixed Some global keybinds are sent twice in custom windows
	Fixed Some key bindings is not working on mono
	Fixed Some keybinds doesn't work in channel editor topic if it's readonly
	Fixed Sometimes winamp media player plugin detection incorrectly asks to install plugin
	Fixed Statusbar bandwidth should be shown with MB suffix
	Fixed Switchbar, Toolbar and Docking panels are inverted on mono	
	Fixed Switchbar/Treebar icons should flash regardless of selected window if main window is not active
	Fixed Sysinfo OS version reports wrong OS on windows 8.1	
	Fixed Tab cycling empty word doesn't work
	Fixed Text in mono version is not spaced properly
	Fixed Textview should respect Windows scrollbar width
	Fixed Theme manager is not working properly on mono
	Fixed Theme manager should use selected theme name as filename when clicking "save As"
	Fixed Toggle Treebar icons doesn't work without restart
	Fixed Tool popup dialogs should be topmost to associated form
	Fixed Treebar focus should reset when it looses focus
	Fixed Treebar items should only be selectable if the label or image is clicked
	Fixed Treebar query/system/tool colors are not reset correctly
	Fixed Typing in scripts editor/input box doesn't work properly on wine
	Fixed Use Nickcolors is saved to wrong section in the config file
	Fixed User count is not updated properly in the statusbar on channel join
	Fixed User list colors is not refreshed at once when saving options
	Fixed Using undo after saving a file in script editor, should mark the file as edited
	Fixed Variables can sometimes be reset in Tools -> Edit Variables
	Fixed Viewlog form should save/restore window position
	Fixed Weird behavior when a query chat partner revises his nickname
	Fixed When "Lock Bars" is enabled, the custom border color should be used for panels
	Fixed While docked AdiIRC should hide/show if a app goes fullscreen
	Fixed Whois and doubleclick on channel with (co)-oper
	Fixed Winamp now playing stops working after its paused or until next song starts
	Fixed Window order in treebar is not always sorted correctly
	Fixed Word wrapping sometimes causes a endless loop
	Fixed Wrapped text buffer is not emptied when exceeding "Max Buffer"
	Moved all items from away.ini to config.ini
	Moved all items from ignore.ini to config.ini
	Moved all items from positions.ini to config.ini	
	Moved Tools -> Ignore List, Tools -> Nick Colors into Options	
	Removed Treebar menus from Treebar window menus because menus are too big
	Renamed channelbar and everything related to switchbar
	Renamed sidebar and everything related to treebar		
	Renamed userlist and everything related to nicklist
	Added /background -yz switches for statusbar/menubar
	Added alias /options for /config			
	Added alias /setconfig for /setoption
	Added default alias /i for /invite	
	Added missing commands /treebar /cline /queryrn /unsetall /tips /partall /remote /ctcps /events
	Added missing event APPACTIVE
	Added missing identifiers $snicks $remote $ssl $pi $fullscreen $iptype $portable $dccport $url $lactive $lactivewid $lof $tip $tips $evalnext $titlebar $atan2 $hypot $log10 $sinh $cosh $tanh $servertarget $menubar $switchbar $toolbar $treebar $highlight
	Added missing operators isinvite isexcept isignore	
	Added missing parameter "me" for events	
	Added missing parameter -h for /run
	Added missing parameter -iN for /echo and /aline
	Added missing parameters -ie for /server
	Added missing parameters -min/-max/channel/search for /list
	Added missing parameters -npt for $read()
	Added missing parameters parameter -n for /exit
	Added missing properties .type .mmt .ansyc .pause for $timer
	Added missing property "hsbar" for /dialog list
	Added missing property .dd for $color() $colour()	
	Added missing property .lb for $window()	
	Added missing property .sig for $file()
	Added new command /dockpanels [on|off] to toggle dock panels
	Added new command /echox which takes a %var instead of text and allows consecutive spaces
	Added new command /edit -almnqsv for opening edit scripts etc
	Added new command /rawx which takes a %var instead of text and allows consecutive spaces
	Added new event OPTIONS which is triggered whenever config file is reloaded
	Added new identifier $docked returns $true if AdiIRC is docked
	Added new identifier $lag returning lag on current server
	Added new identifier $quickconnect returns $true if AdiIRC was started with QuickConnect enabled
	Added new identifier $randomcolors returns if random nickcolors is enabled for message, nicklist or both
	Added new identifier $statusbar returns $true if statusbar is visible
	Added new identifiers $bwrecb and $bwsentb for byte format
	Added new identifiers $msgx $rawmsgx to retrieve consecutive spaced versions of $1- $rawmsg
	Added new on event CLIENTTEXT for overriding messages sent from the client		
	Added new parameter -d [encoding] for /server
	Added new parameter [search] for /options and /config to search/filter options dialog
	Added support for ignoring multiple nicks in /ignore separated by comma
	Added support for OfficeIrc user prefix
	Fixed on CTCP *:<matchtext>:command with no target doesn't work
	Fixed on event target is not always evaluated correctly
	Fixed on HOTLINK should be triggered on mouse down not click
	Fixed on MENU separators is not always trimmed correctly
	Fixed on RAW Some events are not triggered for scripts
	Fixed on RAW the first : should be stripped from 301, 275, 338
	Fixed on SOCKOPEN should be called even if the socket cant connect
	Fixed on START/LOAD/UNLOAD/APPACTIVE/SONG/EXIT/SIGNAL should be associated with current server
	Fixed on TABCOMP does not always return correct tab completed text
	Fixed on TABCOMP/INPUT is not always triggered correctly
	Fixed on ^NICK is not halting the text properly
	Fixed /alias /alias should not override the alias command
	Fixed /alias Allow aliases without leading '/'
	Fixed /anick with no parameters causes a crash
	Fixed /background "Status Window" doesn't work
	Fixed /background default image layout should be center
	Fixed /bcopy -c is not chopping correctly
	Fixed /bcopy <M> If M is -1, all of the bytes from position S onwards should be copied
	Fixed /beep 0 should stop beeps
	Fixed /beep <delay> should be max 1000 milliseconds
	Fixed /bin2txt is missing one character
	Fixed /bindip is not working correctly with network adapters
	Fixed /bindip quotes should be ignored
	Fixed /bread is reading 1 byte off
	Fixed /clear [window] is not working properly
	Fixed /clearall /aclear should only clear windows on current connection unless -a is specified
	Fixed /close add missing parameter -l		
	Fixed /ctcp PING should use $ctime
	Fixed /dialog "edit" "combo" add color/font tag hotkeys
	Fixed /dialog "edit" "list" size is wrong
	Fixed /dialog "edit" add missing parameters hsbar vsbar
	Fixed /dialog "list" add missing parameter sort	
	Fixed /dialog -md should not center the window if position is -1 -1	
	Fixed /dialog -s is resizing to wrong size
	Fixed /dialog Add exe/dll/index support for "icon"
	Fixed /dialog icon files not working
	Fixed /dialog radio button with "push" should be text align center
	Fixed /dialog sometimes crashes with invalid parameters
	Fixed /dialog using menus makes the dialog to tall
	Fixed /did -a and -r doesn't work with check/radio buttons	
	Fixed /did -a text should be trimmed	
	Fixed /did -i does not work on some elements
	Fixed /did add missing parameters -s -l	
	Fixed /dns -46 <host> is not working
	Fixed /dns doesn't work with ipv6 addresses
	Fixed /drawcopy add missing switch -r and validate parameters
	Fixed /drawdot parameters are not validated
	Fixed /drawpic doesn't work with transparent images			
	Fixed /drawpic parameters are not validated correctly
	Fixed /echo -l first word in a line should not be tested for highlight			
	Fixed /echo -l first word in a line should not be tested for highlight
	Fixed /echo 1 1 is not showing correctly
	Fixed /echo if active window does not have a textview, text should go to associated status window
	Fixed /exit -r does not restart the client		
	Fixed /exit without -n should ask to close active servers
	Fixed /google search result should be html decoded		
	Fixed /help if no chm file is found, open relevant wiki page and parameter -l forces open wiki page
	Fixed /if /while !> !< !<= !>= operators are not working correctly
	Fixed /if /while (number isnum) is not working properly		
	Fixed /if /while expressions using the ! operator are not returning the correct value	
	Fixed /if /while is not working properly if first token is a operator 	
	Fixed /if /while remove unnecessary operator %	
	Fixed /if /while(1 == 01) leading zeros should be trimmed
	Fixed /ignore -x is ignored if below other ignore rules
	Fixed /linesep add missing parameter -s and #channel
	Fixed /linesep should not add a linesep if last message is a linesep
	Fixed /load -rs should always trigger LOAD/START
	Fixed /lusers - display errors
	Fixed /names Multiple channel prefix is not saved correctly
	Fixed /nick should be trimmed
	Fixed /notify blank mask should not be added
	Fixed /np doesn't work with $user
	Fixed /rename should be able to move folders
	Fixed /search /findtext add missing parameter -n
	Fixed /server -n should not connect		
	Fixed /server allow <host> <+port/port> <password> parameters
	Fixed /server in on START event is not working properly
	Fixed /server with no parameters should connect/reconnect current server
	Fixed /set -sl doesn't show output	
	Fixed /setoption doesn't work properly	
	Fixed /setoption with no parameters should reload config.ini
	Fixed /sidebar on/off doesn't work properly
	Fixed /socklist -l is not working properly
	Fixed /sockmark name can be a wildcard
	Fixed /sockwrite &binvar doesn't work
	Fixed /statusbar View -> Statusbar saves to the wrong location in config.ini
	Fixed /time - not display the : into the time
	Fixed /timer -o is not associated with current server	
	Fixed /timer add missing parameters -i and -o
	Fixed /timer is not always validated correctly
	Fixed /timer should show interval in seconds or milliseconds depending on timer type	
	Fixed /timer sometimes causes a crash when AdiIRC exits	
	Fixed /timer with no name should be named as <n> not timer<n>	
	Fixed /toolbar -l does not update alias
	Fixed /toolbar -p does not adjust icon size
	Fixed /toolbar add missing parameter -zN and ico/exe/dll support	
	Fixed /toolbar doesn't work with transparent images			
	Fixed /toolbar on/off/no parameters doesn't work properly
	Fixed /unload with quoted path doesn't work
	Fixed /unnotify doesn't work
	Fixed /var -g incorrectly prints value assignment
	Fixed /var add missing parameter -n
	Fixed /var halting doesn't work
	Fixed /who output should be shown in server window	
	Fixed /window "Status Window" doesn't work
	Fixed /window +d | +b should have no control box
	Fixed /window +L is missing close button
	Fixed /window -a is not restoring properly
	Fixed /window -c in a on CLOSE event causes a crash
	Fixed /window -C is not centering the window
	Fixed /window Add missing parameter -a
	Fixed /write -s -w -r is not searching properly
	Fixed /write add $crlf if -n is not set	
	Fixed /write should write utf8 with no BOM
	Fixed $().properties in brackets doesn't work
	Fixed $* does not work inside brackets	
	Fixed $0 returns wrong value		
	Fixed $1 in Menubar menus should be $me
	Fixed $asctime() year format should be yyyy
	Fixed $bindip should return $null if parameter is invalid ip
	Fixed $bindip(N) returns wrong output
	Fixed $bytes is not precise enough
	Fixed $bytes(0) should return 0
	Fixed $calc((1+)+1) and $calc(2^ %) is not working properly
	Fixed $calc() with no parameters should return an error
	Fixed $cb does not work correctly with unicode text
	Fixed $chan().mode is not sorted correctly
	Fixed $chan().pnick should return all channel prefixes
	Fixed $chantypes is in wrong order on some networks
	Fixed $cpuload and Help -> System variables sometimes causes a crash
	Fixed $ctime is returning wrong result
	Fixed $ctime() doesn't work with XXnd dates
	Fixed $dialog() add missing owner parameter
	Fixed $dialog().modal is returning wrong value
	Fixed $did add missing property .csel
	Fixed $did returns wrong value when clicking a tab page	
	Fixed $did().text returns wrong value for listbox
	Fixed $duration does not return correct value with doubles	
	Fixed $duration(x:x:x:x) doesn't work
	Fixed $editbox .selstart .selend returns wrong value
	Fixed $encode $decode add parameter h for encoding decoding html codes
	Fixed $encrypt $decrypt does not always work correctly
	Fixed $event should be empty outside events
	Fixed $exists returns $false on mono regardless of path	
	Fixed $false should return the value $false
	Fixed $file() should work with directorys		
	Fixed $fline does not always return correct value
	Fixed $gfxram should be rounded	
	Fixed $inpaste does not always return the correct value
	Fixed $input Change tab complete to ctrl + tab complete so change focus with tab works
	Fixed $input control code keybinds should work	
	Fixed $invitemenu should use same sort order as switchbar/treebar	
	Fixed $isalias() add missing property .alias	
	Fixed $isalias() doesn't work with local aliases
	Fixed $left $right should return $null if second parameter is not a number
	Fixed $lines() is returning wrong value in some cases	
	Fixed $log(0) $log10(0) should return $null
	Fixed $longip() sometimes returns wrong value
	Fixed $longip() with no ip defined should return nothing
	Fixed $mid does not always return correct value with negative numbers
	Fixed $mid doesn't work with doubles
	Fixed $mknickfn is not stripping the correct characters
	Fixed $modespl is returning wrong value
	Fixed $mouse.dx and $mouse.dy returns wrong coordinates	
	Fixed $nick should be $null outside server related events
	Fixed $or should be uint and allow only one parameter
	Fixed $pic().width $pic().height causes a crash with invalid pictures
	Fixed $player should return chosen media player regardless of play state
	Fixed $pos returns wrong value
	Fixed $pos(x,x,N) $poscs(x,x,N) does not return correct result
	Fixed $rand should allow 64 bit random numbers	
	Fixed $read -r does not fill $regml	
	Fixed $read() can cause a crash
	Fixed $regex $regsub $regsubex (*UTF8) should not be included in the pattern
	Fixed $regex $regsub $regsubex doesn't work properly with global regular expressions
	Fixed $regex $regsub $regsubex fails with underscore characters in \Q \E
	Fixed $regex $regsub $regsubex with escape codes can sometimes cause as crash
	Fixed $regsub $regsubex substitution codes should be replaced with $+ code $+
	Fixed $regsub $regsubex \1 \2 is not always replaced correctly
	Fixed $round is not validated correctly
	Fixed $scriptdir crashes from inputbox			
	Fixed $server should return $null if not connected	
	Fixed $sha1 should return lowercase result
	Fixed $slapsmenu(0) should return number of slaps
	Fixed $sock().ssl returns inverted value		
	Fixed $sock().wserrmsg should be called wsmsg
	Fixed $sockbr returns wrong value
	Fixed $str() crashes with too high value
	Fixed $strip add missing parameters burcmoi
	Fixed $submenu doesn't always add separators correctly	
	Fixed $timer().secs is returning wrong value		
	Fixed $timer(name) should return position
	Fixed $v1,$v2,$ifmatch and $ifmatch2 sometimes returns wrong value
	Fixed $window(N) doesn't work	
	Fixed "Upgrade" old media player format from '$song' to ' $+ $song $+ '
	Fixed $mouse.key returns wrong value in picture windows
	Fixed Channel collection for IUser in API is empty
	Fixed Double spaces in scripts are not always parsed into single space
	Fixed Errors inside identifiers doesn't halt the script properly
	Fixed IUser in API events is sometimes empty
	Fixed menu sclick should trigger on mouse down instead of click
	Fixed Parentheses is not always parsed correctly
	Fixed Pressing escape in a custom window should minimize it	
	Fixed Script variables are sometimes reset on EXIT
	Fixed Scripted menu's should only trim white spaces
	Fixed Some variables is not correctly passed from alias to $identifier and back
	Removed unnecessary commands /loopfile /split
	Removed unnecessary identifiers $myhost $myident $activeserver $channel
	Removed unnecessary operators hasvoice inchan isbetween

