#4457 Add option to search only specific window names in the Find Text dialog

3.3 Beta Build (2019/01/22 UTC)

Added warning when trying to set dcc get folders to the config folder
Fixed large debug.txt files should be trimmed
Reduced cpu/gpu usage when using /draw* commands
Reverted $height is 1 point off
Fixed some regressions with /window -B and -f
Fixed CTRL + SHIFT/rectangle selection should include control codes as well
Fixed Tips/Notification popup font size is still wrong for some fonts
Added new property .cc for $wrap
Fixed $wrap is not working properly with control codes
#4456 Add preview of logging path/filename/timestamp options
#4455 Add option to trim large log files
#4454 Add the 16-99 colors to the select color dialog
#4453 Add reverse color support for $tip, TopicBox, Channel Editor
#4452 /drawtext add reverse/background color support
#4451 /toolbar some @custom windows as image is not working properly
#4450 /drawpic add missing parameter -i
#4449 /timer should halt scripts on some parameter errors
#4448 /timer add missing parameter -P
#4447 /drawtext parameters is not validated correctly
#4446 Pressing the CTRL key just before releasing mouse should select control codes as well
#4445 Color 99 should be transparent
#4444 $read first line as line count is not working properly
#4443 $read() N parameter should not be line number unless s r w is defined
#4442 $read() regular search should be case insensitive
#4441 /zip -u should ignore files with drive paths and relative paths
#4440 $zip().src .dest is swapped when unzipping
#4439 Add missing identifiers $hregex, $regerrstr
#4438 /window -f should exclude editbox height
#4437 /window some invalid window names does not show a error
#4436 /drawtext should use the window font when no font is specified
#1321 /drawpic doesn't work with transparent images

3.3 Beta Build (2019/01/13 UTC)

Fixed Tips/Notification popup font size is wrong
Fixed $height is 1 point off
Fixed $wrap should not include control codes
Fixed /timer displays incorrect name matches in some cases
Fixed track away status who messages are sometimes visible
#4435 /tab can cause a crash with some parameters

