#3460 Add missing identifier $ialmark
#3459 /ialmark add missing parameters -nrw [name]

2.8 Beta Build (2017/05/14)

#3458 Add missing identifiers $sslcertsha1 $sslcertsha256
#3457 Add remove ban timer support for except/invite/quiet lists in Channel Editor
#3456 $iel() $iil() $iql() add missing property .secs
#3455 /ban add missing parameters -beIq
#3454 ":" is stripped from RAW 338 and 352
#3453 /bset /bread add missing parameter -a
#3452 /bset /bread -t sometimes adds wrong value
#3451 $instok returns wrong value with some invalid parameters
#3450 /timer -pr add missing wildcards support
#3449 $regsubex add missing parameter &var|&binvar
#3448 $regsub add missing parameter &binvar
#3447 Monitor panel data should be saved using the timstamp instead of the timestamp text
#3446 Add plugin API to listen for keydown events and modify Editbox text/selection
#3445 Add plugin API to target any window with NotifyUser
#3444 $ial() add missing properties .gecos .id
#3443 /dns /resolve allow using nick!ident@host format to resolve host
#3442 Add sha256 fingerprint to ssl certificate dialog
#3441 $chan().iql doesn't work properly
#3440 $server() add missing propery .method
#3439 /server -l add missing parameters pass,sasl,external,msg,nickserv
#3438 Add support for ircv3 invite-notify tag
#3437 raw 329 is not parsed correctly on some networks
#3436 Add option to show/hide Treebar arrow icons

2.8 Beta Build (2017/04/29)

FIxed a crash when using certain characters in notify nicks
Fixed some more crashes related to changing monitors while running
#3435 Rawlog should be docked as a MDI window by default
#3434 Set extended random nick colors to enabled by default
#3433 Add extended random nick colors option to themes
#3432 Pressing space key in the Nicklist causes the nicklist to scroll to the wrong place
#3431 Main window is sometimes saved/restored with 0 width/height size
#3430 Large Notify lists is not properly split into 512 byte messages
#3429 Some invalid fonts can cause a crash
#3428 Relative paths without a trailing slash is not replaced properly
#3427 Update.exe/Update45.exe should upgrade API file when necessary and display errors when updates fails
#3426 Loading away options with some invalid options can cause a crash
#3425 IUser.GetChannels API should be a IChannel list not a dictionary
#3424 IChannel.GetUsers API is not properly locked and can cause a crash when enumerated and should be IUser not string
#3423 IServer.GetChannels API is not properly locked and can cause a crash when enumerated
#3422 /beep can cause a crash with some parameters

2.8 Beta Build (2017/04/22)

Fixed sending a message should only set you back on that server
Fixed theme manager should show a link preview
Fixed some more turkish locale issues
Possibly fixed an issue with Notify causing a crash
#3421 Add right-click menu to set animate trayicon per window
#3420 Show a error dialog with instructions if updating the API file fails
#3419 Add option to enable/disable animate show/hiding tips
#3418 Copy/paste right-click menu for highlight/nick color should always be visible, and change to custom color item on paste
#3417 The "highlight" color should be selected when creating a new highlight item

2.8 Beta Build (2017/04/19)

Fixed uneven [ ] square brackets is not parsed correctly
Fixed $gettok $deltok $puttok with spaces in the range doesn't work
#3416 Add plugin API to target custom windows with ICustomWindow
#3415 Some options doesn't work with turkish locale
#3414 Add plugin API to evaluate identifiers
#3413 Add plugin API to get the active window object
#3412 Add plugin API to add context menu items
#3410 Disabling icons in Switchbar doesn't work
#3409 ACTION/emote messages doesn't work properly on turkish locale
#3408 Wrong help "?" links in many settings-options
#3406 /statusbar icons is not padded/aligned properly
#3405 Add option to allow Statusbar to expand to multiple lines
#3404 on KEYDOWN doesn't work with multiple targets for non picture windows
#3403 Tab complete channels should include channels from all servers
#3402 $highlight() add new property .channel
#3401 Add option to match a highlight only on a specific channel
#3400 Autoaway sets me away just when I got back
#3399 Autohide Nicklist should not be shown if the scroll to bottom icon is visiable and mouse height aligns with the icon
#3398 "Report a bug/issue" link 404s
#3397 Changelog font size is too small.