AdiIRC 1.9.2 - 30-11-2013

	Removed clementine now playing support since its not working properly
	Removed /kickban and add a default alias /kickban /ban -k # $$1 $2-
	Removed unnecessary commands /nomsg /noquery /smsg
	Improved bug report window
	Rewrite quick connect
	Added visual feedback when searching log folder
	Added key bind shift + Backspace to delete double spaces in script editor
	Added $quitmessage identifier
	Added find previous menuitem in script editor
	Added new menu item unload all but active script in script editor
	Added keybind ctrl+shift+w for unloading all scripts in script editor
	Added /search -re [text] parameters and add alias /findtext
	Added missing parameter 'u' in $input()
	Added "always on top" and "show on desktop" options for script editor
	Added option to ask for saving modified scripts on close in script editor
	Added option for "find selection" and "backup scripts" on save in script editor
	Added option to show an error for unknown identifiers
	Added option to toggle line numbers in script editor
	Added option to ask for saving modified scripts on close in script editor
	Added initializations warning option for loading scripts with on START/LOAD events
	Added new menu item Misc -> Check Brackets in script editor
	Added $appbits identifier
	Added support for IRCv3 CAP multi-prefix, userhost-in-names, away-notify,extended-join and account-notify
	Added support for WM_MCOMMAND and WM_MEVALUATE
	Added missing command /omsg [#channel] <message>
	Added $rating identifier for media player rating tag
	Added list all root dir text files in help menu
	Added "mark server as read" right click menu in sidebar/channelbar and /amark -s
	Added /cmode /umode default aliases
	Added missing /flash command
	Added beta changes should be included in the update beta dialog
	Added separate flash option for private messages in highlights
	Added selected text as search text when toggling search box
	Added option to only show balloon tip if AdiIRC is not focused
	Added separate option for showing balloon tip on highlight, private message, channel activity
	Added /quicksave command
	Added options form should remember last page
	Added now playing mesages are now parsed as scripts
	Added right click menu to reset individual options per page in Options
	Added Ctrl + S keybinds to save serverlist and options
	Added character/line position/estimated file size display in script editor
	Added ctrl + clicking sidebar/channelbar to minimize the window
	Added Ctrl + Home, Ctrl + End to go to first/last message
	Added right click menu to change sidebar font
	Added F5 keybind to reload script in scripts manager
	Added "smart" tabcomplete using recently active nicks
	Added option to restore AdiIRC from tray with single click
	Added option start with windows
	Added option to check for irc:// link association on startup
	Added line marker thickness option
	Added border thickness option
	Added sysinfo recived sent identifier $bwrec $bwsent
	Added right click menu to save/clear input buffer
	Added userlist control buttons, view -> Userlist Buttons
	Added server and channel count to tray icon hover text
	Added searching itunes and mediamonkey playlist from ctrl + j
	Added button to merge files in log form
	Added windows -> Reset All Window Sizes menu
	Added ctrl + a for selecting all text in all textboxes
	Added $ial().account and $ialchan().account to get a users IRCv3 account name
	Added $playcount tag support for winamp	
	Added missing identifiers $dll() $dllcall() $nickmode $ifmatch2	$menu $menutype $menucontext $activecid
	Added missing identifiers $beta $bits $sslready
	Added missing command /dll -u <name.dll> <procname> [data]
	Added missing command /renwin <@oldname> <@newname> [topic]
	Added missing /U modifier for $regex,$regsub,$regsubex
	Added missing $did() parameter .isedited
	Added missing parameters .loopback .ip .name for $bindip when looking up a ip	
	Added missing parameters [-cn] [#channel] [message] for /hop
	Added missing property .idle for $query
	Added missing m<char>pattern<char> in $regex,$regsub,$regsubex	
	Added missing parameter push for dialog radio buttons	
	Added missing properties extsel multsel for dialog list items	
	Added missing parameters -b -c for /hadd /hdec /hinc 
	Added missing parameters -n / -x for /query	
	Added missing /window -m [/command] [font fontsize] [iconfile] parameters	
	Added missing parameters -46ch parameters and queue for /dns
	Added support for looking up nicks in /dns	
	Added missing parameter "3" for $bytes, also returns wrong format
	Added /invite [nick] [#channel]
	Fixed $decode doesn't work with &binvars
	Fixed channel list sort crashes on some translations
	Fixed channel list sort is not saved/restored properly
	Fixed logs manager should focus log window when viewing a log
	Fixed $bitoff returns wrong value
	Fixed clicking a toolbar icon created from the input box causes a crash
	Fixed searching some folders in Logs causes a crash
	Fixed pressing space in sidebar should show context menu
	Fixed Up/Down/Left/Right key binds is not working correctly in sidebar
	Fixed focus in sidebar should be restored when shift + clicking
	Fixed mouse middle click for closing window doesn't work in sidebar
	Fixed /setayer dialogname should set the layer on the dialog
	Fixed /setlayer with no window parameter should set layer of main window
	Fixed $regex $regsubex $regsubex POSIX brackets are not working properly
	Fixed $calc % is not working properly
	Fixed channel modes in status bar is not updated correctly on channel join
	Fixed /ctcp /notice should split long messages
	Fixed $base is not working properly with some characters
	Fixed special characters should not be included in #channel links
	Fixed %variables are not always trimmed correctly
	Fixed /ignore -k is ignored in private windows
	Fixed #$N #$? should make sure return value starts with a #
	Fixed parentheses and comma is not always parsed correctly in scripts
	Fixed any combination of $+X should work for combining words
	Fixed $duration should be able to convert output back into seconds
	Fixed $ctime and other unix timestamps should be year 2038 ready
	Fixed <tab> should be useable anywhere in a word in inputbox
	Fixed sending a command to a disconnected server should show a error
	Fixed typing /quit while not connected to a server causes a crash
	Fixed reload multiple scripts in script editor can cause a crash
	Fixed /clear should clear unread line marker position
	Fixed $gettok $deltok with negative numbers doesn't always work
	Fixed $calc is not always parsed correctly if there are no space after a )
	Fixed $findfile $findir wildcards with semicolon filter doesn't work
	Fixed /tokenize 0 should tokenize nothing
	Fixed clicking line numbers in script editor should select the matched line
	Fixed pressing shift + HOME/HOME key in script editor should move cursor to start of the first non-space character
	Fixed pressing enter in script editor should indent at same space level as current line
	Fixed variables set to be removed on EXIT is incorrectly removed too early
	Fixed "Rename" in script editor should retain previous file extension
	Fixed "Save As" in script editor doesn't unload the previous script
	Fixed /unload -rs should unload first file name match
	Fixed allow $~name identifiers
	Fixed if there are no more undo actions in script editor, script should not be marked as changed
	Fixed using "Delete" text menu item in script editor/inputbox should allow Undo
	Fixed small graphical glitch in sidebar with channels containing & character
	Fixed $int() doesn't work with large numbers
	Fixed $host and $ip should be filled with local ip/hostname before a server connects
	Fixed $version should reply only the version number
	Fixed if a nick has illegal characters, inputbox should ask for a new /nick instead of trying alternative
	Fixed /nick on a offline connection should change the connection nick for that connection
	Fixed /scon 0 doesnt work
	Fixed \0 in $regsub $regsubex returns wrong count if /g modifier is used
	Fixed $calc crashes sometimes
	Fixed $bytes(N) should handle bigger numbers
	Fixed spaces before and after {} brackets should be required in scripts
	Fixed KICK event is not triggered if kick came from a user not in the channel
	Fixed background missing from $color()
	Fixed $?/$?="" is not parsed correctly
	Fixed theme manager is not working correctly with translations
	Fixed /<space><text> should be ignored in inputbox
	Fixed on START is not triggered at the right time
	Fixed $shortfn() sometimes return no value
	Fixed $nofile() is missing a \ at the end
	Fixed @#channel notices are not parsed correctly
	Fixed /onotice is not sending the correct format
	Fixed topic set, channel created date time format should match $asctime
	Fixed %f %ff %fff time variables is now 1-2-3 decimals of milliseconds
	Fixed $script(n) should return full path instead of relative
	Fixed $ini $readini $remini /writeini - relative path is sometimes wrong
	Fixed double clicking in a server window should send /lusers
	Fixed dclick in non picture windows doesn't work
	Fixed deprecate $volumep, $volume is now in percent
	Fixed $volume $volumeb is not updated correctly
	Fixed editing link in Link Warning box is ignored
	Fixed "disconnected" is shown twice in the server window
	Fixed DCC Chat is not working properly
	Fixed $ial is not always updated from /who
	Fixed $chr(0) should return $null
	Fixed if topicbox ends with a link, hoovering free space after shows invalid link cursor
	Fixed \\ and // operators in scripts can cause a crash and returns wrong result
	Fixed $site returns wrong hostname
	Fixed sysinfo commands should be ignored in server window
	Fixed some system info identifiers are missing from the docs
	Fixed $!identifier is sometimes not evaluated correctly
	Fixed Commands -> Set Away -> OFF isn't working
	Fixed / should be stripped when renaming a script
	Fixed $script should show full path
	Fixed $nick() non default channel prefixes are ignored
	Fixed $prefix is reversed
	Fixed $nick() sometimes crashes
	Fixed big text lines is not wrapped correctly
	Fixed negative numbers should be allowed for channel limit in channel editor
	Fixed $query(nick).addr returns @ if there is no host/ident
	Fixed dock panel headers should be hidden when "Lock Bars" is enabled
	Fixed dock panel headers should not be moveable by right clicks
	Fixed toolbar icon commands should be parsed as scripts
	Fixed $window().dw $window().dh returns wrong size for picture windows
