#4123 Add option to use Windows Toast Notifications instead of Tips
#4122 Changelog is not html decoded in update dialog
#4120 Add help button to the Quick Connect Dialog and bring the interface in line with other dialogs
#4119 Channel windows should close on single click when "Keep open on part" is enabled
#4118 Add new Treebar/Switchbar right-click menu item "Part" when "Keep open on part" is enabled
#4117 Parentheses inside identifiers are not always properly checked for balance
#4116 PART/QUIT does not update the Statusbar user count in the active window
#4115 /part add new parameter -k
#4114 /if /elseif /while $?="" with parentheses doesn't work properly
#4113 Changing Monitor Panels font can cause a crash in some rare cases
#4112 Remove default first row selection in Monitor Panels since it can be distracting
#4111 Treebar scroll is in wrong location after closing a window (any treebar item)
#4110 Caps ls/new/deleted messages are not shown correctly

3.3 Beta Build (2018/09/13)

Fixed opening Add/Edit Nick colors/Highlights/Nick icons causes a crash