Changed the Topicbox to RICHEDIT50W as well
Fixed $menuicon still doesn't work in some cases
Fixed saving a script file using "save as" in the script editor does not retain the script as loaded
Fixed some potential issues with IRCv3 error codes
Possibly fixed some more out of sync scrollbar issues
#3908 /rawlog add new parameter -d
#3907 Enable Rawlog timestamp by default and save/restore status
#3906 Change $downloaderr to return exception message instead of "1
#3904 Add missing command /fupdate
#3903 Treebar doesn't change cursor when hovering the Scrollbar in some cases
#3901 Some shortcuts doesn't work in Picture Windows
#3900 "Lock Bars" does not properly toggle Server/Channel monitor headers
#3899 Auto connect servers should not start connecting until after on START scripts and plugins are loaded
#3898 Add support for CHALLENGE AUTH login method (HMAC-SHA-256 and HMAC-SHA-1)
#3897 Serverlist -> Add network uses wrong text for network name and titlebar
#3896 Empty Serverlist does not always show the welcome screen
#3895 TextView.Insert/TextView.Replace APIs does not update the scrollbar properly
#3894 /echo -IN -RN does not update the scrollbar properly

3.1 Beta Build (2018/05/04)

Fixed foobar now playing title is still not correct in some cases
"Use alternative text rendering" should now be much faster for text where the characters are available in the font while still allowing substitution
#3891 Add new command /refreshsong
#3889 Custom menubar icons are not anymore working
#3888 Main/Treebar/Channels/Nicklist background images should be refreshed when the background color is changed
#3887 Clicking a nick in channels with multiple similar nicks doesn't always select the correct nick
#3886 Ncks are not clickable in the text area when surrounded by certain characters

3.1 Beta Build (2018/04/29-1)

Removed new Editbox for windows version below 10

3.1 Beta Build (2018/04/29)

Changed the Editbox to RICHEDIT50W which is the default in .NET 4.7, can display unicode/emojii characters, might be changed back again
Fixed Spotify now playing doesn't work when the window is minimized to tray
Fixed a rare crash when getting ban masks
Fixed a regression crash when saving themes
Fixed [foobar2000] is not always removed from foobar now playing
Fixed topic is not decrypted properly in some cases in the blowfish script
Added the "Your/Own" color to own messages in the blowfish script
Fixed your own messages should not trigger highlights in the blowfish script
Fixed spaces in user prefix should be replaced by fake spaces so nick column works properly in the blowfish script
Fixed nicks with "`" character is not clickable
#3885 Add new identifier $playerhandle
#3884 Trailing character not part of the url should not have link cursor
#3883 Urls should not allow "<" and ">" characters
#3882 Trailing "." or "," characters should be ignored in urls
#3881 /bwrite should not stop writing at null bytes
#3880 Changing window borderstyle while running doesn't work properly
#3878 'Hide window in taskbar' breaks AdiIRC
#3877 /load /reload add missing/new parameters -ps -pc -pq -pn -pm -pi -pe
#3876 Some rgb color options are not validated correctly and can cause a crash
#3875 Upnp doesn't work properly for dcc chats
#3873 /abook add missing parameter -c
#3872 Add missing commands/identifiers/operators /aop /avoice $aop $avoice $auto isaop isavoice
#3871 Add missing feature Auto op/Auto voice in address book
#3869 Errors when drawing MDI window backgrounds should be ignored
#3868 Attaching mdi windows is sometimes not attaching to the right position inside the mdi area
#3867 Detaching mdi windows is sometimes moved to the wrong screen
#3866 OnMenu API window parameter is null for private windows
#3865 topicbox crash
#3864 Icon control is needing a default file
#3863 DCC Chat isn't receiving messages
#3862 Main background doesn't align to center
#3861 Icon control doesn't recognize $scriptdir correctly
#3859 Deezer support
#3858 Main window fullscreen status should be saved across sessions
#3815 no disconnect no close
#3765 AdiIRC menus (Alt + P) doesn't load correctly a custom menus.ini file
#3730 $menuicon() returns an error if the PATH contains brackets ()
#3726 On scripting error loops in result of stuck
#3713 ESC should be halted on dialog init if disable exists in options
#3706 $decode binvar bug
#3682 Scripts Editor saving issues
#3563 Right click in Topicbox and select Show stucking AdiIRC
#2895 Global schortcut show/hide
#2363 Loading BNC messages without window focused still causes messages to appear as unread

