Fixed default shortcuts is not loaded when config.ini is missing
Fixed some text is using the wrong "i" character.
Fixed Identd replies is not shown
Fixed RAW 312 has wrong $1- parameters
Added unofficial "/setoption Messages NickColumnSize N" to set the number of pixels to use between nick and messages in the textbuffer
Separated track away status/send delay to avoid confusion
#3621 /download -c should delete the destination file if stop succeed
#3620 Some dialog items should not be disabled during "disable" timer
#3619 /reload -rs FILE it should strip the case sensitive
#3618 /echo outputs wrong text to Server/Channel monitor panels
#3617 $group() still returns a value after a script file unloaded via script editor
#3616 Add .ignore property in $script() identifier
#3614 Dialog button doesn't get default flag working sometimes
#3613 /did -d -o parameter doesn't work for the "radio" item
#3612 /did -d parameter doesn't work for the "edit" item
#3611 /did -d -o parameters doesn't work for the "check" item
#3610 /did -d -o parameters doesn't work for the "button" item
#3609 /did -a -r -d -i -o parameters doesn't work for the "link" item
#3608 /did -d -i -o -h -v parameters doesn't work for the "tab" item
#3607 /did -o -d parameters doesn't work for the "box" item
#3606 $clias(N) via //echo returns incorrect value on editbox
#3605 /did -r and -d parameters for the "text" item doesn't work
#3604 /parseline doesn't work with empty text
#3603 Opening files from the DCC transfer panel doesn't always work
#3602 /dialog "text" item doesn't support newlines
#3601 Editbox text color is reset when cycling up/down in history on Wine
#3599 Text Wrap is not working inside a Dialog on Wine
#3574 A "/goto" command misbehaves when located inside an "IF" within an "IF" and used in a dialog.

2.9 Beta Build (2017/07/22)

Fixed wildcard searching in Logs manager doesn't work properly
Fixed Rawlog should have a minimum saved "Debug" buffer
Fixed private/notice echo-message replies are not shown correctly and in the correct window
Fixed RAW 312 ":" is not stripped correctly
More APIv2 changes
#3600 $ialias().alias returns wrong value
#3598 /background add new parameter -o
#3597 Add option to set background image for Switchbar buttons
#3596 MDI windows should never be saved/restored partially visible or in sizes greater than the MDI area
#3595 Allow double clicking to select a word when "Automatically copy selected text to clipboard" is disabled
#3594 Merge "AutoCopy selected text to clipboard" and "AutoFocus Editbox" into one option
#3593 Add support for ACTION/CTCP/DCC request/replies without trailing char 1
#3592 /ctcpreply does not display the reply
#3591 Some CTCP messages is not properly encapsulated in bold tags if enabled
#3590 CTRL + C in logview doesn't work when auto copy selected text is disabled
#3589 $ctime() doesn't working in some parameters
#3588 IF and !== $null statement bug while & character exist as plain text
#3587 $file().version and $file().shortfn sometimes returns wrong value
#3586 /run doesn't work on spaced files/folders without quotes
#3344 Plugins: Add access to Tags in relevant delegates.

2.9 Beta Build (2017/07/15-2)

Fixed some internal crashes with ircv3 tags
#3585 Main window is not restored correctly on some multi monitor setups
#3584 All windows/dialogs should be show on the monitor where main form is running regardless of saved position
#3583 Add option to set which monitor Tips should be shown
#3582 Tips should by defaults be shown on the same monitor as the main window
#3091 Docking main window on a non primary monitor doesn't work

2.9 Beta Build (2017/07/15-1)

Fixed ctrl+break check causing all kinds of mayhem
Possibly fixed a /goto issue

2.9 Beta Build (2017/07/15)

Fixed $ulist/$level is not matching correctly
Fixed Notify time should be ignored on unsupported servers
Fixed Rawlog connection debug data should include server hostname
Fixed some issues with $v1 and $v2
Added many new v2 API's
#3580 $notify().ison returns wrong value in some cases
#3579 Ctrl+Break doesn't breaking an code execution
#3578 Multi loops causing issues in some cases
#3576 /did -o can cause a crash
#3575 Add new variables $nickcolor $rgbnickcolor $linecolor $rgblinecolor for Messages user prefix/emote prefix