	Fixed $date $adate $time is missing leading zero
	Fixed $modes in channel titles is missing mode parameters
	Fixed channel limit is not correctly parsed on channel join
	Fixed $chan(#).mode is missing mode parameters
	Fixed channel editor crashes with long user limit
	Fixed MAXLIST is not parsed correctly on some servers
	Fixed stop format tag doesn't work in topicbox
	Fixed $duration does not work with double numbers
	Fixed /uptime $uptime(system) sometimes returns the wrong duration
	Fixed $ticks does not return the correct number
	Fixed manually typing a font/size sometimes crashes the font browser
	Fixed /timers off doesn't work
	Fixed ignoring color codes in part quit messages doesn't work
	Fixed /ignore /dns quiet flag doesn't work
	Fixed $timestamp $logstamp adds a trailing whitespace
	Fixed log filename missing first char for private windows if custom name is used
	Fixed $chan is missing in event INVITE
	Fixed colors in on TEXT event should be stripped if ignore -k is matched
	Fixed /timer should be associated with current window
	Fixed /dns shows a empty line on unresolved
	Fixed brackets in scripts should not be evaluated if there is a space
	Fixed some commands fails on servers with multiple channel prefixes
	Fixed moving a dockpanel in front of another panel doesn't work
	Fixed # is not correctly parsed in $identifier( #)
	Fixed $$identifier not working for all identifiers
	Fixed $query should only count private windows on current server
	Fixed local identifiers doesn't work in /scon and /scid
	Fixed IME popups closes when typing in inputbox/topicbox/script editor
	Fixed allow selecting/copying topic in channel editor if the textbox is disabled
	Fixed unread line marker should by default only be visible for channnel/priv/server windows
	Fixed /aline should scroll to bottom if scroll pos was at bottom
	Fixed $nick().color should return 1 if random nick colors are disabled
	Fixed shift + tab should not select the newline in input box/script editor
	Fixed automatically set back should only trigger if a non command is typed
	Fixed away system should work per server instead of globally
	Fixed toggle icons in sidebar doesn't work
	Fixed raw 404 should be shown in channel window if existss
	Fixed /amsg and /ame should send only one PRIVMSG with target channels separated by ","
	Fixed /back should not set back If user is not away
	Fixed pressing enter in rawlog search box should perform a search
	Fixed right click X in dock panel shouldn't close it
	Fixed away timer should be reset after hibernate
	Fixed matchtext in events should be parsed for identifiers/variables if it starts with $ or %
	Fixed /join #chan should rejoin a channel if the window exists but not joined
	Fixed all colors/fonts tags should be reset in topic/kick/part/quit messages
	Fixed nick colors are sometimes not inverted correctly
	Fixed theme manager window size/position is not saved correctly
	Fixed $! should show result from $input
	Fixed /google and /pgoogle should detect and read the proper encoding
	Fixed has write access check fails on some machines
	Fixed $awaytime should be reset after raw 306
	Fixed $left $progress $duration $length identifiers sometimes gives wrong results
	Fixed <tab> on empty inputbox should cycle all nicks in channnel
	Fixed /wsearch /wselect not always working correctly with mediamonkey player
	Fixed whitespaces should be allowed in tabcomplete nicks
	Fixed default/random quit message is parsed wrongly
	Fixed on CTCP crashes
	Fixed line numbers in scripts editor is too slow
	Fixed quick save server dosen't save channels with passwords correctly
	Fixed on TABCOMP is not triggered on empty editbox
	Fixed /ignore -<flag> with no nick/address should show a error
	Fixed menu scripts ignores #groups
	Fixed duplicate mouse events in picture windows causes crash
	Fixed closing a channel instead of parting wont trigger part sound
	Fixed $bitrate is missing for media monkey player
	Fixed a crash when using some windows themes
	Fixed ctrl + l should scroll to unread line marker
	Fixed allow ctrl + z undo when using /editbox
	Fixed reconnect shows "disconnected" in all windows, not just server window
	Fixed /server crashes with some invalid parameters
	Fixed if "allow only one copy" and "minimize to tray" is enabled, main window can't be restored
	Fixed select the proper icon size when using favicons or custom icons
	Fixed all main icons should be updated immediately when changing icon
	Fixed scripts manager is not saved/restored properly
	Fixed changing encoding should only update the encoding in the serverlist (not channels)
	Fixed right click -> join dosen't work
	Fixed sounds should only play if the event is not halted
	Fixed switching to/from fullscreen messes up toolbar/menubar/channelbar order
	Fixed aliases should not be allowed to call itself
	Fixed remove every nonwhite space after last closed parenthess in scripts
	Fixed allow [[ and ]] for escaping brackets in scripts
	Fixed maximize button should be disabled in quick connect
	Fixed script files with [script] sections should be loaded as ini files
	Fixed /slap $1 is not correct in the default slap

AdiIRC 1.9.1 - 30-07-2013

	Added proxy/socks support
	Added $osinstalldate variable
	Added exabyte to all byte calculations
	Added option to get favicon from server url
	Added option to set default and individual window icons
	Added $date variable for logging
	Added "Save All" menu/shortcut in script editor
	Added option to enable/disable formatting links and various formatting improvments
	Added <number> <delay> flags for /beep
	Added ability to select multiple items in nickcolor list
	Added save/restore dock position of menubar/toolbar/channelbar
	Added rigthclicking window title will show the menubar menu if menubar is hidden
	Added new sound options
	Added -n -p parameters for /run and set proper working directory
	Added unlimited connection retries if retries is set to 0
	Added option to set custom background image per window
	Added option to use a global up/down input history
	Added missing $window properties
	Added irc6:// ircs6:// support
	Added option to enable/disable regain nick
	Added missing b parameter for binvars in $encode
	Added LOGON event
	Added /bset -c chop parameter
	Added -an parameters for /clipboard, also allow empty params to clear clipboard
	Added raw 328 link support
	Added menus in custom windows with menu @name	
	Added add /dline [c] <@name> <N[-N2]>
	Added close button for dock panels
	Added ignore list GUI
	Fixed edit commands should be named edit aliases
	Fixed /slaps should be parsed as scripts
	Fixed allow empty messages in events e.g notice
	Fixed $line sometimes returns empty string incorrectly
	Fixed $script should return relative path
	Fixed /loadbuf <name> <file> not parsed correcly
	Fixed /sline doesn't work on users with channel modes
	Fixed event HOTLINK is not triggered correctly
	Fixed $active and $target doesn't work with custom windows
	Fixed hash tables should be case insensitive
	Fixed $sha1/$md5 doesn't work with &binvars
	Fixed /bset sometimes crashes
	Fixed parsing {} brackets sometimes fails
	Fixed graphic glitch offset on text with background colors
	Fixed graphic glitch with diacritical characters
	Fixed /fwrite -b &bin doesn't work
	Fixed all windows regardless of type should be saved the same way
	Fixed /bw should show a error message if no network adapter is set
	Fixed /bset <N> is one byte off when inserting at pos <N>
	Fixed if (<int> isnum <int>) not working
	Fixed a random crash on startup
	Fixed client messages should be threated as system messages not channel messages
	Fixed /toolbar -u doesn't refresh toolbar image
	Fixed $width and $height reports wrong value
	Fixed event ACTIVE should be fired after the activation have taken place
	Fixed random nick color option should be in Options -> Colors
	Fixed clicking edit toolbar while edit toolbar is already open causes a crash
	Fixed event TABCOMP should fill $1- with the tabcompleted text
	Fixed $style(X) was not always parsed correctly
	Fixed $1 in menus should be filled with nick or channel
	Fixed ctrl + z undo when tabcompleting nicks/inserting format/color tags in inputbox didn't work
	Fixed minor drawing glitch in the sidebar on certain fonts
	Fixed $ial should be updated whenever 311 is encountered
	Fixed bans are not removed from channel editor if multiple bans are in the same MODE
	Fixed event INPUT triggers on all @custom windows instead of the matched one
	Fixed nickcolors/textcolors are sometimes not inverted correctly
	Fixed channels with "&&" displays incorrectly in sidebar
	Fixed raw 486 and 460 should use settings from Events -> Errors
	Fixed $ial should only check current server
	Fixed /window -e/-E should add inputbox
	Fixed $chan(#invalidchan, 0) should return $null instead of 0
	Fixed $scon and $scid couldn't use local identifiers
	Fixed /set fails to parse %vars if first parameter is a identifier
	Fixed $() is not executed inside /var and [ ] evaluation
	Fixed should only capture first match if /g is not defined in $regsub and $regsubex
	Fixed $base should convert both lowercase/uppercase characters
	Fixed Goto Line 0 in script editor caused a crash
	Fixed /slap sometimes caused a crash
	Fixed reconnect server retries should be reset on manual disconnect
	Fixed /paths to show both the install path and the config path
	Fixed raw 330 should be parsed as whois
	Fixed shortcut keys to add bold/italic/underline/color in sysinfo editor didn't work
	Fixed /sysinfo /uptime was sometimes slow
	Fixed /diskinfo <drive> didn't work
	Fixed copying text on asian locale didn't work
	Fixed update timer sometimes causes a crash on startup
	Fixed $gmt $date $actime to work properly with timezones
	Fixed <tab> should add 2 spaces instead of <tab> in script editor
	Fixed *.mts and *.mrc should be filtered in script manager/theme editor
	Fixed options menu shortcut should be Alt+O
	Fixed some channel bans didn't show up
	Fixed channel editor should be enabled for half ops
	Fixed ":" should be stripped from on RAW 302 and 340
	Fixed sidebar userlist should be off by default
	Fixed issue with disappearing dockpanels
	Fixed menubar icon is sometimes the wrong icon
	Fixed reset usermenu width if its changed
	Fixed animateicon in system tray wasn't working
	Fixed cut of the text in channelbar if the text is wider than the button
	Fixed linenumber for the last line in script editor was missing
	Fixed /viewlog with no parameters should open logfile on current window