2.8 Beta Build (2017/03/12)

Fixed quick connect is not shown in the center of the main window
Fixed restore from minimized to tray doesn't work
Fixed $menuicon doesn't work in some cases inside $submenu

2.8 Beta Build (2017/03/11)

Rawlog Debug tab should show the raw line if a line causes a internal parser crash
#3395 [ ] brackets doesn't work inside /var
#3394 [ ] brackets sometimes adds extra spaces and not evaluating $+ correctly
#3393 /showmenu without x y parameters is sometimes now shown relative to editbox
#3392 Highlight flashing is sometimes not reset when restoring main window
#3391 Add right-click menu to toggle channel auto join/minimize on join in Serverlist
#3390 Undocking a monitor panel doesn't always give the new window focus
#3389 Monitor panel header should be hidden when the panel is undocked as a window
#3387 /topicbox [text] is not replaced correctly
#3386 Topicbox menus doesn't work properly
#3384 Treebar tooltip doesn't work everywhere
#3383 Setup a different browser and accept options
#3382 Nicklist 'Sort by prefix' doesn't sort in correct order when there's +y mode
#3381 $window() add new property .collapsed
#3380 All color dialogs should share custom colors
#3379 CTRL + W/ALT + Z should not close main window
#3378 Add new identifier $boldify
#3377 /parseline should not print to status window during on PARSELINE
#3376 /showmenu Y parameter doesn't work properly
#3375 Some theme icons are not applied/deleted properly
#3374 Notify list panel is not cleared properly when removing a nick
#3372 /dialog "flat" button should only work on dialogs with no theme
#3371 Add all monitor panel to current layout by default
#3370 Some command parameters are not validated correctly
#3369 Menu Editor should remember last menu section
#3368 Opening channel editor can cause a crash
#3367 {} in menus is not always parsed correctly
#3366 Merging menus doesn't work properly
#3365 $gettok() $deltok() $puttok() $bvar() /dline N-N2 range doesn't work properly
#3364 KICK/PART message are in some cases not shown correctly
#3363 Sometimes plugin parameters is null
#3362 Add missing event on SERVEROP
#3361 Channel list grid should save/restore column width
#3360 /dialog add Show on Desktop/On Top menu
#3359 The higgest value of EatData from plugins should be returned to AdiIRC instead of the last
#3358 Plugin manager should only show AdiIRC plugin dll's
#3357 Spaces in identifiers is not always properly removed/preserved
#3356 nick~ is not clickable in text buffer
#3355 /if /while ">" "<" ">=" "<=" operators doesn't return correct value with some parameters
#3353 /dialog add new events mclick/dmclick/drclick for form and tabs
#3352 /dialog some sclick/dclick/uclick events are not triggered correctly
#3351 /toolbar -zN doesn't always use the correct icon
#3350 /dialog add missing parameters "small" "large" "actual" for icons
#3349 Add support for ircv3 account-tag
#3348 $ial() add missing properties .name .away
#3347 Fake transparency wallpapers should be resized according to the wallpaper fit option
#3346 Winamp now playing plugin doesn't work for portable/custom winamp
#3345 $input title is empty in some cases
#3343 /findtext /search add new parameter -x
#3342 Closing itunes when media player is set to itunes can cause a crash
#3341 $status sometimes returns wrong value
#3340 Urls captures from server lines should show the server hostname as the nick in the url catcher
#3339 $ctime is sometimes not parsed correctly
#3338 $utfencode/$utfdecode doesn't work properly
#3337 $input() using the 'm' and 'e' parameter does not include tbe first text in the dropdown
#3335 on MODE/on SERVERMODE should only trigger when channel modes is changed
#3334 Add missing identifier $mode()
#3333 Add $menuicon support for $submenu
#3332 Adiirc crash
#3331 /server add missing switches -p -f -o -c -jn [-j -n] and allow combining switches at the beginning
#3330 Treebar should remember collapsed folder status when toggling folders and showing/hiding windows
#3329 /linemarker add new parameter -g
#3328 $wildtok $wildtokcs parameters is not always validated correctly
#3327 Add missing alias /firewall
#3326 Add option to set dcc send/get buffer size
#3325 on HOTLINK does not trigger in some cases when changing word on different lines
#3324 $hotlink should include control codes
#3323 Add a copy link menu item in Url Catcher monitor panel
#3039 Adding a timeout for logging into a server

2.8 Beta Build (2017/02/15)

Fixed $line().rgbcolor returns wrong value
Fixed /echo /echox -B doesn't work properly
Fixed restoring/viewing logs should get linecolor from first control code
Fixed Treebar background image layout is not applied correctly
Fixed Rawlog Treebar uses wrong text color
Added new parameter [index] for $menuicon