2.9 Beta Build (2017/07/11)

Added first test of v2 API
Fixed control codes shortcuts doesn't work
#3573 $gettok() doesn't working well while using 0N as N value
#3572 AdiIRC crashing when double click into Custom Shortcuts
#3571 0 key on the numeric keypad stoped working on latest update

2.9 Beta Build (2017/07/10)

Fixed PCRE regex replace is not decoding text properly
Fixed custom filetypes in select file dialog is not selected by default
Possibly fixed a crash when using shift + backspace in script editor
Possibly fixed a crash when starting AdiIRC with Serverlist visible
Added new plugin API's IPluginHost.MainWindowHandle and IWindow.WindowHandle
#3570 | pipes in sysinfo command should not be parsed as new line
#3569 Add option to match emoticons using regex
#3568 Add option to change most keyboard shortcuts and add new ones
#3567 Add separate "Reset all" and "Reset" buttons in Options dialog
#3566 $nick(#,nickname) is not working properly.
#3565 Script Editor find contex start searching when enable/disable a checkbox
#3564 /did -i doesn't insert the text to the correct Nth line
#3562 Nicklist Tooltips trigger delay is too low
#3561 Logs window doesn't working "View" button
#3560 Add option to ignore consecutive nicks in textview
#3558 $date returns incorrect value if specified custom format
#3557 Add new command /globalkeys
#3556 Add control codes preview to Channel Editor and Topicbox
#3555 $duration with some empty parameters can cause a crash
#3554 $wmiquery allow using N as key to get the Nth key and add property .key
#3553 Change "Connect in a new window" to "Connect in a new tab" to avoid confusion
#3552 Change "automatically set back when typing" text to "Automatically set back when sending messages" to avoid confussion
#3547 Now playing should check all open VLC windows for one playing
#3546 Add option to only play highlight sounds when AdiIRC is not focused
#3545 Add current version to the update dialog titlebar
#3544 $topicsetby and $topicsetat channel window titles doesn't work properly
#3542 Applying theme fonts doesn't work
#3538 Add new '.default' + '.dbu' + '.local' properties into $dialog() identifier

2.9 Beta Build (2017/07/06-2)

Renamed OnAlias to OnIdentifier
#3543 Right-click Toolbar -> Channel List Icon -> Channel doesn't work

2.9 Beta Build (2017/07/06)

Added many new plugin API's which may be revoked/changed so don't rely on them
Added irc.mindforge.org to the available server templates
#3540 $null returns window
#3539 $dialog() doesn't support the -1 parameter
#3536 Add direct link to wiki and forum in Menubar -> Help

2.9 Beta Build (2017/07/03-1)

Fixed some ISON and WATCH Notify regressions

2.9 Beta Build (2017/07/03)

Added option to enable/disable Upnp
Added Ruby scripting through a plugin wrapper https://dev.adiirc.com/boards/4/topics/921
Added Python scripting through a plugin wrapper https://dev.adiirc.com/boards/4/topics/920
Added Lua scripting through a plugin wrapper https://dev.adiirc.com/boards/4/topics/919
Fixed ISON polling is not working properly with large Notify lists
Fixed $zip().ratio should return $null during unzip
#3534 irc:// links should check if the original host matches the hostname in the link
#3533 /if isnum operator should trim spaces before checking range
#3532 /edit add new parameter -p
#3531 Add Plugin Script Editor and menuitems to install the javascript/lua/python/ruby plugins
#3530 on CTCPREPLY should be haltable without using ^
#3529 Add missing $tempfn identifier
#3526 Cannot connect when using irc:// links with prefixed ports (secure connection)
#315 UPnP for DCC/ident

2.9 Beta Build (2017/07/01)

Fixed /zip should delete the file during unsuccessful unzip
Added javascript scripting through a plugin wrapper https://dev.adiirc.com/boards/4/topics/901
#3525 /did -r should clear the text in the combobox
#3524 on DIALOG "edit" doesn't trigger when typing in a combobox
#3523 $level() doesn't work properly with hostmasks
#3522 Add menuitem to open a nee window in Treebar
#3521 NotifyUser, SendCommand, HookCommand, UnHookCommand API's is not thread safe

