#3742 Add keyboard shortcut options for focusing Editbox and all Monitor panels
#3741 $keylocked add new parameter "Insert"
#3738 Consolidate Menubar -> Server menu with Toolbar -> Serverlist right-click menu

3.0 Beta Build (2017/11/02)

Possibly fixed an issue where flashing Switchbar/Treebar was not reset when activating the main window after it was minimized.
#3737 /ban can in some cases cause a crash
#3736 Corrupt monitor panel tabs can sometimes cause a crash
#3735 /describe shows incorrect output
#3734 $finddirn and $findfilen returns incorrect values
#3720 Notice/Private Messages Monitor Panels uses wrong timestamp

3.0 Beta Build (2017/10/16)

Possibly fixed a crash when editing channels in Serverlist
Added unofficial "/setoption Misc SwapXButtons True/False" to swap the forward/backward mouse buttons
#3733 "Nick" and "Username" should always have a value when connecting to a server
#3732 Add option to use mouse-wheel scrolling in Treebar/Switchbar without pressing SHIFT
#3727 Taskbar progress causes a crash on Windows XP
#3723 Private echo-message from self is using the wrong display nick
#3722 "Update Quick Connect settings" is not saved properly when connecting from Serverlist
#3721 "Update Quick Connect settings" options can cause a crash if there is no alternative nick
#3719 Add toggle desktop to titlebar icon menu on /quickconnect
#3718 Add a basic context menu to Topic preview box
#3717 Middle mouse-click Notify folder in Treebar shouldn't ask to close
#3714 Improve Choose Font dialog
#3710 Quick connect doesn't save join channels properly

3.0 Beta Build (2017/08/31)

Improved Script Editor scrolling when smooth scrolling is disabled
#3709 Add new identifier $hexcolor
#3708 Save theme in Theme Manager uses the wrong default file extension
#3707 Closing AdiIRC may in some cases part channels when running through a bouncer
#3705 Dcc external ip is wrong in some cases
#3704 $ip $host returns wrong value in some cases
#3703 Treebar/Nicklist tooltips are not faded in/out properly
#3702 Monitor buffer logging is not always saved/restored correctly
#3701 /toolbar command only accepts .ico
#3700 Add new command /pause
#3699 Swichbar/Treebar Tooltips causes issues when switching windows
#3698 Add new identifier $servervars
#3697 IServer.ServerVariables returns no value
#3696 IServer.ChannelModesWithRequiredArgs and IServer.ChannelModesWithArgs returns no value and should be a ICollection
#3695 IServer.Self API can be null if the server is disconnected
#3694 Urls should not be clickable in Channel Editor topic preview
#3692 Add support for IRCv3 tags CAP 3.2/SASL 3.2, cap-notify, batch
#3691 $chan() with invalid parameters should be treated as "0"
#3690 Server -> Favorites menu doesn't work properly

3.0 Beta Build (2017/08/26)