Possibly fixed some crashes related to the new sound API
Fixed trying to play invalid songs in /splay can cause a crash

4.3 Beta Build (2022/10/24-1 UTC)

#5646 $ini() returns nothing when reading UTF-8 BOM file

4.3 Beta Build (2022/10/24 UTC)

Fixed spelling error in /didtok error messages
Fixed Edit Variables should not trigger Monitor File Changes
Changed sound API used for /splay and highlight sound, which might fix some rare crashes
Old sound API can be enabled by typing /setoption Misc UseOldSoundApi True
#5645 Add various hardcoded on SIGNAL events for use by webirc
#5644 $line() add new property .nickcolumn
#5643 $window() add new property .backgroundlayout
#5642 Add new command /mouse
#5641 /drawsave add new parameters -FN, -B &binvar
#5640 $line(), $calias() allow using negative N parameter
#5639 /showmenu add new parameters -l, -i
#5638 /showmenu -s doesn't work properly
#5637 Add new identifier $commands()
#5636 Alt nicks should be tried when nick has illegal characters and is not registered yet
#5635 Switchbar size should exclude hidden windows
#5634 Very long lines are not drawn correctly in the new Script Editor
#5633 $wrap() word chopping parameter is swapped
#5632 Add ALT+X to convert a hex value into a character in the new Script Editor
#5631 Invalid UTF8 characters should be allowed in all commands/identifiers reading files
#5630 /echo should ignore -switches if they don't contain a valid switch
#5628 /didtok should parse and ignore switches
#5627 Errors should be shown when saving a file in any editor fails
#5626 $ini() with comment items can cause a crash
#5625 /server add missing parameters -keytype,-encoding,-itype
#5624 $server() add missing properties .keytype..key,.itype,.nick,.anick,.email,.user,.encoding
#5623 Add "Ignore List" menu to Menubar -> Tools
#5622 ./cmd, !/cmd, .!/cmd are not evaluated correctly in scripts
#5621 /did, /dialog doesn't work properly with decimals
#5620 Media Player buttons can cause a crash when foobar2000 is selected

4.3 Beta Build (2022/09/06-1 UTC)

Fixed a crash when typing

4.3 Beta Build (2022/09/06 UTC)

Added $sslhash(&binvar, p/s) to put the raw certificate into a &binvar
Fixed Monitor Panel docked Dialogs are hidden after undocking
Fixed /dock without [w h] parameters should auto fill available space
Allow using $rawbytes during on PARSELINE
Fixed /topic #channel doesn't work
#5617 Add support for RAW 609,597,598,599 on InspIRCd 3 servers
#5616 /bset add missing parameter -z
#5615 Add missing identifier $codepage()
#5614 Add missing identifier $parseem
#5613 CTCP requests which contains $chr(1) should not be replied to
#5612 Add missing identifier $keylparam
#5609 Switchbar/Treebar should be sorted similar to Nicklist
#5608 Changing Treebar font does not update layout
#5606 $server() add "-1" parameter for active server
#5605 $window() add new property .fullscreen
#5604 Options -> Tips has some labels swapped
#5603 Quick Connect doesn't support %Channels
#5598 Sysinfo commands should not evaluate target channel name
#5596 Nicks are not drawn correctly when "Strip status prefix" in Treebar Nicklist is enabled
#5595 $read() can cause a crash with some invalid paths
#5594 Resizing Nicklist when autohide is enabled doesn't work
#5593 Main window is not restored correctly when minimized to tray in some cases
#5590 $urlget() fails if "Downloads" folder does not exists in $adiircdir
#5587 Add $encode(,r) + $decode(,r) to allow encode/decode an url
#5580 Add missing identifier $sslhash()
#5565 /inlineimage <ON|OFF> & $inlineimage
#5564 Add -N switch for /echo to prevent Inlineimage feature
#5562 Prefixes in nicks should be ignored when double clicking nicks in the Treebar Nicklist
#5561 $readini(), $ini() should ignore empty entries
#5557 $*tok() + $*tokcs() identifiers return incorrect value in some cases
#5548 $bindip() doesn't work with ipv6 addresses

