#3846 IRCv3 batch messages is proccessed using the wrong encoding

3.1 Beta Build (2018/03/19)

#3844 Menubar isn't recognizing menus properly
#3843 Resetting Window options sets the private window title to the wrong defaults

3.1 Beta Build (2018/03/18)

Fixed right-clicking channel list in the Toolbar should not show a menu separator when there are no fav channels
#3841 Spotify now playing doesn't work after Spotify renamed the main window name
#3840 Escape should close the search box if visible in the Editbox
#3839 Add option to color channel nicks in messages
#3838 Modified shortcuts in Options -> Shortcuts should be shown with bold font
#3836 Channel list window should not be cleared when restored
#3835 Plugins should always be unloaded even if the plugin throws an error
#3834 Nick can sometimes be accidentally set to null when connecting to a server
#3833 Show user mode for status windows in Menubar -> Windows
#3832 Allow copying plugin error text
#3831 Plugin error dialogs should not be blocking the main thread
#3830 Hooked commands and identifier exceptions is not properly captured
#3829 /window -i windows is not removed properly from Treebar when switching windows
#3828 Nicklist shows wrong selection color when using a background image
#3827 ChannelModeUserDeopped API uses wrong parameters and causes a crash
#3826 $timer() add missing property .name
#3825 $window() allow using $true/$false for the B and C parameters
#3824 /savebuf add missing parameter -p
#3823 Add mouse wheel scrolling by page for all custom controls
#3822 $file() add missing properties .path .name .ext
#3820 Nicks are sometimes not clickable with some trailing characters in channels
#3819 ALT GR characters does not work properly on some keyboard layouts
#3818 Restoring private logs with different cased nicks doesn't work
#3817 $count should be appended to the end of the rotated log filename if missing
#3816 $date is not properly replaced in rotated filenames
#3813 All Monitor Panels should use double-click to focus the matching text/window
#3812 First item in the Menubar popup file can override the Menubar "Commands" text
#3811 Add missing regular expression modifier /F
#3810 Allow double-clicking network/channel/nick in Url Catcher to search and highlight the matching link in the origin window
#3809 Switch to polling current iTunes song since they broke all API events
#3808 Allow OnEditboxKeyDown and OnEditboxKeyUp APIs to override default keyboard shortcuts
#3807 Notify unknown command is not caught in some cases

3.1 Beta Build (2018/02/10)

#3805 Switchbar text is sometimes misaligned when used at the bottom
#3804 Allow using comma to add multiple channels/networks and wildcard in Add/Edit Highlights
#3803 Options window should resize if it doesn't fit the screen
#3802 Allow using wildcard match in Window Order/Away ignore/Join ignore
#3801 Add option to minimize or focus new private windows
#3800 Topicbox text is not encoded correctly on some locales
#3799 Identd server does not send the correct response in some cases
#3798 Add a information message the first time using CTRL + D is used to detach a window
#3797 Fullscreen mode should save and restore open toolbars
#3796 Add/Edit Highlights/Ignore/Nick colors/Notify help icons uses a invalid link
#3795 "localhost" in proxy options should prioritize ipv4 addresses
#3793 Server SSL/TLS certificates is not always validated with the correct hostname
#3792 PluginHost.GetVariables API does not work properly
#3791 Add new Tools API
#3790 Add option to hide Menubar control icons
#3788 OnNick API should trigger before the nick is changed
#3784 Remove the 1 user limit in channel list dialog
#3783 $isfile can cause a crash with invalid parameters
#3782 Add option to enable/disable Now talking and rejoining channel messages
#3781 3.0 Stable is having misalignment of icons

3.1 Beta Build (2018/01/17)