3.3 Beta Build (2019/01/09-1 UTC)

Fixed /if ischan operator isn't working

3.3 Beta Build (2019/01/09 UTC)

Fixed rawlog buffer should have a default value
Fixed a regression with /draw* on hidden windows
Fixed some more $isbit issues
Possibly fixed a crash related to spellchecking
Fixed $os* should return release year for LTSB/LTSC versions
Fixed $cos().deg $tan().deg returns wrong value for 360
Fixed $decode should accept some invalid characters for base32 decoding
Possibly fixed an issue where the main window does not stop flashing after restore from minimize
Possibly fixed an issue where highlighted windows in Treebar/Switchbar is not reset when AdiIRC is activated
Added "More" menu items to the Script Editor View menu
Fixed $cos().deg was artificially limited to 6 digits
Fixed an issue with $calc/$calcint returning -0 in some cases
Fixed an issue with indenting brackets inside comments in the Script Editor
Fixed another crash in /dialog "size" item
Fixed $calc/$calcint is not working with some invalid expressions
#4434 $findfile/$finddir commands starting with a identifier doesn't work
#4433 Single line comments inside/outside brackets are not always parsed correctly
#4432 ":" is not stripped from some raw events on some networks
#4431 $bvar has a trailing space
#4430 /returnex is not working properly
#4428 /clear does not update picwin in real time
#4427 $keyval returns wrong value when caps lock is on
#4426 /draw* doesn't work properly with decimals
#4425 Text trailing $feof $ferr should be allowed
#4424 $encode(,u) should not have trailing new line
#4423 /alias is not adding/updating correctly when using custom/multiple alias files
#4422 on INPUT should not trigger on empty lines
#4421 $compress/$decompress add missing parameter mN
#4420 /sockread N doesn't work if N is a %variable
#4419 $bvar add new properties .sword .nsword .slong .nslong .uint64 .nuint64 .sint64 .nsint64
#4418 /hsave -in is not working properly
#4417 /timer -h should use native multimedia timer
#4416 /drawsave add missing parameters -qN -bN
#4415 /hsave /hload add missing parameters -b -B
#4414 /if /while /elseif add missing operator "isvo"
#4413 /hadd, $hget is not working properly with binary data
#4412 Internal dialogs which are too large to fit should be resized
#4411 /channels -d doesn't work
#4410 Nested comment blocks doesn't work
#4409 /menubar add new parameter -d
#4408 $menubar, $toolbar, $statusbar add new properties .x .y .w .h .dx .dy
#4407 $bvar() add missing properties .word .nword .long .nlong
#4406 Regular expressions with the /F modifier doesn't work in all places
#4405 $regmlex is not working properly in some cases
#4404 $regsubex \t and \0 returns wrong value when using the /g modifier
#4403 $scon should be in Switchbar/Treebar order
#4402 Add missing command /ialfill
#4401 /debug add missing parameters -rN -oN
#4400 /debug and Rawlog control codes should not be parsed
#4399 /debug identifier parameter is not working properly
#4398 $read is not decoding invalid character sequences properly
#4397 /dialog item "size" for "list" is not working properly
#4396 /play should retain double spaces
#4395 Add option to enable/disable cycling search results for single file searches in Script Editor
#4394 Add missing identifier $fromeditbox
#4393 Searching very long text in the text area selects the wrong characters
#4392 //$identifier //%var should be ignored in the Editbox
#4391 /var /set /inc /dec add new parameter -B
#4390 $scriptline should return 0 in the Editbox
#4389 /if /while /elseif some invalid expressions does not show an error message
#4388 /if /while /elseif operators in variables doesn't work
#4387 /if /while /elseif some trailing characters from identifiers are not removed
#4386 $duration can cause a crash and/or return wrong value with some parameters
#4385 /var /set add missing parameters -p -i
#4384 /set /var add missing operator calc "&"
#4383 CTRL + BREAK does not work in some scripting loops
#4382 /filter alias errors should halt the loop
#4381 /filter add new parameter -H
#4380 $crc only works with ascii characters
#4379 /window -f is one pixel off
#4378 $hget returns wrong values in some cases
#4377 Add missing identifiiers $intersect, $totp, $hotp
#4376 $dialog(name) should be available during dialog creation
#4375 Script errors should show relative path to config folder
#4374 /dialog errors should show the origin line number
#4373 /dialog "icon" path is wrong in some cases
#4372 /$identifier doesn't work
#4371 Add dummy /ial command
#4370 Add control codes support for $tip titles
#4369 $dialog(N) does not work for the last dialog
#4368 /abook add missing parameters -lnh
#4367 /window -t transparency color is not parsed correcly and should be changed to -A
#4250 on ACTIVE is not triggering properly in some cases

3.3 Beta Build (2018/12/26 UTC)

Fixed /window fontsize is wrong
Fixed $window().font $window().fontsize is wrong when the font is changed through /font
Fixed searching the Script Editor with leading/trailing spaces doesn't work
#4366 Change Script Editor "Replace" button to perform a search after a match replace
#4365 /window should ignore a second @window parameter before the font
#4364 Script groups without on/off/end should be ignored
#4363 Add missing identifier $dccignore()

