#3507 Separate Options -> DCC -> Dcc Get and Auto accept options to avoid confussion
#3506 Treebar channel folder is in some cases collapsed after adding a channel node
#3505 Opening irc:// links should focus the main window
#3504 Add options to enable/disable custom color/font style for both regular links and channel name links
#3503 Add new command /scrolltext
#3502 Only the matched part of a word containing a channel link or nick should be clickable
#3501 Channel links is not parsed correctly
#3500 Plugin exceptions outside of API calls should show the regular Plugin error dialog

2.9 Beta Build (2017/06/17)

#3499 Server address/hostname should not be DNS resolved when connecting through a proxy/TOR
#3498 Add support for IRCv3 Monitor tag
#3497 /notify with no parameters should only update Notifylist on the active server
#3496 on UNOTIFY is not always triggered correctly
#3495 WHOIS on Notify should not trigger when a nick goes offline
#3494 /notify adding or removing nicks should not trigger a full Notify reset
#3493 Add option to show/hide Notify address and signed on time for supported servers
#3492 Offline Notify nicks sometimes appear in Treebar Notify list
#3491 RAW 605 messages should be hidden during WATCH polling
#3490 RAW 303 messages should be hidden during ISON polling
#3489 Add right-click menu to submit text or paste and submit text in Editbox
#3488 Add plugin API to return Config and Program folder
#3486 $comcall returns unknown command
#3484 Add missing operators isaop isavoice isprotect (will always returns $false)

2.9 Beta Build (2017/06/06)

#3483 /dialog add missing parameter "noborder" for the "icon" item
#3482 Bandwidth monitor should have it's own timer for better accuracy
#3481 Default menus should use $nick instead of $snick
#3480 $snick(,N) should return $null if no nick is selected
#3479 Global Nicklist selection is sometimes synced with the wrong channel
#3478 Add option to show channel operators and total user count in the Nicklist
#3477 SHIFT + UP is not selecting nicks properly in the Nicklist
#3476 Add option to set/hide/show custom window tooltips in Treebar/Switchbar
#3475 Specify the SSL/TLS certificate in options is for clients to avoid confussion
#3474 Large Notify lists is not properly split into 512 byte messages on some networks
#3473 Notify and WHOIS error replies should be hidden on unsupported servers
#3472 /uwho is not opening the Address book after the lookup
#3471 Add support for IRCv3 echo-message
#3470 on KEYUP is not triggered properly for non custom windows
#3469 $editbox add new property .spellcheckword
#3468 Add new identifier $spellcheck
#3467 /dialog regular images should be resized to fit inside the "icon" item
#3466 Add new identifier $lquitmsg
#3465 Topicbox should use the generated channel menus

2.9 Beta Build (2017/05/27)