AdiIRC 1.9.0 - 18-05-2013
	UTF-8 is now the default encoding
	Added mIRC scripting support - See wiki for more info
	Added MTS themes support
	Added options for default window sizes
	Added undockable activity panel for private messages
	Added undockable activity panel for channel messages
	Added undockable activity panel for server messages
	Added undockable activity panel for notices
	Added undockable activity panel for url catcher
	Added undockable activity panel for notify status
	Added undockable activity panel for highlights
	Added undockable activity panel for transfers	
	Added ircs:// links support
	Added +port for ssl connections in quick connect and serverlist
	Added uhnames support
	Added option to start AdiIRC minimized
	Added %ord variable for suffixing in days (18th)
	Added %t %tt variables for PM AM
	Added option to hide the menubar and use ALT to bring it back
	Added perform option for quick connect
	Added drag drop support to install plugins/themes/scripts
	Added new toolbox where text can be selected
	Added new about box with clickable link
	Added "type a head" support in userlist
	Added back common keybinds for userlist
	Added search/replace functions for scripts editor
	Added open links warning dialog
	Added options to disable/enable loggings of individual channels
	Added ability to change channels with mousebutton 4-5
	Added play/stop/pause/next/prev support for media monkey
	Added Potplayer now playing support
	Added ctrl +/- to change the font size in a window temporary
	Added ability to install/run plugins as non admin
	Added ability to create custom nick color rules
	Added option to bind dcc to an adapter and an option to prioritize ipv6
	Added option to hide/show join/part/quit.. events
	Added new spacing options single/paragraph/double
	Added option to use serverlist labels as "network name"
	Added option to show/show sticky/hide topicbox
	Added tooltips for server history menu
	Removed restore logs limit
	All file paths are now relative for portability
	Topicbox is by default one line and expanded when focused
	Pressing shift when starting AdiIRC will bypass any autoconnect servers
	All window size/positions are now saved/restored
	Complete rewrite of thememanager
	Complete rewrite of script editor
	Changed the way channelbar items resizes
	Improved all statusbar menus and events
	Improved search functions for multiline text in channels
	Improved logs/logsviewer
	Improved update system, check every day/week/month	
	Fixed some tabcomplete issues
	Fixed several issues with background images
	Fixed some issues with sidebar and dual screen
	Fixed DCC transfers was slow
	Fixed logging on servers without a network name failed
	Fixed several issues with mouse clicks in sidebar
	Fixed several issues related to links in channels
	Fixed an issue where tray icon would dissapear
	Fixed an issue where sidebar would be blink/flash
	Fixed an issue where scrolling text was slow
	Fixed an issue with tracking nick changes in query windows
	Fixed an issue with foobar2000 now playing
	Fixed an issue where winamp now playing stoppped working
	Fixed /ignore crashes if no ignore file exists
	Fixed associate irc:// links was not working as non admin
	Fixed UserMessage and SendData are not sent to plugins
	Fixed a issue with saving "Show in active" settings
	Fixed a issue where DCC transfers stopped at 99%
AdiIRC 1.8.10 - 13-08-2012

	Added a complete rewrite of scripting and tons of new functions, see scripting wiki for more info
	Added new font dialog and ability to use almost any font
	Added message indent option
	Added message maxbuffer lines option
	Added message doublespacing option
	Added message unread line marker option
	Added message option to autoscroll to bottom when typing
	Added search box to rawlog and other improvments
	Added better /ignore functions, see wiki for more info
	Added /notify and View -> Notify functions
	Added /timer command
	Added option to singleclick links
	Added doubleclicking a query window will send a WHOIS
	Added DCC Chat support
	Added DCC Resume support and ETA in transfer window
	Added several improvments to the Option window, allowing resize and scrolling
	Added a Exit Fullscreen menu
	Added a channellist icon in the toolbar
	Added duckduckgo as a toolbar search engine, updated icons
	Added option to track away status in userlist
	Added showing duplicate bans in a different color
	Added CPU and RAM usage toolbar item
	Added %cpuload for sysinfo and sysinfo is now fully scriptable, check the scripting wiki
	Added rightlick menu in statusbar to toggle all statusbar items
	Added rightlick menu in statusbar to change network adapter
	Added rightclick option to change encoding/charset
	Added several new options for logging including rotating by size
	Added disconnect on computer sleep and reconnect on computer resume
	Added a send delay option to not flood a server (200ms default)
	Changed /sleep, syntax is now /sleep [seconds] [/command]
	Changed default nick and alternative nick to be the windows login username
	Changed UTF8 to be shown at the top of the encoding list
	Changed update window to be shown before logging on any servers
	Fixed sorting by size in the log viewer
	Fixed URL association to work without admin rights
	Fixed a issue with links that have a ! in them
	Fixed installer looses on UAC prompt
	Fixed a issue where loading option window was very slow
	Fixed several issues with Edit Toolbar
	Fixed default toolbar search engine was not saved
	Fixed DCC menu in querys didnt work
	Fixed better check if an option is changed before asking to save
	Fixed several DCC issues
	Fixed autoaccept DCC didnt work
	Fixed several issues related to window states/changing window
	Fixed changing window between docked/undocked leaves the undocked window selected
	Fixed a issue where windows position was not saved
	Fixed next button in message search didnt work
	Fixed a crash on reconnect
	Fixed a crash in highlight window if history was to big
	Fixed some issues where plugins and scripts didnt work togheter
	Fixed google search didnt work
	Fixed plugins was not copied after install
	Fixed issue where sidebar userlist didnt always update
	Fixed customcolors was not restored in color picker
	Fixed lag spikes on connect
	Ficed crash sometimes when doubleclicking in empty part of the userlist
	Fixed clicking &Nick in channels didnt work
	Fixed sliced topics in topiobox
AdiIRC 1.8.9 - 21-10-2011

	Improved check for changes in the serverlist before asking to save
	Fixed a crash when using AdiIRC in remote desktop
	Fixed clicking media player icons didnt work
	Fixed clicking text in highlight history caused input box to resize
	Fixed an possible crash when opening a file from DCC list
	Fixed an issue with paiting borders on resize
	Fixed commands starting with a whitespace caused EditCommands to crash
	Fixed opening rawlog from quickconnect caused a crash
	Fixed sorting userlist alphabetically didnt work
	Fixed auto away somtimes sets away too early
	Fixed users parting sometimes caused a crash
	Fixed getting external ip from some servers
	Fixed importing theme used invalid font
	Fixed loading options with invalid font size can cause a crash
	Fixed a crash when changeing nick when a tool window is selected
	Fixed docking a window makes window disappear in MDI mode

AdiIRC 1.8.8 - 16-10-2011

	Fixed setup64 didnt install to the x64 program folder
	Added expermintal support for some scripting, see the wiki for info
	Added several tricks for reducing AdiIRC file size
	Added option for using UTF8 fallback if normal encoding fails
	Added Clementine now playing support
	Added topic/input/userlist custom drawn borders and option for changing the border color
	Fixed language would reset to default after applying options
	Fixed a issue where AdiIRC prevent shutdown/sleep on quit
	Fixed some issues with the toolbar editor
	Added option to set size of the channel buttons in the channelbar
	Fixed several theme editor issues
	Fixed several away issues
	Added Use global settings in away for overriding away settings on some networks
	Added several improvments for pasting large colored text blocks
	Added colored logs
	Added option to change default userlist size
	Added option to use double spaced messages
	Added option to show userlist on the left side
	Added windows Icons on the buttons in the channelbar
	Added clicking a nick in the channel, will select the nick in the userlist
	Added seperate color for NICK events
	Added NAMESX support
	Fixed an issue where bandwidth monitor didnt update
	Fixed CTRL+i didnt work as expected
	Fixed CTRL+backspace didnt work as expected
	Fixed some issues related to opening AdiIRC with irc:// links
	Added several improvments for Channel/Nick tabbing
	Added /nosmg /noquery they will not open a dialog if used in Perform/Autocommands
	Fixed issue logging nicks with special characters
	Added rawlog autocopy text
	Fixed /meminfo didnt work on 64 bit
	Fixed issue saving slaps didnt work
	Rewrote multiline messages, fixing several bugs
	Fixed highlight on channel activity didnt work
	Fixed sidebar treeview was not drawn correctly
	Fixed channel list crash on some servers
	Rewrote serverlist to use server groups
	Fixed a crash when saving serverlist
	Rewrote the random nick color for more randomness
	Added toggle lock/unlock topic
	Added channel editor
	Added option to disable bold on nicks/channels in all client messages
	Fixed invite to channel menu didnt work
	Added channel modes view in status bar
	Rewrote the core and split it up from the client, huge improvments and fixes
	Rewrote the entire userlist, now custom drawn and fixing several issues
	Fixed closing windows with shift + click didnt work
	Fixed issue with duplicate ignores
	Added option to enable a blank line at the bottom of message window
	Added log browser and log preview
	Fixed private logs was not always reloaded
	Added shortcut wrapping of italic/bold/underline/colors
	Fixed expanding sidebar made cursor dissapear
	Fixed font dialog sometimes cause a crash
	Fixed bold characters was not always parsed
	Fixed several parsing issues of WHO, WHOIS, now includes timestamps
	Fixed several bugs related to saving window positions
	Added channel status for quit/part/mode messages
	Added more options for changing window titles
	Added support for connecting to DNS pools
	Fixed selecting text made harddrive spin
	Added support for ipv6