3.3 Beta Build (2018/12/25 UTC)

Fixed empty messages should not print ":"
Fixed /var /set "^" operator should work the same as $calc
Fixed "//" parameter in $bigcalc should work like "/"
Fixed an issue with $round incorrectly removing trailing zeroes
Fixed /dialog "size" item is not validated correctly
Added unofficial /setoption Editbox ZoomEditbox True/False to enable/disable ctrl + mouse wheel zoom text
#4362 Remove windows username as the default Username and Fullname
#4361 $rand should flip parameters based on min/max size
#4360 /window hidden desktop windows are briefly shown before being hidden
#4359 Clicking a link menu item in the Logviewer removes focus
#4358 $window().type should return "picture" for picture windows
#4357 /window -o should restore the window without activation
#4356 /window reset font style when a font is specified
#4355 Changing the search text in the Script Editor search box should reset the error color
#4354 Add new command /sendkeys
#4353 Add missing identifiers $maxlens, $maxlenm, $maxlenl, $wrap
#4352 /dialog add missing option "multi" for the "button" item
#4351 $window().font* returns wrong value for custom windows
#4350 /window /drawtext the fontsize parameter can have a negative value
#4349 /color does not update the background color in real time
#4348 /color with quoted parameters is not parsed correctly
#4347 /load /reload messages should be shown before on LOAD/START events
#4346 /dialog should have a default size
#4345 Favorites dialog should be resizeable
#4344 $vol() add missing parameter "master"
#4343 /vol add missing parameter -v
#4342 $cnick $inick add new property .away
#4341 /cnick /inick add new parameter -w
#4340 Nick colors/nick icons add "Away" option
#4339 Add right-click menu to set different spellcheck language per channel/window
#4338 Save/restore last discovered external ip/host in the config file
#4337 Add new customizeable shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+T to re open closed channel/private windows per network
#4336 Remove #adiirc as the default channel from Quick Connect
#4335 Add support for rotated inline images
#4334 /drawrot add missing parameter -c
#4333 /drawrot -b color is always in rgb format
#4332 Some window icons can cause a crash
#4331 Multiple "/" slashes is not evaluated correctly in the Editbox
#4330 $findfile/$finddir command parameter is not parsed correctly in some cases
#4149 Display the 'Replaced Items' value on Replace or Replace All on Search Box
#4142 Add search/replace history dropdown in Script Editor Search box
#3655 Add right click "Check Brackets" item on Scripts Editor

3.3 Beta Build (2018/12/20 UTC)

Fixed /if /while /elseif is still not comparing properly for some numeric values

3.3 Beta Build (2018/12/19 UTC)

Fixed $asctime is still returning wrong local time data
Changed ALT+A favorites shortcut to ALT+J
Fixed /if /while /elseif is still not comparing properly for some numeric values
Fixed disabling sounds should stop all /splay players
Fixed muting sounds should mute all /splay players
Fixed $atan, $asin, $log, $log10 still returns incorrect value in some cases
#4329 $timer add new property .ms
#4328 $ctime should use current time if time is missing from the timestamp
#4327 $~ shouldn't execute aliases
#4326 "Check brackets" in Script Editor should exclude brackets inside comments
#4325 /dialog should move the dialog to top/left corners if the dialog is too big
#4324 /timer wildcards is not working properly
#4323 /timer should ignore fractions
#4322 /timer with large parameters can cause a crash
#4321 $findfile/$finddir returns incorrect values with some parameters
#4320 Show the default shortcut in the right-click menu for Options -> Shortcuts
#4319 $hget() item parameter is not validated correctly in some cases
#4318 $hget(,,&binvar) should replace the current binvar data
#4317 $mp3/$sound add missing properties .vbr .id3 .tag .tags .crc
#4316 /clear "Status Window" doesn't work
#4315 /dialog -u/-uk is not selecting properly on the "list" item
#4314 /dialog "icon" item parameters are not evaluated correctly
#4313 on DIALOG "sclick" event is sometimes triggered incorrectly for the "list" item
#4312 Add sound folders options
#4311 /splay seek should retain pause status
#4310 Add missing identifiers $sound, $mp3dir, $mididir, $wavedir
#4309 /dialog should prioritize tables in other script files according to loaded script file order
#4308 /did -g can cause a crash
#4307 $inmidi $inwave $insong returns incorrect values in some cases
#4306 $inmidi.fname $inwave.fname can cause a crash
#4305 /vol mute is not carried over into the queue list
#4304 /vol range should be validated
#4303 $vol() returns incorrect value
#4302 on DIALOG init/active/close events should check against id parameter '0'
#4301 $did(,,0) should return the selected item for the "combo" item
#4300 /dialog "size" item does not work properly with invalid spacing
#4299 /filter -s doesn't work when used for output window
#4298 Some DCC file transfers are locked and cannot be read/viewed while transfering
#4297 /splay -q is not working properly with different file types
#4296 /splay stop/skip with no player specified should stop/skip all players
#4295 $encode(,h) does not encode unicode characters properly
#4294 $1text should only extract the text after the last number