3.1 Beta Build (2018/04/02)

Recompiled the blowfish dll with openssl v1.0.2o
Updated the blowfish revision to "93aa016"
Fixed an issue where the blowfish dll was being unloaded and the keys were missing
#3856 account-notify * should unset the account name
#3855 /whois does not properly update account names
#3854 Add new identifier $globalidle
#3853 $idle returns global idle instead of per connection idle
#3852 Ctcp replies prints the trailing action char
#3851 /loadbuf causes a crash with some parameters
#3850 OnChannelInvite API uses wrong parameters and causes a crash
#3849 /flash add missing parameters -c -bN -rN
#3848 Add missing identifiers $sfstate, $parms
#3847 /slap doesn't work properly with IRCv3 echo-message
#3846 IRCv3 batch messages is proccessed using the wrong encoding

3.1 Beta Build (2018/03/19)

#3844 Menubar isn't recognizing menus properly
#3843 Resetting Window options sets the private window title to the wrong defaults

3.1 Beta Build (2018/03/18)

Fixed right-clicking channel list in the Toolbar should not show a menu separator when there are no fav channels
#3841 Spotify now playing doesn't work after Spotify renamed the main window name
#3840 Escape should close the search box if visible in the Editbox
#3839 Add option to color channel nicks in messages
#3838 Modified shortcuts in Options -> Shortcuts should be shown with bold font
#3836 Channel list window should not be cleared when restored
#3835 Plugins should always be unloaded even if the plugin throws an error
#3834 Nick can sometimes be accidentally set to null when connecting to a server
#3833 Show user mode for status windows in Menubar -> Windows
#3832 Allow copying plugin error text
#3831 Plugin error dialogs should not be blocking the main thread
#3830 Hooked commands and identifier exceptions is not properly captured
#3829 /window -i windows is not removed properly from Treebar when switching windows
#3828 Nicklist shows wrong selection color when using a background image
#3827 ChannelModeUserDeopped API uses wrong parameters and causes a crash
#3826 $timer() add missing property .name
#3825 $window() allow using $true/$false for the B and C parameters
#3824 /savebuf add missing parameter -p
#3823 Add mouse wheel scrolling by page for all custom controls
#3822 $file() add missing properties .path .name .ext
#3820 Nicks are sometimes not clickable with some trailing characters in channels
#3819 ALT GR characters does not work properly on some keyboard layouts
#3818 Restoring private logs with different cased nicks doesn't work
#3817 $count should be appended to the end of the rotated log filename if missing
#3816 $date is not properly replaced in rotated filenames
#3813 All Monitor Panels should use double-click to focus the matching text/window
#3812 First item in the Menubar popup file can override the Menubar "Commands" text
#3811 Add missing regular expression modifier /F
#3810 Allow double-clicking network/channel/nick in Url Catcher to search and highlight the matching link in the origin window
#3809 Switch to polling current iTunes song since they broke all API events
#3808 Allow OnEditboxKeyDown and OnEditboxKeyUp APIs to override default keyboard shortcuts
#3807 Notify unknown command is not caught in some cases

3.1 Beta Build (2018/02/10)

#3805 Switchbar text is sometimes misaligned when used at the bottom
#3804 Allow using comma to add multiple channels/networks and wildcard in Add/Edit Highlights
#3803 Options window should resize if it doesn't fit the screen
#3802 Allow using wildcard match in Window Order/Away ignore/Join ignore
#3801 Add option to minimize or focus new private windows
#3800 Topicbox text is not encoded correctly on some locales
#3799 Identd server does not send the correct response in some cases
#3798 Add a information message the first time using CTRL + D is used to detach a window
#3797 Fullscreen mode should save and restore open toolbars
#3796 Add/Edit Highlights/Ignore/Nick colors/Notify help icons uses a invalid link
#3795 "localhost" in proxy options should prioritize ipv4 addresses
#3793 Server SSL/TLS certificates is not always validated with the correct hostname
#3792 PluginHost.GetVariables API does not work properly
#3791 Add new Tools API
#3790 Add option to hide Menubar control icons
#3788 OnNick API should trigger before the nick is changed
#3784 Remove the 1 user limit in channel list dialog
#3783 $isfile can cause a crash with invalid parameters
#3782 Add option to enable/disable Now talking and rejoining channel messages
#3781 3.0 Stable is having misalignment of icons

3.1 Beta Build (2018/01/17)