#3777 Clicking the "Whois" button in the address book can cause a crash on a disconnected server

3.0 Beta Build (2018/01/10)

Fixed DCC Transfer "Remaining" column should be empty when finished
Fixed DCC Transfer "Message" column should show the time to finish
Possibly fixed an issue drawing messages when being scrolled up while new messages is added beneath
#3776 Some invalid regex can cause a crash in Logs
#3775 Some invalid background images can cause a crash
#3774 Add Monitor Panels "options" icon
#3773 Add new Monitor Panels pinning/autohide feature
#3772 Change the current Monitor Panels "pin" icon to a more appropriate "lock" icon
#3771 Add option to force enable/disable logging of channel events regardless of the event visibility

3.0 Beta Build (2018/01/01)

#3770 Add option to customize the date/time format in Monitor Panels
#3769 Allow log viewer to show nickcolumn If nick column/log nick column is enabled and log file contains nick column character
#3768 Allow saving/restoring extended/rgb line colors in logs
#3767 Allow changing topic from the Topicbox when the channel has -t channel mode
#3762 Add new identifier $ircv3caps and new Plugin Api IRCv3Caps
#3761 $fopen(0) returns wrong value
#3760 Start with windows option is not saved/restored properly

3.0 Beta Build (2017/12/14)

#3759 Add support for (most) extended mIRC colors
#3758 /editbox add new parameter -hN
#3757 In some cases multiple options/script editor/other windows can be opened
#3756 Sending invalid BNC password can cause a infinite loop instead of disconnect
#3755 $editboxhistory add new property .pos
#3754 $editbox add new properties .currline .lines
#3753 Auto tiling doesn't work when hiding/showing windows
#3752 Adding a new shortcut which is in use should show the associated event text

3.0 Beta Build (2017/11/30)

#3750 /np doesn't work properly with echo-message ircv3 tag
#3749 Change DCC transfer finished messages from current speed to average speed
#3748 Add separate "Clear All" and "Clear Completed" menus in DCC transfer Monitor Panel menu
#3747 Add new optional size/remaining/average speed/percentage columns to DCC transfer Monitor Panel
#3746 Add missing mBeta parameter to the LOADINFO DLL struct
#3745 Allow using "network:" in auto accept dcc transfers to only match on a specific network
#3744 /set add missing parameter -i
#3743 Add right-click header menu to show/hide columns in all Monitor Panels
#3742 Add keyboard shortcut options for focusing Editbox and all Monitor panels
#3741 $keylocked add new parameter "Insert"
#3738 Consolidate Menubar -> Server menu with Toolbar -> Serverlist right-click menu
#3731 (during dcc transfers) if you minimize app to tray and restore, then for the first few seconds/minutes the progress bar will not be displayed in app icon in taskbar

3.0 Beta Build (2017/11/02)

Possibly fixed an issue where flashing Switchbar/Treebar was not reset when activating the main window after it was minimized.
#3737 /ban can in some cases cause a crash
#3736 Corrupt monitor panel tabs can sometimes cause a crash
#3735 /describe shows incorrect output
#3734 $finddirn and $findfilen returns incorrect values
#3720 Notice/Private Messages Monitor Panels uses wrong timestamp

3.0 Beta Build (2017/10/16)

Possibly fixed a crash when editing channels in Serverlist
Added unofficial "/setoption Misc SwapXButtons True/False" to swap the forward/backward mouse buttons
#3733 "Nick" and "Username" should always have a value when connecting to a server
#3732 Add option to use mouse-wheel scrolling in Treebar/Switchbar without pressing SHIFT
#3727 Taskbar progress causes a crash on Windows XP
#3723 Private echo-message from self is using the wrong display nick
#3722 "Update Quick Connect settings" is not saved properly when connecting from Serverlist
#3721 "Update Quick Connect settings" options can cause a crash if there is no alternative nick
#3719 Add toggle desktop to titlebar icon menu on /quickconnect
#3718 Add a basic context menu to Topic preview box
#3717 Middle mouse-click Notify folder in Treebar shouldn't ask to close
#3714 Improve Choose Font dialog
#3710 Quick connect doesn't save join channels properly

3.0 Beta Build (2017/08/31)

Improved Script Editor scrolling when smooth scrolling is disabled
#3709 Add new identifier $hexcolor
#3708 Save theme in Theme Manager uses the wrong default file extension
#3707 Closing AdiIRC may in some cases part channels when running through a bouncer
#3705 Dcc external ip is wrong in some cases
#3704 $ip $host returns wrong value in some cases
#3703 Treebar/Nicklist tooltips are not faded in/out properly
#3702 Monitor buffer logging is not always saved/restored correctly
#3701 /toolbar command only accepts .ico
#3700 Add new command /pause
#3699 Swichbar/Treebar Tooltips causes issues when switching windows
#3698 Add new identifier $servervars
#3697 IServer.ServerVariables returns no value
#3696 IServer.ChannelModesWithRequiredArgs and IServer.ChannelModesWithArgs returns no value and should be a ICollection
#3695 IServer.Self API can be null if the server is disconnected
#3694 Urls should not be clickable in Channel Editor topic preview
#3692 Add support for IRCv3 tags CAP 3.2/SASL 3.2, cap-notify, batch
#3691 $chan() with invalid parameters should be treated as "0"
#3690 Server -> Favorites menu doesn't work properly

3.0 Beta Build (2017/08/26)