3.3 Beta Build (2018/12/11 UTC)

Possibly fixed another issue with nick column size
Fixed $str can cause a crash when out of memory
Fixed some more issues with spaces in identifiers/aliases
Fixed some more $biton, $bitoff, $isbit, $not issues
Fixed check brackets in Script Editor does not show the file is edited
Fixed some more $cb issues
Fixed $address doesn't work
#4293 $encode/$decode add new parameter 'x'
#4292 Proxy password box should be masked
#4291 $dll $dllcall should add .dll file extension if extension is missing
#4290 $tan $tanh $sinh $sin $atan $atan2 $asin $acos $cos $cosh $log $log10 $sqrt can return incorrect value in some cases
#4289 Clicking the picture area in a picwin should activate the window
#4287 $1text should return $null if $1 is $null
#4286 Deprecate and remove output from $encrypt since is not secure/accurate enough
#4285 /sockwrite add missing parameter -a
#4284 $round is not rounding correctly in some cases
#4283 $findfile/$finddir should not return consecutive spaces in filenames
#4282 /unset add missing parameters -l -g
#4281 /set add missing parameter -g
#4280 $onpoly can cause a crash with some parameters
#4279 /server -m ipv6 addres in [ ] brackets is not parsed correctly
#4278 Add bubble-babble for the sha2 hash in the Server Certificate dialog
#4277 /hadd crashes with some parameters
#4276 /drawline does not work properly with multiple and half coordinates
#4275 /load /reload add missing parameter -aN
#4274 $encode add missing N parameter
#4273 /var in the Editbox should show an error
#4271 /if /while /elseif $iif isletter operator can cause a crash
#4270 /exit -r /restart should ask to close
#4269 Custom CTCP events is not triggered correctly in some cases
#4268 $feof and $fopen().eof returns incorrect value in some cases
#4267 $fread(,&binvar) returns incorrect result
#4266 Picture Windows bitmap is not resized in some cases
#4265 on CLOSE with the ^ prefix doesn't work
#4264 $did().cstate returns wrong value in some cases
#4263 RAW 308, 309 is not displayed correctly
#4262 Allow query strings without leading "/" character in ts3server:// links
#4261 /var /set arithmetic division returns incorrect result in some cases
#4260 /sockudp writing to multiple targets in the same scope doesn't work
#4259 $did returns incorrect value on "edit" items in some cases
#4258 Links with domains using the "_" characters is not validated correctly
#4257 Identifiers/Aliases should show an error if an &binvar doesn't exist
#4256 $decode(,m) does not work on some invalid inputs
#4255 $sha* $md5 $hmac should show an error if a file doesn't exist or cannot be opened
#4254 $base with decimals does not return correct values
#4253 $upper $lower returns wrong value in some cases
#4252 "Indent format on Exit" option can overwrite files in Alias Editor
#4251 Channel Editor topic preview doesn't show emojis
#4249 $shortfn() should add relative path
#4248 /if /while /elseif is not comparing properly for some numeric values
#4247 Paths starting with "\" should be relative to the system drive
#4246 /filter -n is zero based instead of one based
#4245 /bset should show out of memory error instead of crashing
#4243 Ignoring highlights with match text doesn't work properly
#4169 $calc and other $math identifiers
#4168 $encrypt/$decrypt if password parameter is $null, contains codepoint 128+, or longer than 56 bytes
#2258 Decryption fails with $decrypt

3.3 Beta Build (2018/11/20 UTC)

Restored UTF8 BOM header for client files
Removed artificial limit from $str
#4241 Some extremely long lines may not be visible in the text area
#4240 $calc $calcint should return 0 when divided by zero