AdiIRC 1.8.7 - 15-02-2011

	Fixed jumping messages/big white space at the bottom of messages	

AdiIRC 1.8.6 - 01-02-2011

	Hotfix release
	Fixed choosing color in options caushed a crash
	Fixed sometimes clicking a nick in channel with status prefix didnt work
	Fixed changing nick sometimes caused a crash

AdiIRC 1.8.5 - 31-01-2011
	Translations now includes in the installer
	New installer elevates to admin, and back to user when running adiirc
	Various parts rewritten under the hood
	Added option to change default encoding
	Added option to set a "first word" prefix
	Added doubleclicking a channel in channellist joins the channel
	Added sort channellist on most user by default, also saves current sort order
	Added network wide serverlist changes and many other improvments
	Added several new variables for window titles, and options for priv/server
	Added toggling of topic show/edit (default show, rightclick to edit)
	Added regain of orginial nick when disconnected
	Added SOP/HOP right click menus
	Added /debug command to create debug file
	Added dialog to save serverlist and options on closing
	Fixed incomming dcc requests was using wrong download folder
	Fixed festore log from huge logfiles caused crash
	Fixed parsing of 320 messages
	Fixed a reset of znc log after disconnect
	Fixed Saving options with a toolwindow open caused crash
	Fixed join/part color was showing wrong color
	Fixed rawlog as a proper dockable window and added a Debug tab
	Fixed selecting multiple users in userlist now fires one MODE instead of X
	Fixed away message was sometimes saved without the time variables
	Fixed some cases where spaces from messages where removed
	Fixed chaging sidebar background also changed the serverlist backgroind
	Fixed OP color in sidebar dosent show
	Fixed Horizontal scrollbar in the sidebar sometimes inventively long
	Fixed userflags not always showing correctly in the userlist and sidebar
	Fixed theme editor didnt load some colors
	Fixed tile window horizontal showed a debug box	
	Fixed /away [message] didnt set new message
	Fixed issue with logging private messages
	Fixed ctcp ping crash
	Fixed pressing enter in channel list should join channel
	Fixed issue server lock when nick is in use
	Fixed reorder channels in channelbar
	Fixed moving mouse in userlist sometimes causes crash
	Fixed rare identd crash
	Fixed /msg in autocommands caused crash
	Fixed crash on empty slaps file
	Fixed channel tab-complete
	Fixed wrongly timed channel messages

AdiIRC 1.8.4 - 20-04-2010

	Fixed several trivial bugs and potential crashes
	Fixed Plugin issue where OnUserMessage didnt fire
	Added CTRL + Backslash for deleting a word
	Rewrite and fixed multiline paste of text
	Fixed $channel would return a malformed channel name
	Fixed links with $ in them
	Fixed channelbar would revert top dock at the top after applying options
	Fixed Send to tray on close also minimized to task bar
	Added question dialog when closing options
	Fixed a nickcomplete bug
	Fixed logging of channels with / in their name
	Fixed some issues with newer versions of ZNC
	Fixed /me' shows raw ACTION in channel on some networks
	Fixed /reconnect didnt work
	Added better perform /sleep
	Added escape character for | in edit commands
	Changed /sleep [seconds] to /sleep [seconds] [command to execute]
	Fixed bug could not type in a channel after rejoin
	Added Media Player Classic now playing support
	Added VLC Media Player now playing support
	Added right click menu in channel to change encoding

AdiIRC 1.8.3 - 22-03-2009
	Fixed options showed wrong language selected
	Added full unicode supported messages
	Fixed quickconnect serverhost/serverport was not saved correctly
	Added better crash debug
	Fixed unicode copy/paste
	Fixed serverlist showed wrong encoding
	Fixed issue where ignore caused no messages to display
	Fixed access denied issue when reciving DCC
	Fixed corrupted memory crash related to highlight sounds
	Fixed crash when disconnecting/closing

AdiIRC 1.8.2 - 12-01-2008

	Fixed several random crashes when typing or copy/pasting
	Fixed Check for update was still not working without UAC
	Added Spotify now playing support
	Fixed non multiline highlight showed wrong color
	Fixed bug when parsing highlights with {Nick}
	Fixed crash when starting in Windows 7 Beta 1

AdiIRC 1.8.1 - 07-12-2008

	Added notice how to get back from fullscreen mode
	Fixed check for update didn't check for UAC privileges
	Added green/yellow/red textcolors on lagbar to indicate connection status
	Added clickable spotify links
	Fixed several DCC issues
	Fixed tool windows didn't change selected window in channelbar/sidebar
	Fixed links not working when ending in closing brackets
	Added check weither incomming text is UTF-8 if not fallback to system default
	Fixed plugins didn't install correctly
	Fixed bandwith monitor in status bar not working correctly
	Massive code cleanup, speed gains and removing potentional bugs
AdiIRC 1.8 - 06-12-2008

	Added more default servers
	Added 64 bit version
	Added Expand All, Collapse All menuitems in serverlist
	Added bold font for autoconnect servers in serverlist
	Added color thememanager
	Fixed several font/font size selection issues
	Fixed userlist could dissapear if resized to much
	Fixed sorting channel list by users was sorted wrong
	Added filtering capabilities in channel list
	Fixed CTCP PING from buggy clients made a crash 
	Fixed mouse wheel scrolling in all datagrids
	Fixed Maximized windows positions should also be saved
	Added saving of sidebar expanded/closed trees
	Fixed serverlist is below main window with Always On Top set
	Fixed /quote pass logged the server/bnc password when logging enabled
	Fixed selected window didnt scroll text to bottom when changing size
	Added ability to clear all querys from contextmenus
	Added DCC SEND by dragging file into private window
	Fixed sidebar cannot resize when scrollbars are visible
	Fixed actions didnt show up in query windows
	Renamed DockBar to ChannelBar
	Added Copy text right click menu in windows
	Fixed global hotkeys wasnt working
	Added open file in DCC transfers by doubleclicking
	Added Middlemouse click on a tab closes channel window
	Fixed highlight ignore was not working
	Fixed issue where systray keeps flashing as a highlight, when not highlighted
	Added /delay [seconds] for delaying auth in perform/auto commands
	Fixed some shortcuts didnt work when window was undocked
	Fixed issue where searchbar was below input box
	Fixed loading loghistory showed log in wrong window
	Added option to disable autofocus of new windows
	Added option to choose channel sort order (Alphabetically/As they appear)
	Added ChannelList rightclick menu in server windows
	Added singleclick systray puts mainwindow in focus
	Fixed tabcomplete in private and server windows didnt work
	Fixed AnimateTray Icon didnt work in focused channel
	Added $screen to show monitor name in sysinfo
	Added support for expanding inputbox on paste
	Added check wether pasted text is really text
	Fixed bug expanding userlist in SideBar switched window
	Fixed the "could not create window handle" when changing window bug
	Added strip colors from channelist
	Added checks weither an new update version is shown or not
	Fixed backlog was showing wrong and sometimes cutoff messages
	Added Plugin support through API
	Added /onotice #channel message (chanop notice)
	Rewrote all texts for better translation capabilities using resource files
	Added ZNC bnc support
	Added SSL server support

AdiIRC 1.7.2 - 21-03-2008

	Fixed bug where nick alerts would show strange characters
	Fixed issues where installing winamp plugin would crash
	Fixed issue drag/dropping channels would cause crash
	Fixed issues where reconnecting a server would hang if nick was in use
	Added options to configure channelist
	Fixed high cpu usage when entered wrong BNC password
	Fixed Highlight window showed up after restart when closed
	Fixed Toolbar showed toolbar after restart when hidden/closed
	Added checks for access to program folder, and use local folders if necessary
	Fixed some bug changing nick/joining channels on some buggy servers
	Fixed potential ServerList bugs/crashes
	Fixed server history didn't load Encoding
	Fixed mediamonkey 3.0 nowPlaying was not working
AdiIRC 1.7.1 - 27-02-2008

	Fixed double nicks in Sidebar userlist
	Fixed freenode NETWORK= missing regression
	Rewrote Updates and plugin download to support Vista UAC and non admin users
	Changed Help/Faq links to be displayed in an embedded browser
	Fixed sometimes closing/changing channel in sidebar caused crash
	Fixed bug where config file was read simultaneously by two functions
	Fixed choosing winamp exe caused crash when path was not found
	Fixed text typo
	Fixed Open Tab in sidebar didn't work
	Fixed Wrong channel icons

AdiIRC 1.7 - 19-02-2008

	Added support for sentence highlights
	Fixed canceling plugin/updates caused crash
	Fixed bug causing crash when scrolling userlist
	Added option to disable CTCP reply
	Added option to select text encoding on a server by server basis
	Added Channel list popup
	Fixed serveral issues on Windows 98/ME
	Added message queue so messages will not scroll or appear while searching/copy text
	Fixed searchpanel was showing up the wrong place redock
	Fixed notices from users didnt show up in private windows
	Rewrote color options, more space, cleaner interface
	Added option to sort userlist by Prefix or Alphabetically
	Added option to keep userlist hidden at startup
	Fixed dockbar didnt change selected channel when toggling between dock/undocked windows
	Fixed Undocked window settings was not saved
	Added Hide dockbar menu
	Added View -> Userlist
	Added dockable sidebar with treeview of servers, channels and users
	Changed CTRL + L to hide all userlists instead of the selected one
	Added better iTunes integration, play,stop,next,playlist search etc
	Added MediaMonkey support
	Added experimental support for CHANPREFIX flags from server
	Added $floop[file] to loop lines from a file in custom commands
	Rewrote Sysinfo and sysinfo options, more userfriendly
	Added abillity to use Sysinfo and mediaplayer tags in custom commands
	Added abillity to submit bug reports upon crashes
	Fixed bug where /amsg sent messages to private windows
	Fixed issue where main windows did not restore previous window state after minimize
	Fixed the long standing bug where message buffer exploded
	Fixed issue where password protected channels wouldnt rejoin on disconnect
	Added option to define global hotkey to show/hide main window
	Fixed messages didnt redraw correctly when switching on/off Search
	Fixed several iTunes plugin issues (Asking for Quit, duration, reconnect on itunes start)
	Fixed could not connect to euirc network
	Added Invite to/CTCP and ignore menuitems in private windows
	Added Windows real product names in /osinfo /sysinfo
	Fixed CTCP Ping reply in ms
	Fixed User invited User to Chan tekst on invite
	Fixed connecting to server and closing server window would result in crash
	Changed Update/Plugin windows is no longer blocking mainwindow
	Rewroted the whole underlaying MDI/Window process, fixed several bugs
	Added dockbar items reordering by dragging with the mouse
	Added dockable highlight window
	Added option to separate log folders by date
	Added support for irc:// url association
	Added Topic menu item in Channels, to ease changing topic
	Fixed some IPV6 parse bugs
	Added $gfxram variable in sysinfo/gfxinfo
	Added shortcut displays in system menues
	Fixed issue where graphic card info was incorrect	
	Fixed CTRL+ALT+key didnt trigger various shortkeys
	Fixed small issue when selected several users in the userlist
	Added Server logging and server history
	Added Experimental support for extended mouse buttons
	Added dragdrop to dcc files to nicks in the userlist
	Added Network info and connected speed to /bw and /sysinfo
	Fixed combo shortkey bug in custom commands
	Added &#124 to custom commands, to run multiple commands at once
	Rewrote large parts of the serverlist to make it easier to use
	Fixed a channel parse bug when Connecting from serverlist
	Added option to set Channel Title text
	Added +k/+l channelmenu items
	Changed /google /pgoogle to show 1 result and added -n number syntax
	Added See changes link in /alphaup
	Added option to show last X lines in a private or channel window
	Fixed /google and /pgoogle was not working
	Added /alphaup command to download latest alphabuild
	Added TabComplete suffix
	Fixed small issue where @#channel would not parse as an channel
	Changed saved mainwindow position to be restored before mainwindow is displayed
	Fixes several issues related to quicksaving servers
	Added notify message of quicksaved servers
	Fixed password is saved when rejoining channels
	Added /audioinfo and audioinfo to /sysinfo
	Fixed an issue when pasting text with only one newline
	Fixed Show in active flag was saved wrong			
	Fixed a bug with hightlight ignore
	Fixed bug where channels wouldnt close
	Added /aclear command to clear all servers/channels
	Fixed a bug where windows would not start maximized