4.3 Beta Build (2022/05/14 UTC)

Fixed some operators are not colored correctly in the new Script Editor
Added gemini://, ws://, wss:// as valid urls
Possibly fixed a Nicklist crash during /hop
Possibly fixed some crashes related to drawing broken images/icons
Fixed help icon is not resized correctly
Fixed SHIFT + DOWN doesn't select the last line in the new Script Editor if there are no new line
Changed /drawdot to look more like /drawrect -ef
#5584 $dockpanels() add new properties .side,.container,.panel,.tab,.name,.locked,.pinned,.visible,.w,.h
#5583 $dockpanels() add new parameters [container], [panel], [tab]
#5582 Add new command /dock to dock any @window, dialog or Rawlog as a Monitor Panel
#5581 Add new/missing identifiers $adiircpid/$mircpid
#5578 Add missing identifier $isnum()
#5577 $window() add new property .eb
#5576 Add option to show "Day Changed" message for Channel/Server Messages Monitor Panels
#5575 Double-clicking channels in Server/Channel Monitor doesn't work when "Show network" is disabled
#5574 Replace \x20 and whitespaces in network name with underscore
#5573 Add SHIFT + MouseWheel shortcut for horizontal scrolling to the Script Editor
#5572 Options dialog should remember the last tab in the last page
#5571 Add Options -> Server option to change the default Serverlist "Connect" button behavior
#5570 Pasting multi line text into single line Editbox doesn't include the current text
#5569 "Always rejoin auto channel" option sometimes joins non auto channels
#5568 Treebar shortcut order is wrong in some cases
#5560 $statusbar(), $toolbar() add new property .iconfile
#5556 Add $inick to return $true or $false when is on/off
#5555 /inick -sN is adding an item twice and in wrong position
#5554 /inick add new parameters -C [channel(s)] -N [network(s)]
#5553 $urlget() should allow using $adiircdir/$mircdir as a target path
#5551 IRCv3 CAP STS is not parsed correctly
#5549 /sockread have some trailing null bytes when reading from UDP sockets
#5547 /socklisten should not populate $sock for invalid ports
#5546 $bindip( returns wrong value
#5544 $input(), $?="" dialogs are shown on the wrong screen in some cases
#5543 DCC resume is not working for auto accept transfers
#5540 /timer -h doesn't work with very long intervals
#5538 SHIFT + mouse click in listbox doesn't select the correct items
#5537 /tokenize doesn't work correctly on $null text
#5536 $mouse.x, $mouse.y returns wrong value for unfocused windows
#5535 Code after end of curly brackets should be executed
#5534 Multi line comments inside pipes are not parsed correctly
#5533 Some comments are not syntax highlighted correctly in the new Script Editor
#5532 New Script Editor doesn't syntax highlight menus properly in some cases
#5531 Some single line script events are incorrectly parsed as multiline
#5530 /topic add missing parameter -r
#5529 $topic returns wrong value during ^TOPIC events
#5528 Channel topic is not set correctly on some networks
#5527 Add copy/save/clear right-click menus to Rawlog text area
#5526 Main window is not restored correctly when hidden in some cases
#5525 Single click to restore from tray doesn't work on the first click
#5524 Send to tray on close doesn't work properly
#5523 /parseline should always show the "Parseline in/out:" message unless quiet is specified
#5522 /parseline should show an error when using the wrong -i -o parameter
#5521 Submitting regular text in custom window Editbox should do nothing
#5519 $servervars() add new key _ircdversion
#5518 %var = value is double evaluated in some cases
#5517 Helpop command should be ignored in RAW 704,705,706 output
#5516 Monitor File Changes should not trigger during /saveini
#5512 Allow comments in random quit/slap/now playing files
#5489 Add visual indicator on tabs with matching text when searching the Options dialog

4.3 Beta Build (2022/03/29-1 UTC)

Fixed $version returns wrong value

4.3 Beta Build (2022/03/29 UTC)

Dummy Release