3.3 Beta Build (2018/11/18 UTC)

Fixed SHIFT + UP/DOWN on single line Editbox doesn't work properly
Added a sanity check for the PCRE engine on startup, if it's not working,
fallback to .NET engine
Fixed $calc still crashes on some operators when using very large numbers
#4239 The .NET 2.0 version crashes on startup on Windows XP
#4238 Disabling sounds should disable /beep /splay and Notify online/offline sounds
#4237 Temporary mute sounds should mute all sounds including /beep /splay highlights and notify online/offline
#4236 Identifiers in $calc without spaces are not evaluated properly
#4235 /bcopy when N is -1, bytes should be copied to the end of the &binvar
#4234 $calc should stop processing when encountering a invalid character
#4233 /filter add missing parameter -z
#4232 Remove custom SHIFT + HOME shortcut from script editor since it's not working properly
#4231 Aliases are sometimes not trimmed correctly
#4230 Add option to Indent Format scripts/aliases/menus on exit
#4229 CTCP event should trigger for DCC requests
#4228 Messages with @account message tags are silently ignored
#4227 Adding new network in the Serverlist should add network name when the dropdown closes
#4226 $scriptline returns wrong value in some cases for aliases
#4225 Edit Scripts/Aliases/Other files should have a trailing newline
#4224 Add new shortcut ALT + J to open Favorites
#4223 Add "View" menu in Script Editor and ALT + 1-9 shortcuts
#4222 Add new identifiers $sslcertremotesha1 $sslcertremotesha256
#4221 Save and restore vertical/horizontal scrollbar and cursor positions for all scripts/aliases/menus/other editors
#4220 Font weight in select Nicklist font dialog should be disabled
#4219 $address() returns incorrect value in some cases
#4218 $myhost $myident variables are empty in some cases
#4217 $osinfo add support for Windows LTSB/IoT/Mobile/Pro Workstation
#4216 Script/Alias Editor new file/script should use default folder and extension as the current file
#4215 Files should never be written with UTF8 BOM header
#4214 $timer().delay .secs .reps returns incorrect value in some cases
#4213 /google add new -d parameter to allow searching duckduckgo
#4212 $color should be limited to 99 colors
#4211 /editbox can cause a crash with some invalid parameters
#4210 /window add $chr(4)/rgb color support to the listbox
#4209 Change Script Editor toggle script list shortcut to CTRL + SHIFT + R
#4208 Invalid Treebar icons can cause a crash
#4207 $bvar(,0) should return 0 for invalid binvars
#4206 /bread does not work on locked files
#4205 $gmt $asctime $ctime $time $timezone $daylight returns incorrect results in some cases
#4204 $ord returns incorrect result in some cases
#4203 $ocolor add new property .hex
#4202 $ocolor with some invalid parameters can cause a crash
#4201 0x should be stripped from $base 16 input
#4200 $xor, $and, $or, $biton, $bitoff, $abs, $not returns incorrect result with some parameters
#4199 Extend $base to larger bases
#4198 $base add missing parameter "precision"
#4197 Extend $xor $and $or to work on bigger numbers
#4196 Add new identifier $calcint
#4195 Script errors in custom windows should be shown in the server window
#4194 /filter to a "outfile" should have a trailing newline
#4193 /filter "outfile" parameter is not parsed correctly in some cases
#4192 "Check brackets" in Script Editor should retain scrollbar position
#4191 $base doesn't work with some very large numbers
#4190 Add missing /! Editbox command which should restore the previous line
#4189 $cb(-1) should return all lines
#4188 $cb() add missing parameters u and %var|&binvar
#4186 The right to left special character should be ignored in the message area
#4185 /bwrite add missing parameters -a -c
#4183 Alt + TAB from/to AdiIRC does not restore Options dialog focus on some systems
#4182 Change all build dates in both AdiIRC and the website to UTC format and include "UTC" to indicate the time zone
#4181 /google does not work after layout was changed
#4180 Add the scroll Editbox history and scroll one message line shortcuts to Options -> Shortcuts
#4179 /bset -c can cause a crash
#4178 Enable "Use alternative text rendering" by default for better compatibility