AdiIRC 1.6 - 23-01-2007
	- Fixed a /meminfo bug when ram is larger than 2gb
	- Added Color chooser dialog to CTRL + K
	- Fixed small server password/bnc login bug
	- Fixed potential bug with unactivated windows
	- Fixed potential bug with autoscrolling windows
	- Added ServerList Add server guide
	- Added menu shortcuts in channels systemmenu
	- Added option to always hide window in taskbar
	- Fixed bug links not showing correctly when using strip tags
	- Added new winamp control icons
	- Added shortcut key mapping to commands (key&key&key)
	- Added CTRL + L to toggle userlist visibility
	- Added options to add images on mainwindow or channels, and transparency
	- Added complete away system
	- Added highlight ignore
	- Fixed bug where highlighted words in links would mess up
	- Added Update/Betaup dialogs
	- Added BetaUpdate option
	- Added fading title to popup windows
	- Added Quick saving of server and menuitems in Server menu
	- Added rightclick menu to topic links/nicks/channels
	- Added Windows Media player Plugin download
	- Changed default mediaplayer to None
	- Added option to enable sound on highlight, channel activity and priv msgs
	- Rewrote user prefix to support all chars reported by server
	- Added Fullscreen/Always ontop View menu items
	- Fixed small issue with fullscreen restoring previous state
	- Fixed issue where song title would flash in the statusbar
	- Fixed ctcp time back and forth
	- Added kick/kickban reason popup dialog
	- Added recursive slaps menu from slaps file when rightclicking a user
	- Added /query [user] [msg], /query [user] just opens a priv window
	- Fixed bug where doubleclicking a nick, didnt focus the new window
	- Added support for ! user prefix
	- Fixed dockbar now makes overflow menu again
	- Added Rejoin menu to dockmenu
	- Fixed small bug regarding sorting voiced users
	- Added /google and /pgoogle
	- Added new media player tags %volumep and %volumep
	- Added /restart to restart IRC
	- Added alias /p to /part
	- Added -j/-join #chan,#chan to /server
	- Fixed potential bug with fetching external ip			
	- Made password textbox in serverlist shadowed
	- Added alt + left/right working as ctrl + tab / ctrl + shift + tab
	- Rewroted some fundamental stuff to trap where one couldnt type
	- Added new media player tags %totaltracks and %volume
	- Fixed several bugs related to BNC's
	- Now the whole slaps line is editable
	- Added new color, for the MDI background
	- Added realtime playlist search in winamp, if plugin is installed
	- Added random nowplaying and random quit messages
	- Cleaned up "show in active" flags
	- Added option for saving/restoring mainwindow and channel
	- Added option to make your prefix in userlist follow status
	- Added option to make windiws minimize when pressing X
	- Added option to ask for confirmation when closing windows
	- Added seperate colors for topic box, and link color
	- Fixed bug scrolling userlist would jump
	- Added tabcomplete on channels
	- Fixed two small annoying errors related to showing/hiding windows
	- CTRL + tab and ctrl + shift + tab follows open windows now
	- Now saves open window state, size and location, and restores them
	- Fixed issue where windows didnt want to maximize
	- Fixed flicker issue when resizing windows
	- Fixed issue where clicking on ballontray didnt restore window state
	- Closing undocked windows, now docks them again
	- Added Shift + TAB for toggling through window objects
	- Made links in topic clickable
	- Changed logging folder from server to network name
	- Cleaned up who/whois a little
	- Added new colors joins,parts,quit,topic,mode,names,whois,kick
	- Fixed bug where channel would try to part when kicked
	- Fixed bug serverhost/port in quick connect didnt get saved (doh)
	- Fixed potential issue with windows not focusing as they should
	- Changed the winamp now playing to a plugin based system
	- Added iTunes support
	- Fixed small bug with restoring windowstate after minimizing
	- Finished sysinfo options, every output is now customizeable
	- Fixed lots of now playing id3tag bugs
	- Added option to dock dcc transfer window into main window
	- Added whitelist on auto incoming DCC transfers
	- Added small popup forms with info on various tags in options
	- Changed default logdir to RunPath\Logs\
	- Added option showing highlight notice in current active window
	- Added option to send to tray when clicking X
	- Added new option menu with lots of userlist options(colors, font etc)
	- Disabled mouseclick triggers on default
	- Messages now splits up into 440 char messages to ensure everything recives
	- Added Search box, to search text in windows, toggled with ctrl + f
	- Added auto saving/restoring windowstate, size, and location
	- Added $status tag for message prefix (shows channel status @%+)
	- Added idv3 tag reading, (except idv3-2)
	- Fixed bug where client did not respond to CTCP #channel
	- Fixed potential bug with dcc status update
	- Pasted text no longer executes /commands
	- Made some small changes on file size/bandwidth conversion (thanks Steven)
	- Fixed allowing spaces in /join and quickconnect
	- Fixed bug with tabcomplete not working in undocked windows
	- Fixed issue with channel activity actions (ups)
	- Fixed small issues with mirc color parser
	- Fixed issue where id3tags couldnt be read over network shares
	- Fixed couple of DCC bugs when dccing from private window
	- Fixed issue where channelmenu would not update link urls
	- Added check for winamp is stopped or paused
	- Added more tags %bitrate,%version,%layer,%mode,%frequency,%size,%position
	- Added new media player tags,%player,%percentp,%percentl,%progress,%left
	- Fixed small issue where songs with many - would display wrong
	- Added welcome tab in options with some information
	- Added new color, client for information from the client
	- Added option to disable autocopy to clipboard when selecting text
	- Added option to disable autofocus message field after copy text
	- Added option question dialog when disconnecting server from icon
	- Added option question dialog when closing irc while connected
	- Speeded up copy text and made newlines proper
	- Added now playing menus to channel and user menus
	- Added sysinfo menu to channel and private rightclick menues
	- Added /advertise which shows an download link to adiirc setup file
	- Changed adding new server set default serverhost and serverpor
	- Fixed potenial bug with = chars in options and serverlist
	- Added new date properties for timestamps
	- Added total customizing of toolbar, and saving layout
	- Added form to edit custom slaps
	- Added alt + k to focus searchbox
	- Fixed Network name is now pulled from network info
	- Fixed reconnect issue where channel users didnt clear
	- Added allowing of drag/drop reorder icons in toolbar
	- Added searchbox to toolbar which opens browser with search querys
	- Fixed issue where Identd wouldnt work
	- Fixed incoming DCC tries to create an garbage folder
	- Fixed serious issue with sending DCC files (thanks Nelsmar)
	- Added index parameter to /slap, pulling line at index number
	- Fixed issue where %duration would show wrong count (oops)
	- Rewrote window flashing code

AdiIRC 1.5 - 21-06-2006
	- MainWindow now resizes to previous state when clicking trayicon
	- Fixed small bug with /uptime
	- Added option to disable quick connect dialog
	- Added option Highlight on channel activity
	- Fixed issue where nick colors would generate same as background
	- Added winamp %artist,%title,%album,%year,%track,%genre,%duration,%length vars
	- Rewrote Winamp song parser, now reading id3 tags
	- Fixed small bug with #channel rightclick in server windows
	- Added "Disable external messages" chanmenu
	- Added Serverlist/options/dcc/cascade/tile horiz/tile vert icons
	- Added Rightclick statuspanel to quick change media player	
	- Added Server/channel/query/ icons to windows
	- Links now open in a new thread
	- Added Windows Media player and QCDPlayer /np support and options
	- Added CTRL + O and CTRL + S shortkeys to options and serverlist
	- Added option to set default ban syntax ($nick!$ident@$host)
	- Added option to set default part message
	- Changed AutoSend Commands (perform) to multiline textbox
	- Rewroted the highlight parser
	- Removed linespacers from moderate menu
	- Fixed some leftover /part bugs
	- Fixed lowercase search in winamp search
	- Added new PING/PONG game, should detect timeouts better
	- Added optionally Laginfo (in ms) to statusbar	and /lag
	- Added seperate rawlog for each server
	- Added banlist GUI
	- Rewrote "copy text" from windows code, fixed a lot of issues
	- Fixed bug where nicks with backslashes would not highlight
	- Added CTRL+H for quick tab access to highlighted channel/priv windows
	- Fixed resizing flicker when using autoconnect servers
	- Added real AutoReconnect, AutoRetry and AutroRetryDelay on servers
	- Fixed /server host port to /server host:port [password]
	- Rewroted all underlaying server/thread communications
	- Added option to toggle mouseclick triggers in statusbar
	- Added options to configure output on balloontips
	- Added option to animate icon in systray	
	- Redesigned popups dialogs
	- Fixed channel join speedups
	- Added /run url
	- Added /dns and /resolv [host/ip]
	- Another Windows 98 fix to the installer
	- Added wallops "show in active" flag
	- Fixed some rawlog scrolling issues
	- Added New (good looking) Icon to all windows/forms
	- Added highlight on /me messages
	- Added more space between servers in dockcbar
	- Fixed some issues with Ctrl+tab/ctrl+f6
	- Rewrote the TopMenu, made it more flexible and dockable
	- Fixed some issues with usernick select in userlist
	- Fixed small display bug in /o
	- Made winamp statusbar centered
	- Added a routine to show Gb/Mb/Kb/Bytes on incoming dcc filesizes/bandwidth
	- Added "Save As" browse button in DCC incoming popupform
	- Added Bold/Colors/Italic shotkeys to Commands and topic textboxes
	- Added "Day changed to date" message when day changes
	- Fixed /join needed # prefix
	- Added /hop [message] for quick part/joining a channel
	- Changed /hop /dehop to /halfop /halfdeop
	- Rewrote Autocomplete and fixed the Alt + Tab bug
	- Tweaked the statusbar borders
	- Fixed a issue where certain usernicks wouldnt update on /Nick
	- Balloontips is now on by default
	- Fixed multiple selects, fires commands with all selected nicks
	- Added ctrl + nick in userlist, selectes multiple nicks
	- Removeds a space in front of certain messages (oops)
	- Fixed previous menu item working again
	- Fixed tab colors is updated at once when applying options
	- Fixed selected window is checked in MDIList