2.9 Beta Build (2017/06/30)

Updated help file
Fixed Find text dialog regex and exact match is switched around
Fixed Find text dialog should have horizontal scrollbar when necessary
Fixed Find text dialog should draw the match in bold
Fixed some PCRE2 expressions can cause a crash
Added PCRE2 expression support for Logs Manager, Searchbox and Script Editor
#3520 /inc /dec should not reset unset timer
#3519 Add option to set Topicbox/Editbox padding
#3518 /tab add new parameter -m
#3517 ZIP & UNZIP Support
#3516 /notify -r allow wildcards for removing nicks
#3515 /logs add new parameters -xgc
#3514 Add exact and separate exact/regex options for filename/text in Logs Manager
#3513 Frequent crashes when connected to channels with constant messages

2.9 Beta Build (2017/06/26-1)

Fixed an issue with empty PCRE2 matches causing a internal crash
#3512 Datagrid mouse selection can in some cases cause a crash
#3511 Scrolling the scrollbar in the text area can in some cases cause a crash

2.9 Beta Build (2017/06/26)

Added PCRE2 as default again and a check whether Visual C++ 2015 redistributable is installed
Added experimental Upnp support, on by default, to turn off, type
/setoption Upnp UseUpnpIp False
/setoption Upnp UseUpnpDcc False
/setoption Upnp UseUpnpIdentd False
#3510 Long messages is not split correctly if the user is not found in the server userlist
#3509 32 bit version is not properly force flagged as 32bit, 2.8 files has been updated
#3508 Log Manager size/position is not restored properly
#3294 Global Search

2.9 Beta Build (2017/06/24-1)

Fixed PCRE2 support should be disabled by default

2.9 Beta Build (2017/06/24)

Added experimental support for PCRE2 regular expressions using PCRE.NET (can be toggled on/off using /setoption Misc UsePcre True/False)
(Requires Visual C++ 2015 redistributable)
#3507 Separate Options -> DCC -> Dcc Get and Auto accept options to avoid confussion
#3506 Treebar channel folder is in some cases collapsed after adding a channel node
#3505 Opening irc:// links should focus the main window
#3504 Add options to enable/disable custom color/font style for both regular links and channel name links
#3503 Add new command /scrolltext
#3502 Only the matched part of a word containing a channel link or nick should be clickable
#3501 Channel links is not parsed correctly
#3500 Plugin exceptions outside of API calls should show the regular Plugin error dialog

2.9 Beta Build (2017/06/17)

#3499 Server address/hostname should not be DNS resolved when connecting through a proxy/TOR
#3498 Add support for IRCv3 Monitor tag
#3497 /notify with no parameters should only update Notifylist on the active server
#3496 on UNOTIFY is not always triggered correctly
#3495 WHOIS on Notify should not trigger when a nick goes offline
#3494 /notify adding or removing nicks should not trigger a full Notify reset
#3493 Add option to show/hide Notify address and signed on time for supported servers
#3492 Offline Notify nicks sometimes appear in Treebar Notify list
#3491 RAW 605 messages should be hidden during WATCH polling
#3490 RAW 303 messages should be hidden during ISON polling
#3489 Add right-click menu to submit text or paste and submit text in Editbox
#3488 Add plugin API to return Config and Program folder
#3486 $comcall returns unknown command
#3484 Add missing operators isaop isavoice isprotect (will always returns $false)

2.9 Beta Build (2017/06/06)

#3483 /dialog add missing parameter "noborder" for the "icon" item
#3482 Bandwidth monitor should have it's own timer for better accuracy
#3481 Default menus should use $nick instead of $snick
#3480 $snick(,N) should return $null if no nick is selected
#3479 Global Nicklist selection is sometimes synced with the wrong channel
#3478 Add option to show channel operators and total user count in the Nicklist
#3477 SHIFT + UP is not selecting nicks properly in the Nicklist
#3476 Add option to set/hide/show custom window tooltips in Treebar/Switchbar
#3475 Specify the SSL/TLS certificate in options is for clients to avoid confussion
#3474 Large Notify lists is not properly split into 512 byte messages on some networks
#3473 Notify and WHOIS error replies should be hidden on unsupported servers
#3472 /uwho is not opening the Address book after the lookup
#3471 Add support for IRCv3 echo-message
#3470 on KEYUP is not triggered properly for non custom windows
#3469 $editbox add new property .spellcheckword
#3468 Add new identifier $spellcheck
#3467 /dialog regular images should be resized to fit inside the "icon" item
#3466 Add new identifier $lquitmsg
#3465 Topicbox should use the generated channel menus

2.9 Beta Build (2017/05/27)