3.3 Beta Build (2018/11/01 UTC)

Filtered out some characters which can cause Windows Toasts to crash
#4177 $bytes(,3).suf shows GB instead of TB
#4176 /breplace should replace the last uneven old value with previous new value
#4175 Add "Options" menu item to Menubar -> "Tools"
#4174 Rename Options -> Fonts to Fonts & Size to avoid confusions
#4173 /if /else /elseif /while with double slashes doesn't work properly
#4172 /bwrite does not zero pad correctly with large positions
#4171 $sha256, $sha384, $sha512 returns wrong value when the N parameter is missing
#4170 Own nick is sometimes shown twice in the Nicklist
#4167 Channel Editor does not take multibyte characters into account when enforcing topic max length
#4164 Highlight/Selecting inline images causes them to be drawn blurry
#4163 Spaces are sometimes incorrectly removed in scripts
#4162 /filer [infile] parameter doesn't work with quotes
#4161 /breplace is slow when replacing large binvars
#4160 $hfind is slow when using regex search on large values
#4159 /did -a should scroll to bottom for "edit" items
#4158 Desktop windows are sometimes restored in the wrong location after minimize
#4157 Dialogs are not always associated with a server window
#4156 /reload /load script changed monitor is not always cleared
#4155 /sockwrite should ignore closed connections
#4154 /bset -1 should append data to the end of the binvar
#4153 /tokenize doesn't work with an empty text parameter
#4152 $ip $host can cause a crash in some cases
#4151 /socklisten is not associated with a server window
#4150 /sockread buffer is too small when reading from SSL/TLS sockets
#4148 Add support for LINELEN
#4147 Allow using a rectangle to copy text when pressing SHIFT

3.3 Beta Build (2018/10/14 UTC)

Possibly fixed an issue where Nickcolumn is incorrectly moved
Possibly fixed a crash related to drawing Nicklist during a channel rejoin
#4146 Add Editbox right-click menu to see/clear history
#4145 Add option to show a line marker icon when the unread line marker is not in view
#4143 Add option to always rejoin auto channel on reconnect
#4141 $file().mtime, $file().atime, $file().ctime should be in UTC time
#4139 Inline Image downloads should use a fake browser agent
#4138 /halt in the $findfile() $finddir() command should be ignored
#4137 $query().cid $chan().cid returns incorrect result
#4136 AdiIRC crashes while select a text for copy in clipboard when Windows Toast is enabled
#4134 Pinned Monitor Panels are sometimes closed too early
#4133 Add Locked/Pinned right-click menus to the Monitor Panel Tab Control
#4132 Add new identifier $iswine
#4131 Revert "Notices should be shown in the associated window if it's open" to show in active/server window
#4130 Channel Editor autocomplete topic interferes with changing casing
#2857 /drawcopy -t doesn't work properly

3.3 Beta Build (2018/10/01 UTC)

#4129 Periodical Media Player detection can cause user interface lag
#4128 AdiIRC doesn't restart the timer when that timer is paused
#4127 Changing Opacity can cause a crash on some systems
#4126 Some invalid regular expressions can cause a crash
#4125 Use small unread line marker is shown in the wrong position in some cases
#4124 $left/$right/$mid doesn't work with some invalid parameters
#4123 Add option to use Windows Toast Notifications instead of Tips
#4122 Changelog is not html decoded in update dialog
#4120 Add help button to the Quick Connect Dialog and bring the interface in line with other dialogs
#4119 Channel windows should close on single click when "Keep open on part" is enabled
#4118 Add new Treebar/Switchbar right-click menu item "Part" when "Keep open on part" is enabled
#4117 Parentheses inside identifiers are not always properly checked for balance
#4116 PART/QUIT does not update the Statusbar user count in the active window
#4115 /part add new parameter -k
#4114 /if /elseif /while $?="" with parentheses doesn't work properly
#4113 Changing Monitor Panels font can cause a crash in some rare cases
#4112 Remove default first row selection in Monitor Panels since it can be distracting
#4111 Treebar scroll is in wrong location after closing a window (any treebar item)
#4110 Caps ls/new/deleted messages are not shown correctly

3.3 Beta Build (2018/09/13 UTC)

Fixed opening Add/Edit Nick colors/Highlights/Nick icons causes a crash