AdiIRC Beta 1.4.10 - 06-05-2006

	- Changed highlight action, from flashing bold, to flashing border
	- Added A little icon to Windows
	- Cleaned op usermenus, added "Invite to" userlist menu
	- Added mouse rightclick to userList
	- Fixed a real serious issue with Paths which could reset all options
	- Added Window list menu to SystrayIcon for quick access to channels
	- Lots of code cleanup
	- Overrided CTRL + F6 to follow controlled Z-order
	- Removed flicker when generating new mdi windowlist and changing window

AdiIRC Beta 1.4.9 - 05-05-2006
	- Fixed some issues with usernick change race and did some lowercase checks
	- Fixes two serious issue with reconnect/connecting new server
	- Fixed some small serverlist GUI bugs
	- Added example serverlist for the installer
	- Made Inactive dockcolor configureable
	- Fixed some leftover bugs with dockbar textalign
	- Made some GUI changes to dockbar menu
	- Added FAQ and report bug link in help menu, and made it use custom browser
	- Added CTRL + T opening new blank server window
	- Added oper/halfoper/voice/normal tooltip counters in statubar text
	- Made the serverwindow output more readable
	- Added own color for notices
	- Added Dockbar optionally visible in View -> Dockbar
	- Made highlighted windows flash with bold/normal text
	- Added View -> DCC, incoming/outgoing dcc transfers and a dcc form window
	- Fixed View -> Toolbar/statusbar now saved to config file
	- Fixed some color bugs/rewrote color parser
	- Fixed some Windows 98 issues with both IRC and the installer
	- Added rightclick menu to links, "Open in browser" and "copy link"
	- Changed single link click, to doubleclick
	- Fixed linkparser, now using static color, change it in options
	- Fixed installer will overwrite old files in install dir
	- Fixed better parse of channel modes
	- Fixed ctrl + tab/ctrl + shift + tab cyckling in real z-order
	- Changed autoupdate interval check to 24 hours
	- Added doubleclicking usernick opens private window
	- Added doubleclicking channel names joins channel
	- Fixed userlist making double lines in long nicks

AdiIRC Beta 1.4.8 - 18-04-2006

	- First release with windows installer
	- Fixed bug with bw not counting right
	- Fixed bug /Names wouldnt show in right window
	- Added regex catching urls, they can be launched by /o [num], see /o
	- Made Toolbar dock/undockable (no options though)
	- Fixed some cycle issues between docked and undocked windows
	- Fixed unodocked windows able to fullscreen standalone by F11
	- Fixed multiple issues with 1 window in MDI and others undocked
	- Added scripting $file[path] and $frand[path] to pull text from files
	- Fixed some form focus issues
	- Changed ALT + D to be able to change opacity on undocked windows
	- Added mainIcon to all forms again

AdiIRC Beta 1.4.7 - 31-03-2006
	- Fixed better parse of /banlist, inc unixtime to date convert
	- Fixed "Message jumps" bug when undocking windows
	- Fixed Dockbar text aligning wrong after swapping rafting side
	- AutoConnect, now (safely) connects at once
	- Fixed some issues with Winamp search focus/selected items
	- Fixed default kill message is (usernick)
	- Selected usernick in userlist no longer displayed when not focused
	- Lots of cosmetic changes to buttons and popup dialogs
	- Added Opacity (Alt + Up/Down) to Commands, Winamp, options, server forms
	- Made Custom Commands and Winamp search forms scaleable
	- Fixed F11 fullscreen now is real fullscreen
	- Fixed TimerThreads will try to kill them self when closing MainForm
	- Fixed some Options save bugs when in QuickConnect mode
	- Added some check rutines to startup autoconnect (more threadsafe)
	- Added Disable option to Bandwidth Adapter, now disabled per default
	- Added vertical scrollbar to custom commands
	- Cleaned up Icontray menu, remove win items, added serverlist, winamp, display
	- Made some changes to AutoUpdate, transparent to old versions
	- Changed Help menu, now opens url to website
	- Fixed some small bugs in Winamp Search
	- Added Statusbar interval options (in milliseconds)
	- Added Statusbar options to toggle what labels to display
	- Fixed clicking ballontray didnt popup mainform when minimized to tray
	- Added currently playing Winamp song label to statusbar
	- Removed Window and Commands menues from Quick login
	- Added Menu "View" and Toolbar/Statusbar toogle items
	- Made BW timer sleep when mainform is minimized

AdiIRC Beta 1.4.6 - 20-03-2006
	- Added download/upload statusbar label
	- Added /bw showing download/upload speed, network select in options/sysinfo
	- Fixed some bugs where /diskinfo divided wrong
	- Fixed /quit now alyways disconnect at once
	- Added check to make sure global font is not bold or italic, for now
	- Added /diskinfo [drive letter]
	- Fixed $[num] replaced with "" if no param[num] given
	- Fixed font not rounding up size right
	- Fixed bug /msg opening new window every time when OpenWinOnMsg was set
	- Fixed closing server, closing all related windows
	- Added some more checks to make sure messages not "jumps"
	- New Update.exe and a BetaUpdate.exe is out (/betaup), should be threadsafe

AdiIRC Beta 1.4.5 - 11-03-2006

	- Enabled Server seperator to dockbar again
	- Finally fixed all "minimize to tray bugs"
	- Fixed multiservers working again (oops)
	- Fixed strange bug appering while closing irc
	- Fixed CTRL+A ding/sound on keypress
	- Fixed some network error with /quit
	- Fixed trying to reconnect after /quit'ing
	- Fixed some CTRL+V/Paste bugs
	- ALT + UP/DOWN toggles mainwindow opacity
	- Fixed some mirc color/bold parse issues
	- Fixed issue where priv windows would try to JOIN as chan
	- Fixed /wallops and wallops incoming parser
	- Fixed the "message jump" bug
	- Added "Click to change Nick" tooltip in statusbar
	- Fixed Pageup/Pagedown scrolling "page" instead of one line
	- Made all popup Forms screencentered and using adiirc main icon
	- Added winamp command menu items
	- Added CTRL + J open a winamp playlist search window
	- Added F11 toggles application FullScreen
	- Fixed Shift + Tab not triggering autocomplete

AdiIRC Beta 1.4.4 - 07-03-2006
	- Fixed bug where balloontray would not go away in win2k
	- Fixed balloontray not stop flashing and not activate flash window bug
	- Fixed CTCP Version working again
	- Added Custom Commands file menu and parser
	- Changed Logfile extension from .txt too .log
	- Added ID3 tag read to winamp playlist, tags gets favored
	- Fixed incoming ctcp can be lowercased
	- Fixed ctcp can take endless parameters
	- Rewroted a lot of code for optimizations purposes
	- Added @%+ + nick display to statusbar, and usernick change popupbox
	- Fixed small bug where serverwindow would get highlight color
	- Fixed bug where priv tabs would keep "flashing"
	- Fixed ALT + TAB no longer tries to AutoComplete
	- Rewroted dockbar cloning DOTNET look (experimental, off for now)
	- Fixed ALT + Num no longer makes "ding sound"
	- Made som changes to how active/deactive highlight works
	- Added clicking balloontip, change to highligted window and foucs IRC
	- Fixed bug in BalloonTip showing wrong usernick, woops
	- Fixed /amsg display localy like /me
	- Double buffered Options and ServerList
	- Fixed issue where Options would lose focus (flicker) when applying

AdiIRC Beta 1.4.3 - 22-02-2006
	- Fixed a bug where paste would paste a linie with blank text
	- Added systray icon tooltip when highlighted and option
	- Fixed bug where flashing window on highlight wouldnt work
	- Fixed /server disconnecting at once instead of waiting for quit
	- Fixed bug where chans would flash message color instead of highlight
	- Added "Invite to joined chans" menu when clicking usernicks
	- Added greyed text navigation in options to see selected node
	- Added L2 cache to /sysinfo and /cpuinfo
	- Added /uptime and uptime info to /sysinfo
	- Replaced Save buttons from options/serverlist, with apply/close
	- Added some debug checks to /cpuinfo and /sysinfo

AdiIRC Beta 1.4.2 - 13-02-2006

	- Update.exe now always writes to AdiIRC.exe
	- Fixed SHIFT + mouseclick now closes servers too
	- Added Statusbar (optional), showing chan/server name and user count
	- Added "There is no new updates" when manually checking for updates
	- Set default reconnect timer to 5 seconds instead of 10
	- Fixed issue where autoreconnect flag was not set after /connect
	- Fixed a bug where /server contained old userinfo from autoconnect
	- Fixed Erroneous Nickname, now trying to use second usernick
	- Added total redraw of userlist when changing font/font size
	- Added static colors when selecting item in userlist
	- Cleaned up help file and added Shortkeys
	- Rewroted ALT + Num rutine, now ignoring seperator
	- Added $me<tab> prints usernick in inputbox
	- Added Alias /dop = /deop
	- Fixed mousemarker not always showed when using big fonts
	- Changed inputbox to singleline, now autosizes by font size
	- Fixed paste, pastes text on the fly in inputbox

AdiIRC Beta 1.4.1 - 10-02-2006

	- Added "Allow multiple select in userlist" option
	- Fixed a bug where usernicks with _ was not drawn right
	- Fixed bug with priv window added before chan
	- Rewrote autocommand, added auto /quote pass pass
	- Fixed a bug with ALT + 9
	- Fixed autoconnect didnt work when autoreconnect was false
	- Fixed a bug with messages when window was empty
	- Added /ignore [user/mask] and /unignore [user/mask]
	- Fixed a bug with private windows didnt "scroll" right
	- Added "Check for update" menu in Help menu
	- Added /update for manually checking for updated
	- New disconnect/connect icons again (thanks tg)

AdiIRC Beta 1.4.0 - 07-02-2006

	- Added winamp playlist option and wsearch max output
	- Added /wselect [serach term], auto play first hit
	- Added /wjump [position] to change winamp song
	- Added /wsearch [search tem] for searching winamp playlist
	- Removed maxlength again
	- Fixed /np showing wrong nick
	- Made messages always starts at the bottom in a window
	- Rewroted color/fonts handlings, colors/fonts can now be changed on the fly

AdiIRC Beta 1.3.27 - 06-02-2006

	- Rewroted the update system and made an update.exe for autoupdating
	- Fixed some strange errors with disconnect
	- Fixed AutoCommands stays with server until serverchange
	- Fixed some bugs with chanmenu clicks
	- Added different colors for Oper/Halfop/voice in userlist

AdiIRC Beta 1.3.26 - 04-02-2006
	- Fixed Maximize windows option was not saved properly
	- Changed Winamp -> winampbar to Windows -> Toolbar
	- Added new Connect/disconnect buttons
	- Added winamp.exe path in option (for opening winamp)
	- FINALLY fixed flicker while changing maximized windows
	- Added start Winamp button (thanks tg)
	- Changed Auto check for update, running in its own thread
	- Fixed Connect All actually works
	- Changed AutoConnect server to use reconnect timer
AdiIRC Beta 1.3.25 - 02-02-2006
	- Changed winamp parser
	- Added Multiuser select in userlist
	- Added Connect/disconnect button with icon (thanks tg) to Toolbar
	- Renamed Disconnect file menu to Connection, added Connect and Connect All
	- Added real userlist grouping/sorting
	- Added "Start windows maximized" option
	- Fixed a bug with internal Nick got replaced
	- Added Dockbar grouping/sorting chans/priv windows

AdiIRC Beta 1.3.24 - 01-02-2006

	- Added WHOIS on private message and WHOIS on highlight options
	- Fixed some bugs with nicks when logging in
	- Changed mouseclick + ALT closes chan to mouseclick + SHIFT
	- Fixed "Show in selected window" messages now defaults to server
	- Fixed /amsg only shows on current server
	- Userlist now stays the same size when resizing windows
	- Added Enter saves and Escape closes dialogs in serverlist
	- Fixed rename server in serverlist
	- Changed "Connect All" button, now always visible
	- Fixed chan/serv names in dockbar aligned left, removed space

AdiIRC Beta 1.3.23 - 31-01-2006

	- Fixed some bugs with /gfxinfo and /sysinfo
	- Rewroted Dockbar again, with new look
	- Added basic Winamp bar with icons (thanks tg)
	- Added error message when opening bogus URL
	- Fixed /kick [chan] [user] [message] dont show user + messsage
	- Added maxlength of 300 chars in input box
	- Fixed servers trying to reconnect immediately with /server and /reconnect

AdiIRC Beta 1.3.22 - 23-01-2006
	- Added /gfxinfo and /sysinfo
	- Added All Servers to Topmenu -> Server -> Disconnect
	- Added /exit for exsisting all servers and close application
	- Changed /quit [msg] to quit current server only
	- Added QuickConnect options in options dialog
	- Fixed QuickConnect not showing when AutoConnect servers is selected
	- Added New Window options to Windows menu
	- Added GroupBox around quick connect form at startup
	- Fixed unknown /commands sends output to server
	- Fixed startup saves host and serverport
	- Added /sethost /chghost /setident and /chgident
	- Renamed servermenu Ping to Time
	- Fixed channelmenu disconnect working again
	- Added RealName and UserNick to login
	- Added full working ServerList, and rewroted a lot of code
	- Fixed a strange event where window didnt flash on highlight
	- Removed StripMircBold and StripMircColors, now only StripMirc
	- Changed (un)Dock shortkey from CTRL + I to CTRL + D
	- Added mIRC Underline and Italic msgs and CTRL + I/CTRL + U

AdiIRC Beta 1.3.21 - 18-01-2006
	- Added /cpuinfo /meminfo /diskinfo and /osinfo posting
	- Added /gline,/rehash,/ircops and /kline
	- Added "You are not connected" messages if not connected
	- Added Server DockBar seperator
	- Fixed a few bugs concering open/sorting channels
	- Made some changes to how disconnect/close/quit works
	- Rewrote all dockbar code
	- Removed all tabcode entirely for now
	- Fixed /server didnt work if hostname lookup failed

AdiIRC Beta 1.3.20 - 18-01-2006

	- Fixed Disconnect menu showing an error when not connected
	- Fixed Help not displayed right in window 2000
	- Made some cosmetic changes in options
	- Moved random nick colors to Color tab in options
	- Disabled autoscroll to bottom when mainwindow loosing focus
	- Fixed a bug with dockemenu wouldnt work after serverreconnect
	- Fixed /clear, wasnt working after message rewrite

AdiIRC Beta 1.3.19 - 18-01-2006
	- Fixed some annoying little bugs with messages
	- Removed scrollback option, not needed after new rewrite
	- Fixed a bug with channel menu didnt update
	- Changed server for hosting everything, thanks tg :-)
	- Fixed quit message in private win dont highlight
	- Fixed a tiny bug with some part of message not highlightet

AdiIRC Beta 1.3.18 - 17-01-2006

	- Added /wplay/wstop/wpause/wnext/wprev/wup/wdown/wseekf/wseekr winamp5 cmds
	- Added rightclick menu to usernicks and channel names
	- Disabled Tab options for now, too broken
	- Fixed a bug with Login options not saved at first run
	- Fixed Message options now defaults in options
	- Fixed Escape closes options/help/changes/rawlog
	- Added ALT + o opens options
	- Added PageUp/PageDown/Home and END scrolls message window
	- Fixed auto reconnect server after forced disconnect
	- Fixed escape of special chars in highlights
	- Fixed so scrollback can be any number

AdiIRC Beta 1.3.17 - 16-01-2006
	- Fixed bug showing own Quit message
	- Fixed issues with Nicks in use
	- Fixed showing "Disconnected" in all windows
	- Added Auto rejoining of open channels
	- Added /reconnect [message] function
	- Keep windows open now keeps chans open at disconnect
	- Made some massive changes to server connect/reconnect
	- Fixed /notice showing in selected window
	- Fixed yet another bug with autoscroll

AdiIRC Beta 1.3.16 - 15-01-2006

	- Fixed private windows in Dockbar flashing
	- Fixed all mouse events now working in tab mode
	- Added mouse cursor changing when hovering #chans
	- Fixed font in options defaults to selected font
	- Fixed a bug causing scrollback not loading at first run
	- Fixed a bug with cycle not working

AdiIRC Beta 1.3.15 - 14-01-2006

	- Added Dockbar flashing colors on highlight
	- Fixed "Log on" button gets activated with Enter key
	- Added timer to /cycle, syntax /cycle [milliseconds] [message]
	- Added leftclick on #channames joins chan

AdiIRC Beta 1.3.14 - 14-01-2006

	- Fixed server notices not showing in selected window
	- CC updated slaps.txt
	- Fixed so one can scroll messages without autoscrolling
	- Fixed a random nick color bug
	- Added CTRL + A for selecting entire text
	- Fixed the message scrolling bug for real
	- Added a temp fix for "message jump" when messages get focus
	- Fixed a bug with { and } messing up the messages

AdiIRC Beta 1.3.13 - 12-01-2006

	- Added Show random nickname colors
	- Fixed regexp of highligting nicks
	- Fixed a bug with Dockchan not removed with /part
	- Fixed "Cannot send to channel" show in channel
	- Fixed Disconnect FileMenu works

AdiIRC Beta 1.3.12 - 12-01-2006

	- Fixed some options focus bugs
	- Fixed some server disconnects bugs	
	- Added basic Identd server and options
	- Fixed Auto Join Channels only works at first run
	- Changed some Functions to see if AutoScroll works better
	- Added SHIFT + Mouseclick to close chan and private windows
	- Fixed message scrolling with scroll mouse

AdiIRC Beta 1.3.11 - 11-01-2006

	- Fixed the part msg bug again
	- Added /cyckle [msg] for parting/join all chans
	- Added msg when joined inactive chan
	- Added fix for dock now showing
	- Added key to /join
	- Clear userlist/topic on kick
	- Set Show In Active INVITE,NOTICE and CTCP at default
	- Added /rejoin for rejoining inactive chans
	- Fixed /notice showing right place

AdiIRC Beta 1.3.10 - 10-01-2006

	- Fixed a bug with closing server removed channels
	- Added Auto Rejoin On Kick option
	- Added Keep Channels Open option
	- Fixed some windowclose bugs

AdiIRC Beta 1.3.9 - 10-01-2006

	- Added CTRL+/something+ENTER = /something
	- Fixed a bug with options not showing right
	- Fixed //cmd shows /cmd
	- Added autoupdate of hostname in priv windows
	- Added saving last typed msg in msg history
	- Added /join #chan,#chan,#chan
	- Fixed a bug with window trying to part after kick
	- Fixed some bugs with wrong tabcolors and default colors

AdiIRC Beta 1.3.8 - 09-01-2006

	- Speeded up the client renderer some
	- Fixed a bug with no messages showing after /clear
	- Fixed a bug with screen going white
	- Added ALT + A for toggle AlwaysOnTop in undocked windows
	- Added AlwaysOnTop for options window if main window is top
	- Fixed font/size save and autochange fonts on controls
	- Added ALT + A for toogle AlwaysOnTop

AdiIRC Beta 1.3.7 - 09-01-2006

	- Fixed // works like /
	- Fixed a ALT + 2 bug
	- Fixed new priv windows dont have focus at open
	- Fixed Highlight/color on priv
	- Added Always on top option
	- Fixed a check for update bug
	- Fixed another color bug
	- Fixed a bug showing wrong options
	- Fixed a bug with %user in winamp in default options	

AdiIRC Beta 1.3.6 - 09-01-2006
	- Fixed a bug with lowercase highlight replace
	- Fixed a few bugs with /msg
	- Fixed a stupid bug with -m and -new
	- Fixed a bug with wrong highlight colors
	- Fixed a bug with ALT GR not working

AdiIRC Beta 1.3.5 - 09-01-2006
	- Fixed a case sensitive bug with nick highlight
	- Fixed a bug with font not saved
	- Fixed check for new version at run
	- Fixed /ame only works for current server
	- Added -m to /server (same as -new)
	- Added apply button to Options dialog
	- Added 0 to day/month in logging
	- Fixed a bug with closing windows
	- Added ALT + Z/CTRL + W for closing windows
	- Added ALT 1-0 for changing windows
	- Fixed a focus bug when clicking message area

AdiIRC Beta 1.3.4 - 08-01-2006

	- Fixed a VERSION bug
	- Changed Icon in tray and added icon to .exe
	- Added Flash Whole Line option
	- Fixed autojoin/nicks/dock config saved at first run
	- Fixed a bug with highlight not working at first run
	- Fixed som VERSION stuff

AdiIRC Beta 1.3.3 - 08-01-2006

	- Added automatic check for new versions
	- Added Unixtime to /ping and /ctcp ping

AdiIRC Beta 1.3.2 - 08-01-2006

	- Added Flash/stop Flash window on highlight
	- Fixed a bug with $user not highlighting

AdiIRC Beta 1.3.1 - 08-01-2006

	- Fixed a scroll bug (again)
	- Fixed a bug with some options was not saved correct

AdiIRC Beta 1.3 - 08-01-2006

	- Added ContextMenu for trayicon Minimize/Maximize/Restore/Options/Close
	- Added Changes menu in menubar, fetching this file from HTTP
	- Added autosave of dockbar position
	- Fixed a nasty bug with windows not showing after minimize
	- Fixed a bug showing usernick change in all channels
	- Fixed a bug with @Users didnt vanish from userlist
	- Fixed an annoying bug with channel text scrolling
	- Added /osinfo and /meminfo
	- Added "Show in taskbar" when detaching a window
	- Added My Color in options/Channels
	- Added ident@host to join/part/quit
	- Changed padding on button in Dockbar

AdiIRC Beta 1.2 - 08-01-2006

	- Added Help file in menu, showing commands
	- Added temporary save of autojoin/usernick and second nick to config
	- Added new Tray Icon (temporary)
	- Fixed GetHostEntry (old function was depricated)
	- Fixed UNIX timestamp to nice date (and vica versa) converter
AdiIRC Beta 1.1 - 07-01-2006

	- Highlight fixed
	- Made channel autojoin (temporary)
	- Added /slap users file with random slaps and a menu i userlist